Richard Mille

Z Factory Replica Richard Mille RM055 with Super Clone RMUL2 Movement

It is said that this super clone RMUL movement was under research and development progress in 2022, now it finally came out and will be equipped in the replicas of Richard Mille RM055 sold by Z Factory. It seems like Z Factory wants to do a big thing in the RM field, and the KV factory is not the big boss any more, all super clones of RM made by Z Factory, BBR and Sonic have a better quality now, I almost forget KV, which was the only factory that made top quality replicas of Richard Mille before.

Many people know Z Factory also made super clone Richard Mille watches because I introduced RM35-02 from ZF on my blog before, now RM35-02 has been improved by ZF for several times and the latest version has come to V6, now with the newly developed RMUL2 super clone movement, Z Factory may gradually occupy the largest market share of super clone Richard Mille watches.

For this RM055, Z Factory currently only publish the NTPT carbon models, and certainly they will install this movement in the ceramic RM055 models later. The biggest selling point in the latest RM055 lies in its super clone RMUL2 movement, which is manual winding and has two barrels, it is currently the best clone RMUL2 movement in the market, its construction is almost the same as that of genuine RMUL2, Z Factory said this super clone movement has 120-hour power reserve, that’s amazing, BBR also has their RMUL2 movement, but it is different from the one from Z Factory, RM055 from Z Factory has a better winding experience, and when winding the watch, you can see the obviously moving gear of the two barrels. There is a second selling point, that’s the carbon texture, which looks more real than the carbon texture of Richard Mille made by other watch makers.

ZF Replica Richard Mille 055
Replica Richard Mille RM055 Carbon
Replica Richard Mille RM055 White Rubber
Richard Mille RM055 Dial
Richard Mille RM055 Case
Richard Mille RM055 Crown
Richard Mille RM055 Case Back
Richard Mille RM055 Buckle
Richard Mille RM055 Dial Lume

VS Factory Replica Panerai Luminor Marina Navy Seals PAM 1412

For those Panerai replica watches made by VS factory, you can not find the same quality ones from other places, the best super clones of Panerai all come from here, made by VS in China. Panerai is the most iconic watch of them, also the product no other factories can not compete against. Having seen so many Panerai Luminor Submersible models published in recent years, actually I have a bit tired of seeing the designs of these Luminor Submersible, on the contrary, several new replica Panerai watches attracted my attention, and I like them, including this PAM 1412, it is certainly a special edition if you have noticed the engraving name on the back, some people who like military-style watches may consider this watch.

There are two unique places on the watch, and VS factory did a high imitation work on the replica watch, the case is old and gives you a battle-worn look, and the dial is black-to-gray gradient, these two places are perfectly finished by VS factory, which look identical to original PAM 1412, especially the sandwiched dial, slightly sanded and well matches the style of the battle-worn case. The dial has the same sandwiched structure as the genuine watch, the pale green luminous material looks unique and there is a matching green crown protected by the crown guard. The small second hand set on the subdial at 9 o’clock is eye-catching due to its orange color. The date window is well finished with high-contrast white date font.

Behind the solid case back, it is the super clone P.9010 movement inside, which is developed by VS factory and has a super stability. VS offers two bands for this replica watch like Official Panerai, one is black rubber band, the other is a military green nylon band, both are perfect for this Panerai watch.

Replica Panerai Navy Seals
Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 1412
Replica Panerai Luminor 1412
Replica Panerai 1412
Panerai PAM 1412 Dial
Panerai PAM 1412 Crown
Panerai PAM 1412 Case Back
Panerai PAM 1412 Buckle
Panerai PAM 1412 with Green Nylon Strap

Replica Watches I Do Not Recommend

Jaeger LeCoultre Ultra Thin Moon Phase from ZF or APS

This is a very famous replica watch, a lot of people, including most TDs in the forums, will advertise the one made by ZF or APS to you because they thought it is the only super clone in the market, but I do not recommend this replica watch from ZF or APS. ZF and APS use a clone 925 movement that is based on a Dandong movement, so called Dandong 925 in this industry, as far as I know and according to customers feedback, this 925 movement is not very good and has a high repairing rate. A lot of people thought this is a super clone, but it is not as good as the one made by GF, unfortunately, GF closed forever.

Replica Watches with Dandong 7750 Movement

This type of replica watches is middle quality, usually they won’t have problems if you do not use their chrono function frequently. But customers who bought them usually are likely to push the chrono buttons. Replica watches that are equipped with Dandong 7750 movement are Daytona from TW factory, Aquatimer from APS factory, Big Bang Unico from BB factory, etc.

RM055 Ceramic from BBR Factory

BBR factory has published the Richard Mille RM055 replica watch that looks good, but I do not know which movement factory makes their clone RMUL movement that seems to have uncertain inaccuracy, I do not recommend RM055 from BBR.

RM055 Carbon from BBR Factory and RM from T+ Factory

The movement is modified on the basis of 8215 to the look of RMUL, but it is not too stable and and accurate after being modified. Richard Mille replica watches that are equipped with this movement are carbon RM055 from BBR factory and all Richard Mille replicas made by T+ factory.


BT Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126500 with Dandong 4131 Movement

Before introducing this replica watch, I want you to know one thing in our market, that is EW factory is closed and it seems like they will not be back in a short period, this is a big loss for you guys, because EW factory always provided good quality replica Rolex watches at affordable prices in the past, their famous Oyster Perpetual Rolex with tiffany dial color is even more popular than the one made by VS and Clean, now, they are gone, hope EW can solve things correctly and back to us immediately.

The hottest news in recent days is all about the Daytona 126500, BT and VS published the Daytona 126500 with Dandong 4131 movement one after the other, one month ago, BT sold their Daytona replicas at special prices, I thought they will stop the production of Daytona, but I was wrong, now they are producing the new 126500 Daytona replicas and just published the black and white one.

About the replicas of the new Daytona 126500, currently a lot of factories make, including AR+, QF, ZF, Clean, BT and VS, AR+ is the earliest factory that makes the replica 126500 Daytona, I do not know why people do not buy Rolex from AR+, they are not popular. Among those watch makers, if you want to buy the best 126500 Daytona replica, just go with these three factories, they are Clean, BT and VS.

About the movement inside the BT Daytona, it is Dandong 4131, which is the same as the one used by VS Daytona, some people said this Dandong 4131 movement is only used by VS factory, that’s not true, by the way, this Dandong 4131 is not as good as the Dandong 4130 used in the Daytona 116500. For the purchase of new Daytona 126500 replica, my advice is waiting, do not buy from VS, if you need one, Clean is the first choice, then BT.

Replica Rolex Daytona 126500 White
Replica Rolex Daytona 126500 Black

New Q Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date Watches with Ombre Dial

Ahead of GM, Q Factory just published the replicas of three Day-Date watches that were unveiled by Rolex in 2024, it looks like Q Factory wants to do something big and let us see if they can beat GM in the area. We know GM is the first factory that made replica Rolex Day-Date watches with increased weight, the first edition is about 146 grams, now their latest edtion has come to more than 170 grams. The three new Day-Date replicas just made by Q Factory, each has a weight of more than 183 grams, which is closer to that of genuine watch.

I do not know how Q Factory increases the weight of the Day-Date watch, they won’t use more tungsten steel in the case and bracelet because this will affect the polishing, the length of the bracelet is also the same as that of the Day-Date from GM factory, so why is the Day-Date made by Q Factory heavier than that of GM factory? Each of the three Day-Date has an ombre dial, there are grey, green and blue, the center is colored, while the edge of the dial is darker. The finish of the replicas is ok, especially on the bracelet, the polishing on the middle links stands in high contrast with the brushing links on both sides. The golden color looks correct, but I also start to worry about the gold fading if the factory added too much tungsten in the case and bracelet. Like GM, Q Factory uses clone ETA 2836 movement in the watch, but GM factory has another movement option, which is clone 3255.

Replica Rolex Day-Date Ombre
Replica Rolex Day-Date Ombre Grey
Replica Rolex Day-Date Ombre Green
Replica Rolex Day-Date Ombre Blue