Best Omega De Ville Hour Vision 41mm Replica Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Dial in Perfect Condition

Replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue Dial

Omega Watch in Flat

As Portofino for IWC, De Ville Hour Vision is an Omega series model that is specially designed for people who usually go for a meeting or some other formal occasions, men who daily wear business suits or shirts are very suitable to choose such type of wristwatch. Omega De Ville Hour Vision is a very simple series and is full of elegant style, its importance is just like the Datejust to Rolex, although not popular as Seamaster or Planet Ocean, but a must-have timepiece for some important days in mens living.

Omega De Ville Hour Vision Steel Watch

Omega Crystal

Omega Crown

Here comes a superior imitation of Omega De Ville Hour Vision, the replica is manufactured by V6 factory, which is also known as KW in the industry. The watch has all details made to be perfect, I have the luck to borrow this watch from the factory and took some photos, a video is also displayed at the end. The first feeling when I take it in hand is that the replica is very heavy, you know, this is a good feeling because many buyers care the weight of the replica very much, a replica watch with a considerable weight always gives you a reliable feeling, is that right? If you do not check the dial carefully, you won’t find any defaults because simple dial design of genuine watch could be replicated to be a very high level, so does this watch. I thought the watch will be more beautiful if Omega did not use the circles on the dial, but this will not make De Ville Hour Vision featured if not. The central second hand is the most favorite place I love, because it seems to be longer than other brand watches. On this replica, the second hand sweeps the dial smoothly.

Omega De Ville Bracelet

Omega Buckle

To make the movement closer to genuine Omega 8500, V6 factory made a great effort on polishing the plates and rotor, all engravings and jewels are in rosy red, very beautiful, actually the movement is genuine Miyota 8215 automatic that is imported from Japan, the factory added several plates on the original movement to make it look better and real.

Omega Clone 8500 Movement

Here comes the video:


Replica Portuguese Chronograph Review(JJ vs 3A vs Genuine)

Two IWC Portuguese Chronograph Replica Watches

Hi everybody, today we are going to talk about IWC Portuguese Chronograph, it is the second time to make a review about this watch. Portuguese plays a decisive role in the replica watch world as a formal watch, you guys should list it as an alternative. I think most of us like its simple style. This time, we have a new opponent against the 3A mechanical version, the JJ Portuguese Chronograph, which is a newborn. However, is it with a good performance or has an illegible appearance? Let’s have a deep comparison.

Genuine watch specifications:

Self-winding chronograph movement 79350, 44 hours Power reserve. Minute and second-chronograph function, small second with hack mechanism.

Double convex anti reflective sapphire crystal, water resistance is up to 3 Bar.

Case’s thickness is 12.3 mm, diameter 40.9 mm.

IWC Portuguese Chronograph on Hand

IWC Portuguese Chrono White Dial

IWC Portuguese Polished Bezel

Portuguese Watch in Flat

My personal review:

Portuguese Chronograph has a strong affinity, most of us would easily be attracted due to its simple design for the first sight. These two timepieces don’t have any difference from ours eyes judging, while the obvious part is the time scales on the dial, one is rose gold, the other is gold. When you hold these two timepieces, both of them are quite admirably plump and well, without the feeling of the edge cutting. Before being fitted with one pair of high quality crocodile leather straps, Portuguese is not a good watch. As for me, I think a good strap is rather important than the watch’s detail. This evaluation is almost finished in here, because for me, It’s the perfect matching that makes a great watch. We should pay more attention to the strap, this is more funny than a bit improvement of the dial.

Whether a Portuguese Chronograph is a good watch or not, the point is on the dial. Before the newborn of JJ Portuguese Chronograph, I truly didn’t pay much attention on the genuine one’s time scales are in gold, while 3A is rose gold. However, nothing can stop this watch’s selling reached to the peak. As for me, a successful replica watch should have fulfilled two requirements, one is to choose a right replica object, without too much exaggerated workmanship. Second, the craftsmanship should be well enough to beat the current competitors, because normally people would compare it with the recent versions, of course, it will have a lot of versions after several improvements.

Actually most of us lack of enough elaborative faculty on the replica. As before I didn’t show much attention about its time scales color, when I knew it, I just found myself that I’m entangled with it.  The fake color just leaves a deep impression on your mind,  and just can’t get rid of it.

Portuguese has a brother called Portofino, its replica on the dial is up to the top, and people are quite in love it. But recently there is a new problem, the number of date font on genuine is “1”, not “I”. The strict requirement to the watch’s detail, I can’t say it is good or bad, while I only know this may affect the directional changes upon our understanding to the object. Many people would ask which one is the most highest level replica, the overreaction towards to the watch’s detail would smother your first feeling to it. Wow!! This watch is beautiful, you still remember the origin feeling when you bought the watch? That’s it, that feeling is simple and so innocent.

I pretty admired those people with enough economic strength, and also with a strong personality. Some people would ask you, don’t you know Portuguese chronograph has rose gold limited edition?

With such forceful situation, if you lack of enough information on this part, you probably would doubt yourself. Replica indeed is a fight, no matter the result is good or bad, however, the evaluation will continue to carry on.

The tone of markers:

JJ version is gold, 3A is rose gold, genuine watch is gold. I think this detail is the biggest difference between the two factories. After comparing, I found that 3A does not have the right to exist, it just passed from the color.

The first one is JJ version, secone is 3A and the thrid photo is genuine watch.

JJ Portuguese Replica

3A Portuguese

Genuine Portuguese

The polishing of the font’s edge on the dial:

3A version without polishing, while JJ version has been polished. 3A version is almost right-angle, and the genuine is well polished. If judging from the the front sight, JJ version is hard to be distinguished as fake, which is the successful part for this model, and this is also the detail better than other versions.

Dial Font Comparison

Dial font detail:

The top one is JJ Portuguese, the watch at bottom is 3A.

Dial Hour Marker

The color of subdials:

We are quite care of the light reflection, now let’s have a look. Left is JJ, right is 3A. As you can see that the color difference of between small second subdial and main dial, both of the two dials’ color is same on JJ, while 3A is silvery, it has the obvious reflective phenomenon.

Subdial Light Reflection

The difference of the small second dial, first one is JJ version, second is 3A, the third one is genuine.

Small Second Subdial Difference

Why it has such difference? This depends on the degree of machining precision. Enlarging the picture, the whorl of JJ version is more dense and exquisite.

Whorl on Subdial

The scales on small second subdial:

The marker at 45 should be much thicker than the markers next to it.

Small Second Subdial Markers

Dot markers:

On the dial, each dot of the genuine is a bit raised, look careful at the dot at 4 o’clock. JJ version is the same as the genuine, but 3A version doesn’t. All the dots on the dial are raised. JJ version did a good job in this detail.

Dot Markers

Time scales on outer bezel:

Notice the scales “30” and “0”, JJ is the same as genuine, but 3A version a a little fat.

Outer Bezel Time Scales

Dial printing:

Dial Printing

The length of second-chronograph hand:

As the problem of the angle, the length of the second-chronograph hand maybe has some deviations because of the sight. However we still can see JJ version is same as the genuine, 3A version is a little shorter.

Second-Chronograph Hand Length


JJ and genuine Portuguese all have a notch on crown, while 3A Portuguese does not have this.

Portuguese Crown

Caseback engraving:

I think both JJ version and 3A version didn’t do well in this part, the engraved is sort of thin and also not deep enough.

JJ Portuguese Caseback

Genuine Portuguese Caseback

3A Portuguese Caseback


Both JJ and 3A do well at this.

First is JJ version.

JJ Inner Case

JJ Portuguese Movement

Then the Portuguese from 3A.

3A Inner Case

3A Movement

Watch size:

Compared with workmanship of the dial, the size of the watch seems like be of no great importance. The thickness of the genuine is 12.3 mm, at this detail, JJ did not make any change on it.

JJ version, diameter 40.8 mm, thickness is 14.1 mm.

JJ Portuguese Case Diameter

JJ Portuguese Thickness

3A version. Diameter is 41.1 mm, thickness is 14.2 mm.

3A Portuguese Diameter

3A Portuguese Thickness


I’m so glad that I can learn and share some information with you all at this web page. Before this review, I do doubt the JJ version. I said It’s hard to replica one watch with complicated dial, as you can see 3A is an example. But, when I looked carefully at this watch, I still have some astonishment, as JJ version nearly reached to the perfection. As the price has not much difference, 3A version seems to have no necessary to appear to the market. Which factory will make better Portuguese replica next?

Linde Werdelin

New Arrival Replica Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Green Forged Carbon Watch From V6 Factory

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech Green Replica

I am very fortunate to borrow such a great watch from V6 factory and give it a review here. This replica is the latest art work from V6 factory, it is also the most attractive one at the beginning of 2016 year. With more and more AP replicas which J12 published, other factories such as ZF and V6 also made their efforts to follow up, now, I am very pleased to introduce a completely new face to you guys, it is a replica Linde Werdelin Spidolite II. If you guys do not know much about this brand, I suggest you google it and I think it has a great potential because Linde Werdelin has integrated sports advantages of all Swiss watch brands, and it also features the uniqueness of its own. Here let’s see more details about this new replica.

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech Green Dial

First, Linde Werdelin has a completely different case design from other watches. Like this replica, its case has some Audemars Piguet style, the only difference I think is the number of screws on the case, there are four steel screws on Linde Werdelin while eight screws on Audemars Piguet. The replica case is made of genuine forged carbon, the four screws seem to be very big and also make the whole watch look stronger. The bezel is skeletonized ceramic in black color. The golden crown inside the case has a technical spider engraving, each side of the case has four holes, you can clearly see Linde Werdelin lettering and other information. By the way, the replica watch is in the size of 44mm*46mm*15mm.

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Forged Carbon Case

The dial is also skeleton. You can see green LINDE WERDELIN lettering and its next logo at 6 o’clock, small second hand is running on a black subdial with green 15-30-45-60 markers. Green Arabic numbers on date wheel are displayed through the top skeletonized sheet. Steel hour and minute hands as well as small second hand are all applied with white luminous material, so do hour markers, so the whole dial will give you a strong light blue lume in dark place.

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Golden Crown

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Green Buttons

About the strap, it has two tiers, the front side is black nylon and the inside tier is black leather. Two straps are with hand stitching in green that just perfectly fits its green dial details.

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Clasp

Through the transparent crystal case back, you can see the replica Linde Werdelin watch is equipped with an Asian clone 7750 automatic movement, which has completely modified movement plates and rotor compared with other versions of clone 7750 movement. Skeletonized auto rotor has green letters “LINDE WERDELIN”, it seems the factory added several plates on the original movement to make it closer to genuine.

Linde Werdelin Spidolite Tech II Movement

Overall, this green watch will give you a tough and reliable feeling, it will be your trusted timing tool in harsh environment. The replica will be a good try for those who want a watch with a bit technology sense.


Piaget Polo G0A38149 Rose Gold Watch Review(Replica vs Genuine)

Piaget Polo Rose Gold Watch

Polo is the sports series of Piaget, with elegant and outstanding brown crocodile leather strap, it displays fashion and sporty casual style. POLO has its own outlook design. As for me, I think most of the watches of this series are kind of formal, especially with rose gold case design, it’s hard to cast off the image of nobleness.

The following information are the basic introduction about Piaget GoA38149:

Material: Rose Gold
Strap’s Style: Crocodile
Buckle: Detachable
Case Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 9.6mm
Back: Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Automatic( Double Barrel Design, limited power storage 85 hours, 21600bph )

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 2

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 3

Replica Piaget 9015 Movement

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 4

Replica Piaget Polo Clasp

Brown Leather Strap


Genuine Piaget Watch

Genuine case uses 18K rose gold, the replica is stainless steel with rose gold plating, so, you still can feel the difference when touching them. For some top luxury watches like PATEK Philippe, VACHERON CONSTANTIN, those watches have its soul in it, it is hard for us to clone them. So far, all the replicas of PATEK Philippe and VACHERON CONSTANTIN barely have super 1:1 replica. If you have high standard of the replica, I’m afraid there are no. Most of the replica PATEK Philippe, even the one we are talking about today, the Piaget, factory just can thrown it after finishing. So, sometimes when we talk about the top luxury replica, caring about its appearance is just enough, because it’s really difficult to copy the genuine soul. However, as I know, there is one exception, that is BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms.

Size, thickness and weight

The replica is 42mm in case diameter, genuine watch is 43mm.

Replica Diameter

The replica is 10.8mm thick, genuine is 9.6mm.

Replica Thickness

Both of them the weight is 100 g.

Replica Weight

Crystal hardness test

On the introduction above, genuine back case is Sapphire crystal. The testing result on the replica found that the front is Sapphire crystal, and the back is mineral.

PS: For some replica watches with arched crystal, sapphire is a great evidence to identify their grade.

Crystal Hardness Test

Back Crystal Hardness

Replica Piaget Case Side

Hour markers

The big difference between replica and the genuine lies in its hour markers. I just can’t figure out why the factory draw a black line around the markers.

The left is replica, right one is genuine.

Replica Hour Marker VS Genuine

Minute scales

The every fifth minute scale is widened and deepened on genuine.

Replica Minute Scales vs Genuine

Rome numbers on dial

Almost the same, but the size of the gap at 8 is different.

Replica Hands vs Genuine 2


The font size of replica date and the shape are not same as the genuine.

Replica Date Font vs Genuine

Date window

The prominent length of the Triangle is not same as the genuine.

The hour hand is quite same as the genuine, while the minutes hand is obviously a bit long.

Replica Date Window vs Genuine

Replica Hands vs Genuine

Replica Hands vs Genuine 2

Case side appearance:

The lines at the side is quite same as the genuine, both have P alphabet on the crown, shape and quality is basically the same.

Replica Crown

Genuine Watch Crown

Caseback engraving:

The lettering’s font is same, but the genuine one is deeper.

Caseback Engravings Difference


The appearance of Movement 9015 is quite amazing, middle axis looks same as the genuine. However, the factory didn’t make a further polishing on the movement plates, but did on the rotor, personally think that it’s kind of hasty.

The following one movement 2824 was took for a early time before, it’s elegant and beautiful, golden flower pattern is deep enough to see clearly, it should be the best, but factory didn’t try his best.

Sometimes one small part can exposure its fake identity, buckle’s engraving, the fixation after opening the buckle is same. Inside it has engravings. The strength of this replica is the buckle.


Recently everyone can see this Piaget model in forums discussion, the factories in the market only produced limited quantity of Piaget replicas, it’s logical that everyone would pay attention on it. This model still has a lot of details need to strengthen, or normal consumers still can see the obvious difference by comparing the pictures. If the marks is from S, A, B and C, then, I gave A. This model still has potential, dial needs to be corrected, and the movement does not need to add the decorated plates, just need to further polishing the rotor. I believe it will become a wonderful replica watch, but not now!


Noob Factory Published Their V4 Version of Replica Panerai PAM 111 with 6497 Movement Brown Leather Strap

Replica Panerai PAM111

PAM 111 is a very simple model from Panerai, so it is very easy for the factory to replicate it. There have been already two watch factories in Chinese market manufacturing PAM 111, the earliest is Noob, the latter is H factory, certainly, the best replica PAM 111 is made by Noob, which is also known as Mr Creme De La Creme. The PAM 111 is under Luminor Marina series, like PAM 049, it has an extremely simple design but has won a high popularity among those watch fans who love PAMs.

Replica Panerai PAM111 Black Dial

The case is made of 316F stainless steel, which is polished, the bezel is smooth round and also polished, the unique crown bridge features ball-bearing and it is brushed in appearance. The brushing case is brilliant and looks like a mirror. The dial is the most favorite place I like, it is sandwiched and easy to read time, it makes the replica closest to genuine. The dial has two discs, the top one is skeletonized with bar-shaped and 3-6-9 hour markers, the bottom disc is filled with genuine Super-LumiNova C1+C3, which makes the dial offer a strong and durable lume. The small second hand runs smooth on the subdial at 9:00.

Asian ETA 6497 Movement

Let’s directly see the most important part of the watch, yes, it is the movement. The see-through crystal case back completely displays the mechanism of this manual winding movement, which is an Asian clone Unitas 6497-2. The movement has 17 jewels and beats 21600 times per hour. It is the most high-end handwound movement I have ever seen on replica watches, each plate is perfectly polished with smooth edge, there are blue screws and rosy red jewels, very beautiful, the lettering like “OFFICINE PANERAI” and “SEVENTEEN 17 JEWELS” are in blue color, these engravings are filled with blue ink but not directly painted like other versions of replica PAM 111. Besides, the movement features a dagger swan neck regulator, which is correct and woking like the genuine. The updated Y-Incabloc shock absorber mod also makes the replica movement more stable and accurate.

PAM 111 Watch Test

So, if you want to wear a simple, comfortalbe and accurate Panerai watch, this PAM 111 is absolutely a good choice.


V6 Factory Published The Best Replica Tudor Ranger Watch with ETA 2824-2 Movement and Steel Bracelet

Replica Tudor Ranger

Replica Tudor Ranger Black Dial

Here on our blog, we introduced several models of replica Tudor before, they are Tudor Black Shield by ZF, Black Bay Diver and Pelagos replica. It seems that these Tudor watches are highly welcomed in the replica watch world. Today, I will give a review about another Tudor replica watch, it is Tudor Ranger model, which is manufactured by V6 factory. This replica inherits all classic features of recent Tudor models, which have a diving-style lume dial favored by most buyers. Tudor, which is a sub-brand of Rolex, has published a series of diving-style watches in recent years, and these models won a great success and the heart of many watch fans. So, there are more and more good quality Tudor replica watches appeared in the market. Here is the one.

Tudor Ranger Caseback

Tudor Ranger Caseback Engraving

The whole watch is made of solid stainless steel, the case and bracelet are all brushed. 41mm case diameter is very suitable for moderate wrist, the case is brushed while the polished bezel gives it a high contrast. I like brushed case, because it always gives me a feeling of superior quality texture. Here on the black dial, which is matte finished, you can see that bar-shaped and 3-6-9-12 hour markers are all filled with yellowish luminescence, so are the dial printings. Vintage hour and minute hands have luminous material filled on their central stem. The central second hand is in dark red color, very eye-catching and increases the dial readability. The dial will emit green light at night, the lume brightness of hands are much greater than that of hour markers.

Tudor Ranger Clasp

At last, let’s see the movement testing resulit from the picture. It only has a 3-second daily error, which is more accurate than most automatic replica watches. Other specifications like frequency and lift angle also prove that this Asian clone ETA 2824-2 is a high quality and stable movement.

Tudor Ranger Movement Test


IWC Top Gun Miramar IW388002 Review(KW Replica VS Genuine)

Hey everybody, before introducing the replica, I’d like you to know some specifications of the genuine watch.

Metallic ceramic case and matte black dial are two main features of Top Gun Miramar. White, grey and green classic colors highlight the military style of the watch. The strap material is made of extremely tough Nylon that is often used on pilot’s watches. Unique outer minute scales and inner hour circle remind people of Chronometer in the 1930s and 1940s as well as the rich heritage of IWC pilot’s series. The date display is also unique, which is very similar to cockpit’s altimeter. This timepiece is equipped with IWC in-house 89365 movement, after being modified, it can offer 68 hours power reserve. Soft iron inner case can protect precision device against the effect from magnetic.

Today, the leading role is from KW, it is a quartz watch and very cheap. It’s quite a bit harsh if you take a quartz watch to compare with an authentic watch. However, you can see manufacturer’s effort from the replica’s details. It’s a touching moment when thinking of its selling price after making the review.

The difference between genuine IW 388002 and KW replica:

Movement: genuine watch uses 89365 mechanical chrongoraph movement, the replica is equipped with Japan Miyota Co.6S11 quartz with SONY battery.

Case material: genuine uses ceramic case, the replica is made of stainless steel with black pvd coating.

Inner case: Soft iron inside case to protect device against the effect from magnetic. Fake does not have the antimagnetic soft iron, because it is a quartz watch.

Crown: genuine watch uses screw-in crown, the replica is directly inserted into.

Crystal: arched sapphire crystal with double ar coating on genuine watch. The replica uses mineral crystal.

Water resistance: 6-bar water resistant on genuine watch. All replica watches are just daily waterproof.

Two top gun replicas here. The left one is from small factory, the right one is made by KW.

Two IWC Top Gun Miramar Replica Watches

I think KW version dial’s color is lighter than genuine while samll factory version is a bit deeper, which is oviously the biggest difference.

Date font and shape. KW version has the same date font as genuine, there is groove around the edge of the date window, the replica from small factory has a different date font.

Top Gun Date Window Difference

Case tone and logo. Although the case material is not ceramic on KW version, the texture and polishing on case is almost the same as genuine.

Case Polishing

Minute hand’s length. The length of the KW minute hand is same as genuine, while the replica from small factory one is a bit shorter.

Replica Minute Hand Length

The central red circle and 6:00 small dial. KW has the same red line as genuine, smooth design on the surface of 6:00 subdial. The replica from small factory does not have notch, there are patterns on the subdial.

Replica Subdial at 6

Digit “20” on minute-chronograph counter. See the picture below, the first one is KW replica, the second on is from small factory, the last is genuine.

Minute-Chronograph Counter on Replica

Engravings on case rim. No black painting on KW replica.

Case Back Rim Engraving on Replica vs Genuine

Crown. Notice the second one, you will find a small notch on the replica, both KW and genuine watch do not have this feature.

Crown Replica vs Genuine

The color of second-chronograph hand. KW has a darker big second hand than the genuine.

Second-Chronograph Hand Replica vs Genuine

This is an evaluation made in a early time, and now clean it up again. All I wanna say is that there are not too many good fake quartz watches in the market, and this is a classic quartz watch from KW, even it has some imperfect parts, while we still could see the efforts which the manufacturer has made. I am impressed by its superior texture, maybe it has been discontinued in production, this could be used as an aniversary review.


Replica Rolex YachtMaster 2 42mm Valjoux 7750 Movement Blue Bezel

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II

YachtMaster 2 is a new breakthrough timing tool, Rolex spent 10 years in researching this watch, so it has superior stability and becomes the classic. YachtMaster 2 is a precision mechanical timing tool that was specially made for yachting games. Here I will introduce a great imitation of Rolex YachtMaster 2 on my blog, it is the highest end 1:1 replica of genuine, made by a big factory and features fully chronograph function.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master II White Dial

Yacht-Master Blue Bezel

The replica is made of 316 stainless steel, the SS model is hottest and sells well only close to two tone Yacht 2. The case is brushed and it has polished side face. Genuine YachtMaster features blue ceramic bezel, while the replica uses steel bezel insert, I do not know which factory makes the real ceramic one, maybe J12. Look at the bezel markers, they are clearly engraved, cheap replicas always have these bezel markers printed. The bezel flutes have a certain depth and easy for you to rotate the bezel, which is bi-directional.

Solid Caseback

The dial is white, there are details in black, red and blue color. Central second-chronograph hand in red is very obvious, the white subdial at 6 has blue circle that features white Arabic numbers. Genuine watch has ring command bezel that is used for yacht countdown, but the ring command bezel on this replica is just a decoration, it is not working. I like the blue hands and square hour markers, which are filled with white luminescence in the center. The dial will emit a strong blue light in the dark.

Rolex Steel Bracelet

The bracelet is the most favorite place on the replica, which uses the new Rolex Oyster style bracelet. It contains three links section, the middle links are polished while its two sides are brushed. It seems like all Rolex YachtMaster 2 replicas use such type of bracelet.


At last, genuine YachtMaster II is equipped with 4160 movement, which is completely developed by Rolex itself, the movement consists of 360 components and beats 28800 times per hour. The power reserve is up to 72 hours. While this replica Rolex YachtMaster 2 uses an Asian Valjoux 7750, this movement almost features the same specifications as Rolex 4160. 7750 Secs@6 movement could provide a high accuracy and stability, it also has a low repairing rate than other versions of 7750 movement.

So, do people who asked me about YachtMaster 2 replicas before think this watch amazing?


A Cheap Replica Watch Review – Panerai Luminor Arktos PAM092 Black Rubber

Panerai Luminor Arktos PAM 092 Replica

I have reviewed a lot of Panerai replica watches in recent days, including PAM 341 and 300, they look big and very tough. Today, I will introduce another Panerai, it is PAM 092, which was produced in 2004, this watch is also called Mike Horn special edition because it was created for him to support his expedition. So the genuine Luminor Arktos could resist extreme temperatures down to -70. The watch could also be used as a compass, you could clearly understand when seeing the letters “N”, “E”, “S” and “W” on the bezel.

PAM 092 Black Dial

PAM 092 Bezel

Here comes a short introduction of the replica Panerai Luminor Arktos. It is a cheap replica because using low end automatic movement and not made by big factory. However, the watch will give you an outstanding performance and excellent wearing experience. The whole case is brushed, with special Panerai Crown Bridge and the unique bezel of this watch, the replica will look “strange” and make you become the focus among the crowd. The uni-directional bezel is anti-clockwise and has raied bezel markers. Because made for polar expedition, the bezel is specially designed and has exclusive compass function. The replica is 44mm in case diameter, but 18mm makes it thicker than the genuine.

Panerai Luminor Arktos Caseback

The black dial is very common, except its good readability and lumed hour markers as well as hands, other details have the same layout design as other PAMs. It is worths nothing that this Panerai replica does not features sandwiched dial like most modern Panerai watches.

Panerai Black Rubber Strap

You can clearly get the watch information from its case back engraving because there is Mike Horn signature. Besides, there are other engravings like “OFFICINE PANERAI”, “ARKTOS EXPEDITION”, “AMAGNETIC“, etc. At last, the replica watch is equipped with one pair of comfortable black rubber straps.

Movement Testing

There are really not too many things worths talking about this replica except its cheap price that is sold only at $188. Let me know if you are interested in it.


The Best Edition of Replica IWC Portofino Watch with ETA 2892 Movement From MK Factory

IWC Portofino Replica

IWC occupies a certain position in the dress watches market. Besides Rolex, IWC sells the largest amount of formal watches in the world, especially its Portofino series, which is regarded as the most suitalbe mens dress watch. I went to our watch market this afternoon and took some pictures of an IWC Portofino replica watch made by the famous MK factory, here I made a short review of this replica watch because somebody here asked me about it before.

IWC Portofino Black Dial

Everone in the replica world is seeking for the best, so am I. In the past three years, I have been trying my best to offer the highest quality replica watches to my clients, some of them give me feedback, some complain about the high price, but I have to say that each replica is picked by me has the highest level of watch-making technology and comes from big famous factory. Like this IWC Portofino replica, it is made by MK factory, which has also manufactured the best Pilot replica several years ago, so these replicas coming from formal factories such as MK, KW, ZF and J12 will have quality assurance.

IWC Portofino Case Back

The Portofino here is an 1:1 replica, not only 1:1 details displayed on its dial, but also the movement is the high end ETA 2892, which supplies an incomparable accuracy and stability.

IWC Mesh Bracelet

The case uses polishing and brushing craft, you can clearly see the round side face is brushed, the round smooth bezel is polished in stainless steel. Black dial is simple, the hands and hour markers all look slender. All hour markers are stick except rome numbers at 6 and 12. The date window at 3 o’clock has white date font in black background. The simple appearance makes Portofino easily to be replicated and have a close imitation level to genuine.

Meshed steel bracelet is its advantage. Many buyers prefer this type of band on Portofino. And I found few brands use such bracelet on their watches. Look at the caseback, there is a sticker, it is marked with AAA and MK words, which indicate that this replica is made by MK factory and has a AAA quality. The engravings on case back are “INTERNATIONAL WATCH CO.”, “PORTOFINO” and “6038245”, they are curved in a proper depth like the original. The engraving “IWC” on the clasp is also an evidence to help you tell bad quality Portofino replica, good replica has a deeper and thicker “IWC” engraved on the clasp.

At last, let us see the specifications of the watch:

Movement: Asian ETA 2892 Automatic
Case: 39mm*9mm, 316L Stainless Steel
Dial: Black, Steel Stick and Rome Hour Markers
Crystal: Sapphire
Bracelet: Mesh Band Made of Stainless Steel with Folding Clasp
Water Resistant: Yes