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Top 10 Best-selling Replica Watches in 2016

It is nearly the end of year 2016, now it is time for me to sum up the best-selling ten replica watches in 2016. Every one has a different top 10 in their mind, yes, this top 10 list is the best-selling ten watches on my blog at Here the list includes popular Rolex and Panerai, as well as vintage Daytona Paul Newman. The common feature of these replicas is that they are all made by famous watch factories in our market, there are five Rolex models in this top 10 list because Rolex is the hottest brand both in genuine and replica watch world. Here I will explain why these ten watches are sold so well, I will briefly tell you the biggest selling point of each replica in the following article.

1. Omega Seamaster 007 Spectre

007 Spectre is our best seller, I gave a detailed review at There were more than 20 blog readers who saw this review asked me how to buy this replica, this blog post is also my mostly read article, many watch fans shown a great interest in this replica watch, I also have contacted with each of you guys who left comments, and I sold about 10 pieces of it each month. Omega 007 Spectre was made by KW factory, also known as V6, it is a big factory specilizes in manufacturing 1:1 Omega and PAM replicas, this Omega Spectre replica actually had a very low repairing rate, few customers who bought this replica returned it to me because of quality problem. The biggest selling point that makes Spectre the No. 1 in this top 10 list lies in its accurate Miyota 8215 movemen, and there will be an extra stainless steel bracelet shipped along with the watch for free.

Omega Seamaster Spectre 007 Replica with Nato Strap

Omega 007 Clone 8400 Movement

2. Rolex Submariner 116610LN

Black Sub 116610LN Date occupies the second position. At the beginning of 2016, Noob factory published V6S of 116610LN, now the latest version is V7, which was just upgraded with all details ,closest to genuine. The watch is very heavy because it has a similar weight to genuine. Bezel engraving and dial lume are exactly the same. The biggest improvement of V7 is the clasp, it is correct polishing rather than sand finish. This replica also has a version with super clone 3135 movement, but I think 2836 is enough because it is accurate and stable.

Best Rolex Black Submariner 116610LN Replica

Best Rolex Black Submariner 116610LN Replica 1

Best Rolex Black Submariner 116610LN Replica 2

Best Rolex Black Submariner 116610LN Replica Clasp

3. Rolex Daytona Paul Newman Vintage

At the beginning of writing this blog, vintage watch is the main theme, I had always been searching for the best vintage Rolex and Panerai replicas to share reviews of them with you guys. The following Daytona Paul Newman 6241 is the best-selling one among all vintage watches reviewed on my blog. The main dial is in cream white color, the movement inside is manual winding, do not wind it too tight each time.

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6241 Replica Watch

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6241 Replica Watch 1

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman 6241 Replica Watch 2

4. PAM 438 Ceramica

The fourth one is Panerai PAM 438. There are V6, Z and S factories manufacturing PAM 438 replica, absolutely the best one is made by V6 factory, its version also comes to V4. This replica uses a full metallic black ceramic material, other cheap replica PAM 438 uses black DLC not genuine ceramic. The movement is a clone P.9001 that is modified from Shanghai 7750. The front and back crystal all use anti-scratch sapphire with colorless anti-reflective coating. The GMT function is working, just the same as genuine PAM 438.

PAM 438 Full Black Ceramic Watch

PAM 438 P.9001 Clone

5. Rolex Daytona SS

There are Noob, BP and J12 factories manufacturing this replica Daytona, but the best one I think is made by Noob factory, that is the one in the following. The dial is black with red hands, the replica runs a small second hand on the subdial at 6, chronograph is fully working, big red hand on the centre is very obvious. From Noob, I recommend the Daytona to you, but the same watch from J12 is also very good, even I think J12 does a better polishing on case and bracelet.

Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona Watch

Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona Watch 1

Rolex Stainless Steel Daytona Watch 2

6. Hublot Big Bang

Hublot is selling well all over the world and their replicas are also the hottest models. The following Hubot Big Bang replica uses the best movement, which is a clone HUB4100, the auto rotor and movement plates are modified to the outlook of genuine HUB4100. Black ceramic used on the bezel is the second selling point of this replica. There are woven patterns on black dial, small second hand is applied white luminescence and runs on subdial at 9. All hour markers are in 3D silver tone. The black rubber strap is soft but durable, it does not have a bad smell. A lot of people asked me the price of this Hublot but they finally turned to other replicas because the price for HUB4100 replica is a little expensive, because it is more cost-efficient to spend $438 usd on a super replica Rolex rather than a HUBLOT.

Hublot Big Bang Steel Rubber Replica

Hublot Big Bang Steel Rubber Replica 1

Hublot Big Bang Steel Rubber Replica 2


Like Black Sub 116610LN, this DEEPSEA D-Blue 116660 is made by Noob factory and now its version comes to V7, replicas always need to be improved because our customers have always been looking for the perfect ones. So, maybe there will be V8, V9 or even V10 of 116660 in 2017. However, the following one is really great, the gradual blue-to-black dial symbolizes the eternal pursuit of Rolex to deep sea. The crown is screw-in and could be tightly locked, Titanium case back also has the same locking system as genuine, so this replica has a good water resistance, which is nearly 100 meters that have been tested in factory. For people who pursue perfection, there is also a genuine ETA 2836 movement option for this replica. I sold two pieces of DEEPSEA D-Blue watch in this month, they were bought by one my Lithuanian client.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Noob Replica

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Noob Replica 1

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Noob Replica 2

8. IWC Big Pilot IW500908

The eighth watch is famous IWC Big Pilot Le Petit Prince. It has several models because of different dial color, but the most attractive one is this blue dial version. 7-day power reserve is real because it uses a Sea-Gull automatic movement with real power reserve feature. Blue dial is very charming. The big crown is very easy for you to operate. The case diameter is up to 46mm, so the big dial looks very comfortable, it is not like other watches with a complicated dial that features all details in a compact way, the dial of Big Pilot Le Petit Prince is big, large hour markers and slender hands are very convenient for you to read the time.

IWC Big Pilot IW500908 Replica Watch

IWC Big Pilot IW500908 Replica Watch 1

IWC Big Pilot IW500908 Replica Watch 2

9. Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

Patek Philippe Nautilus is also the watch which factory has always been focusing on improvement. Now it is the V4 version of this Nautilus 5711. The replica uses 316L stainless steel that is directly imported from Germany. The case diameter is 40mm, not very big and just a good size for all men’s wrist. The movement is Clone Cal. 324, which is modified on basis of Miyota 9015, that’s the best selling point of this replica. Because I think this Japanese movement is more accurate and stable than other clone movements.

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Blue Dial

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Blue Dial 1

Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Blue Dial 2

10. Rolex YachtMaster II 116680

The most beautiful YachtMaster II in my opinion, a lot of clients bought it only because of its fresh blue color on bezel and dial. Nowadays, the design of new YachtMaster II has taken too much consideration of material and movement technology, so I think Rolex forgot to keep the original outlook design of YachtMaster II. In my memory, the blue color is the only thing that makes me remember this watch is a YachtMaster II. Because of movement difference, the red triangle hand on the centre is not working, however, the replica watch features a fully working chronograph.

Rolex YachtMaster 2 Steel Watch Replica

Rolex YachtMaster 2 Steel Watch Replica 1

Rolex YachtMaster 2 Steel Watch Replica 2

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Hot sale diver’s watches – top 5

Having read a lot of watches reviews on my blog and still can not decide to buy which one? From today, I will spend several days to write some recommendation reviews to help you guys to choose the best one in these top lists, which include top 5 diver’s watches and top 5 dress watches I will introduce in the following two posts. Today, the top 5 hot sale diver’s watches come first, in this article, I will give a short introduction of each watch, you can choose the one that mostly fits your style.

Rolex Submariner 116610 LN V6s

116610 Sub Replica

Rolex is the best-selling watch in the world and Submariner is the most popular series. In Guangzhou watch market, Rolex is the brand which factories mostly love to replicate. 116610 LN Black Submariner has always been the object of each factory. Ultil now, there are basically 3 factories having manufactured Rolex 116610 LN, they are BP, Noob and J12, certainly the best edition is from Noob, which is going to release V7. So, V6s on the picture is currently the best one. From case polishing, dial detials and movement, Noob 116610 LN V6s do the best, you can choose ETA 2836 and Super 3135 to be installed.

AP Diver 15703

AP Diver Replica

Audemars Piguet Diver 15703 has a large amount of sales in diver’s watches. Every one in the watch forum will recommend you 15703 when you are searching for a good diver’s watch. Its extremely thick case can resist shock and you do not need to worry it will be broken during shipping. Besides, the movement inside 15703 is Sea-gull 2824 that owns a low repairing rate. Currently 15703 is replicated by Noob, H and J12 factories, but I still recommend Noob version, whose stability and accuracy have been tested by our wearers.

Omega Planet Ocean

Omega Planet Ocean Replica

Besides our best seller Spectre, Planet Ocean is the hottest Omega diver’s model. BP, Noob and KW all make this watch, I will recommend BP version this time. BP Planet Ocean has a better movement stability. 42mm case diameter makes Planet Ocean more suitable than other diver’s watches. Black ceramic bezel will not fade if you did not scratch it. By the way, BP Planet Ocean uses clone 8500 calibre, its movement plates and auto rotor are decorated perfectly, from the see-through crystal back, the fake movement looks the same as genuine.

Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay Replica

The Black Bay is the earliest Tudor replica released in our market. ZF made the best version and Tudor Black Bay indeed raised a storm in watch market in 2014 after it was released. Some people buy it because of its charming red bezel, some buy it because the Sea-gull 2824 is very stable and accurate. I have worn one Tudor Black Bay to the boutique and compare it with genuine, all details of ZF Tudor Black Bay looks the same as original, even the watch expert there can not tell it as a fake.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Replica

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms replica has the highest price among this top 5 watches list. Made by Noob, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms features a sapphire crystal bezel, that’s the biggest difference between it and other brand watches. The bezel markers and hour markers as well as hands all use original Swiss Superlume material, so the watch will emit a strong green light in the dark.

Ok, the articles above give a sumarry of top 5 best-selling diver’s watches, which one is the best style you want to own?


I got two PAM 111 today

Today, I got two Panerai watches on hand, they were bought by my clients and both of them are PAM 111, but made by different factories. One is made by Noob and the other is by KW, here I call the former n111 and latter kw111. Many people are obsessed with the difference between them, but I have to say that they are all perfect, the main difference I think is n111 has a higher recognition because the factory made a successful marketing promotion. Here I took some photos to describe some tiny difference between them.

Noob uses a small plastic bag and the watch is folding, KW is put in a longer bag.

PAM 111 Package

PAM 111 Case Pack

The color and material of case cover are different, Noob is hard gray rubber case, while KW is milky white silica cover.

Case Package

The band of Noob is darker than that of KW.

Leather Strap Color

The case back film of KW has a blue corner, while Noob uses transparent film on back.

Case Back Film

The dial font on KW PAM 111 is brighter than that of Noob.

PAM 111 Dial

Crystal. On the two photos below, the first one is Noob. You can clearly see that Noob PAM 111 has a blue film on crystal, while KW does not have.

Noob PAM 111

KW PAM 111

The left one is KW 111, right watch is Noob 111. Noob does better in movement polishing. Besides, the engravings on case back outer ring are more clear on KW.

Movement Polishing

Check the two photos below. The top one is KW 111 case back. The engraving “BB 1401554” on both watches is completely different. KW’s is better.

KW Case Back Engraving

Noob Back Engraving

The color of “OFFICINE PANERAI” on movement plate looks a brighter blue on KW PAM 111.

Movement Plate Engraving on N111


Although two PAM 111 are all in high quality, there are still a lot of differences between them especially when you are taking a closer look at both, holding them to observe carefully. However, each watch has their advantages and disadvantages, every factory here has their own ideas to replicate one watch that could not be done 100% the same as genuine.


A Small Blue Tint in This Summer – KW Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica

Closing to summer, now the factory is still making their efforts to bring us surprise. I just heard a news from my watch supplier that KW factory is going to release anothe great Tudor replica. It is Tudor Pelagos 25600TB, which was published by Tudor in 2015 BaselWorld.

The replica manufactured by KW is the latest Tudor model in the market, full Titanium material and blue dial as well as blue ceramic bezel are the most eye-catching places of it. Full Titanium means the replica uses Ti material on case and bracelet.

Blue dial features square hour markers that are applied thick coating of white superlumed material, so are the hands. Blue ceramic bezel is uni-directional rotating, engraved bezel markers share the same lume light as dial.

The factory claimed that they will offer a free pair of blue rubber strap for the replica. The watch is already available for pick up.

In this summer, will it make you feel fresh while wearing this blue Tudor watch on the beach?


Blue Ceramic Bezel

Tudor Blue Watch

White Printing on Blue Dial

Titanium Case Profile with Tudor Shield Logo on Crown

Gas Valve Escape

Series No. Engraving

Titanium Clasp Unfolding

Tudor Engraving on Clasp


IWC Top Gun Miramar IW388002 Review(KW Replica VS Genuine)

Hey everybody, before introducing the replica, I’d like you to know some specifications of the genuine watch.

Metallic ceramic case and matte black dial are two main features of Top Gun Miramar. White, grey and green classic colors highlight the military style of the watch. The strap material is made of extremely tough Nylon that is often used on pilot’s watches. Unique outer minute scales and inner hour circle remind people of Chronometer in the 1930s and 1940s as well as the rich heritage of IWC pilot’s series. The date display is also unique, which is very similar to cockpit’s altimeter. This timepiece is equipped with IWC in-house 89365 movement, after being modified, it can offer 68 hours power reserve. Soft iron inner case can protect precision device against the effect from magnetic.

Today, the leading role is from KW, it is a quartz watch and very cheap. It’s quite a bit harsh if you take a quartz watch to compare with an authentic watch. However, you can see manufacturer’s effort from the replica’s details. It’s a touching moment when thinking of its selling price after making the review.

The difference between genuine IW 388002 and KW replica:

Movement: genuine watch uses 89365 mechanical chrongoraph movement, the replica is equipped with Japan Miyota Co.6S11 quartz with SONY battery.

Case material: genuine uses ceramic case, the replica is made of stainless steel with black pvd coating.

Inner case: Soft iron inside case to protect device against the effect from magnetic. Fake does not have the antimagnetic soft iron, because it is a quartz watch.

Crown: genuine watch uses screw-in crown, the replica is directly inserted into.

Crystal: arched sapphire crystal with double ar coating on genuine watch. The replica uses mineral crystal.

Water resistance: 6-bar water resistant on genuine watch. All replica watches are just daily waterproof.

Two top gun replicas here. The left one is from small factory, the right one is made by KW.

Two IWC Top Gun Miramar Replica Watches

I think KW version dial’s color is lighter than genuine while samll factory version is a bit deeper, which is oviously the biggest difference.

Date font and shape. KW version has the same date font as genuine, there is groove around the edge of the date window, the replica from small factory has a different date font.

Top Gun Date Window Difference

Case tone and logo. Although the case material is not ceramic on KW version, the texture and polishing on case is almost the same as genuine.

Case Polishing

Minute hand’s length. The length of the KW minute hand is same as genuine, while the replica from small factory one is a bit shorter.

Replica Minute Hand Length

The central red circle and 6:00 small dial. KW has the same red line as genuine, smooth design on the surface of 6:00 subdial. The replica from small factory does not have notch, there are patterns on the subdial.

Replica Subdial at 6

Digit “20” on minute-chronograph counter. See the picture below, the first one is KW replica, the second on is from small factory, the last is genuine.

Minute-Chronograph Counter on Replica

Engravings on case rim. No black painting on KW replica.

Case Back Rim Engraving on Replica vs Genuine

Crown. Notice the second one, you will find a small notch on the replica, both KW and genuine watch do not have this feature.

Crown Replica vs Genuine

The color of second-chronograph hand. KW has a darker big second hand than the genuine.

Second-Chronograph Hand Replica vs Genuine

This is an evaluation made in a early time, and now clean it up again. All I wanna say is that there are not too many good fake quartz watches in the market, and this is a classic quartz watch from KW, even it has some imperfect parts, while we still could see the efforts which the manufacturer has made. I am impressed by its superior texture, maybe it has been discontinued in production, this could be used as an aniversary review.


Replica Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre James Bond 007 Vintage Watch from KW Factory

Omega Spectre Limited Edition Replica

Omega Spectre Nato Strap

Now the market really welcomes to its best times, I mean the progress every factory has made in replica watch making is big and fast. Once there are new models released from SIHH and Basel, there will be tons of replica models of them appeared in replica watch market, which is located in China, then a lot of watch dealers think several ways to created website to sell them to every corner of the world. Today, I am going to introduce a special replica watch, it is a secret weapon of 007 agent – the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre. This replica watch immediately becomes the best seller after being released by V6 factory, which is also called KW. Why does this replica become so popular that factory first batch was even sold out.

Omega Spectre Case

Omega Spectre Close-up

First, as one 007 movie fan, I also want to own such a beautiful and cool wristwatch like James Bond, but the genuine watch is a sky high price for me, so a lot of 007 James Bond fans like me are seeking for perfect alternatives of genuine bond watch, so the replica has a great potential market. This time KW publishes this replica Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre James Bond watch to absolutely meet the taste of vintage Omega watch lovers and 007 movie fans.

Omega Spectre Dial Lume

From its vintage appearance of the replica, it really has some meaning to pay tribute to the old 007 movie series. The bezel, dial and hour markers perfectly echo with the color of nato strap. The watch has very simple design and is full of vintage elements. Its dial uses the Panerai patented sandwiched stracture, the disc on bottom is filled with superlume materials, top black disc features hollow out hour markers, so check the lume effect, it has strong green light in the dark. Like the genuine Omega Spectre James Bond edition, the replica features a rare lollipop second hand, like other Omega Seamaster 300 replicas, this one also has a broad arrow hour hand and recessed triangular hour markers.

Omega Spectre Crown

The frong side of the case is polished, while the face on both sides is brushed, the replica watch has a black ceramic bezel, which is unidirectional, the bezel markers are not engraved. The polishing on case and detailed engravings have achieved to be a high level, which could be done by big factory. You know, KW factory has made a lot of good quality Panerai replicas, this Omega 007 replica is also a good one.

Omega Case Left Side

The see-through case back has a good advantage for watch beginners to see the movement, which is clone Co-Axial 8400. The movement has beautifully decorated plates and rotor, there are rose jewels that are the icon of KW replicas, they also use this color of jewels on the movement inside most quality PAM replicas.

Crystal Caseback to View Movement

The replica also has another version that comes with a steel bracelet.

Video share:

Specification of Replica Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre

Movement: Clone 8400, Based on Miyota 8215 Automatic, 21J, 21600bph, Rose Jewels
Case: 41mm*15mm, 316L Stainless Steel, Black Ceramic Bezel, Uni-directional Rotating
Dial: Black, Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands
Crystal: Sapphire, Purple Hume AR Coating
Bracelet: Nylon Nato Strap
Caseback: See-through Crystal
Movement Hack Feature: Yes
Clasp: Tang Buckle
Date: No

Nato strap and buckle photos:

Omega Crown Logo

Omega Logo on Strap


007 Logon on Strap

Omega Clasp

Stainless Steel Clasp


Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508 Ceramic Watch Review

The watch I am going to review is the replica version of Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508. There are several editions in the market, but this one is the best and closest to gen, there are ZF and KW factories manufacturing this replica Panerai PAM 508, there are also DLC version, but this replica is made by KW factory, and they use real ceramic in case and bezel material, this is the real 1:1 full ceramic replica PAM 508 watch. The ultimate version so far, in fact, KW is the factory that makes the best Panerai replicas, so is this one, so you do not need to worry about its quality. Besides the ceramic case, the bezel is also ceramic and you will get a real feeling when rotating it, just like rotate the genuine watch bezel. PAM 508 is not the first full ceramic replica Panerai watch KW replicated, before, the factory made PAM 441 and PAM 438, they are all quality replicas.

Replica PAM 508

The case is 1:1 replicated from the genuine, besides its ceramic material, it has the same structure as genuine, so is the crown bridge, case back is titanium made, featuring DLC coating like the original. Other low end PAM replicas use poor quality luminous material on dial markers and hands, but this replica uses genuine Super-LumiNova, so the dial lume is authentic, it is bright in the dark. About the movement you guys are mostly concerned, the replica watch is equipped with a clone P.9000 calibre, actually it is modified from an Asian 7750 automatic movement at 28800vph, however, the basic movement is decorated to P.9000 on movement plate and rotor using platinum coating like the genuine. See the testing result of the movement, every data tells it is a stable and reliable movement, so the replica Panerai is worth your money. If you wanna know more about it, such as the price, please leave me comment.

Panerai Crown Bridge

PAM 508 Caseback

Panerai Buckle

Replica Panerai Test


KW Panerai PAM00441 Ceramic Watch Replica Review

Panerai has always been the hottest product in replica watch world, and PAM 441 is the mostly replicated one, from stainless steel case to Titanium, then being upgrated to Ceramic case, PAM 441 has achieved to be perfect after going through a series of development. Today, let us find how is the workmanship of PAM replicas.

Genuine PAM 441 specification:

Movement: Panerai P.9001 automatic, manufactured by Panerai independently, 13¾ linges, 7.9mm thick, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance wheel, 28,800bph. Incabloc® shock absorber. 3-day power reserve, double barrel. Made of 229 components.

Function: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, gmt, power reserve indicator, zero reset.

Case: black ceramic, 44mm.

Caseback: See-through sapphire crystal

Water Resistance: 100 meters

After seeing the specifications above, you may have several questions:

First, ceramic material.

Panerai uses ZrO2 to make high-tech ceramice, to manufacture Luminor and Luminor 1950 case. This type of high-tech ceramic has a high level of hardness, it is extremely scratch and shock resistant.

Second, waterproof.

Genuine PAM 441 is water resistant to 100 meters, but the replica can be only water resistant in daily life.

Third, power reserve indicator

Faux power reserve display on KW PAM 441.

KW PAM 441 Replica

The left one is KW PAM 441, the right one is 441 from other small factories, here we call it WMC 441.

The pictures below we are going to review are KW, WMC and Gen.

Dial color

The dial color of WMC version is a bit light. CERAMICA font is the same.

PAM 441 Dial Color

Date window and font

KW PAM 441 has the same date window and date font with gen, while WMC replica obviously has different date font and color.

PAM 441 Date

Hands length

On hour and minte hands, two replica PAM 441 versions have the same length with gen, but WMC has a longer small second hand.

PAM 441 Hour Hand

PAM 441 Minute Hand

PAM 441 Small Second Hand

Crown bridge detail

Check the crown bridge, KW and gen all have bevel edge, while WMC does not have.

PAM 441 Crown Bridge


They are all slightly different from gen, and WMC version has an extra little ball bearing.

Crown Bridge Lever

Lever Close-up


KW PAM 441 and gen have the same lugs, while WMC 441 is different.



KW uses Shanghai 7750, WMC PAM 441 replica uses ST25 movement. The power reserve indicator and engravings of KW version are very close to gen, while some details like the shock absorber can not completely be made the same as gen, you can see the great progress these watch manufacturers have made.

KW PAM 441 Shanghai 7750

ST25 Movement

Genuine PAM 441 Movement


KW PAM 441 uses black ceramic, it weighs about 138g, the WMC version is a little heavier, about 142g.

KW PAM 441 Weight

WMC PAM 441 Weight

Under light, the crystal on KW 441 is clearly transparent.

KW PAM 441 Crystal

WMC PAM 441 Crystal

Purchase advice

After comapring the two replica PAM 441 from different two factories, I will give some honest advice here. The WMC PAM 441 replica is much cheaper than KW PAM 441 version, if you do not have enough budget, the PAM 441 from WMC is also a good choice, it does not have too much difference with gen, besides, Sea-gull ST25 automatic movement has a very good fame because its high stability. Here we can see the quality of replica Panerai has achieved a high level, the improvement of case material on KW PAM 441 makes it very close to gen, it is a high end PAM replica watch.