M+ Factory Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Carbon Watch

Last time, I introduced several replicas of the Tudor Pelagos FXD watches made by M+ factory, only several persons were interested in them, it seems like this type of Tudor watches are not as popular as those Black Bay models with stainless steel bracelet. There are always people asking the prices of super clone Tudor Black Bay from Z factory, but that does not mean the Pelagos FXD replicas from M+ are not cheap quality, on the contrary, they have a very high quality and reasonable prices.

Like the genuine watch, the replica Tudor is made with black carbon material, both the case and bezel insert are using carbon, but the metal around the bezel insert is titanium. The case is measured to be 43mm in diameter, but a bit thicker than that of genuine watch, that does not matter, every replica with such chronograph movement has this issue, but the entire watch has a very light weight.

The dial is blue, there are iconic square hour markers and reverse hour hand of Pelagos, they are wide and can be applied with enough lume material, so the replica watch can have a strong and long-lasting lume light in the dark conditions. The chronograph function works the same way as that of genuine watch, the subdial at 9 o’clock is for display of small seconds, the other small dial at 3 o’clock is a minute-chronograph counter, both have a red frame that matches the red color of the central second hand. It uses a Dandong 7750 movement, not Swiss ETA 7750, I do not suggest you use its chrono function so often.

Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Carbon
Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Carbon Case
Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono
Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Blue
Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Crown
Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Case
Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Back
Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Buckle
Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Nylon Band

M+ Factory Replica Tudor Pelagos FXD Navy Blue Titanium Watch

This is the second new replica watch that really makes me excited in recent months, another exciting news is Gold factory published the Daytona replicas with increased weight. Both make me more excited than hearing the news that VS just publishes another new model. This Tudor replica watch is made by M+ factory, which is not a very popular watch manufacturer but has been in the market for years, M+ factory does not often publish replica watches, the replica IWC Pilot Black Aces they made last time was six months ago, in a word, we hear very little about this factory, but sometimes the replica watch from M+ is really amazing.

Like this Tudor Pelagos replica watch, it is very beautiful, perhaps the most attractive watch in this year. When people want a diver’s watch, perhaps few of them will consider a replica Tudor Pelagos, but this one from M+ has a very impressive design and super lume, price is also not high, it should be within your consideration.

In my memory, there were good replicas of Tudor Pelagos made by ZF and XF before, but now it is very hard to get one from XF, and the Pelagos from ZF is usually out of stock, I hope ZF can make this Tudor Pelagos FXD Navy Blue replica watch, but the result may not be better than the this one from M+, and ZF will absolutely sell it at a much higher price. So, let’s choose this Tudor titanium watch from M+, til now, I have not found flaws on this replica watch.

The case of the replica is made with titanium, it is measured to be 42mm in diameter, the entire watch has a light weight because of its titanium material and nylon band. The bezel is bi-directional rotating, and you will have a good feel when rotating it, the clicking is not too smooth or no sudden stop, the clicking sound is crisp but not too noisy. The straps bars are not removable but being fixed on the case, which is more convenient for the wearer to change the straps. And on the solid case back, there are correct engravings just like the genuine watch.

The lume on the dial and bezel is strong, even stronger than that of the genuine watch, but not as long lasting as the genuine. A lot of homage watches made in China also have a lumed bezel, I think they copy the design of Tudor Pelagos. M+ factory offers two band for the watch, one is the navy blue nylon band, the other is a blue rubber strap, both look very nice on the watch.

Tudor Pelagos Titanium Watch Replica
Tudor Pelagos Blue Replica
Tudor Pelagos Blue Bezel
Tudor Pelagos Titanium Case
Tudor Pelagos Crown
Tudor Pelagos Blue Nylon Strap
Tudor Pelagos Buckle
Tudor Pelagos FXD Lume

A Small Blue Tint in This Summer – KW Tudor Pelagos 25600TB Replica

Closing to summer, now the factory is still making their efforts to bring us surprise. I just heard a news from my watch supplier that KW factory is going to release anothe great Tudor replica. It is Tudor Pelagos 25600TB, which was published by Tudor in 2015 BaselWorld.

The replica manufactured by KW is the latest Tudor model in the market, full Titanium material and blue dial as well as blue ceramic bezel are the most eye-catching places of it. Full Titanium means the replica uses Ti material on case and bracelet.

Blue dial features square hour markers that are applied thick coating of white superlumed material, so are the hands. Blue ceramic bezel is uni-directional rotating, engraved bezel markers share the same lume light as dial.

The factory claimed that they will offer a free pair of blue rubber strap for the replica. The watch is already available for pick up.

In this summer, will it make you feel fresh while wearing this blue Tudor watch on the beach?


Blue Ceramic Bezel

Tudor Blue Watch

White Printing on Blue Dial

Titanium Case Profile with Tudor Shield Logo on Crown

Gas Valve Escape

Series No. Engraving

Titanium Clasp Unfolding

Tudor Engraving on Clasp


The Most Complete Review of Replica Tudor Pelagos 25500TN

Before introducing the replica Tudor Pelagos 25500TN, you must have a full understaning of the genuine watch.

This is the only watch in Pelagos series, Tudor had released the similar design in 1970, Ref.9411-0, in my opinion, the 25500TN is a upgrade of Ref.9411-0, after this improvement, Pelagos becomes the watch that Tudor positions it as ocean-themed.

Ok, the above is the simple introduction of Tudor Pelagos, next I will talk about its replication.


The dial of the replica has a particular design, it adopts a beveled design that is similar to IWC Portuguese Chrono, not the flat on Rolex, there are one trigonal and eleven square opendings on that beveled surface, to fit for luminous markers, this makes the dial more beautiful and the design can be hardly found on other replicas.

Tudor Dial

Tudor 12 Marker

Case & Lume

The replica Tudor makes a great innovation on its bezel, whose engraved markers are also filled with Super Lume material, to prevent scratches, there is a protective coating on the bezel markers. By the way, the watch uses Titanium as case material, it has better corrosion and scratch resistance.

Tudor Bezel Markers

Waterproofing System

As a diving watch, the necessary thing must be its waterproof system, Tudor uses Rolex-patented waterproof system – screwed down crown.

Crown Screws

Tudor Escape Valve


Most people have known that hands and dial are produced by different factories, they are completed by two different factories, so a lot of replica watches have color difference on dial and hands.

To solve this problem, the watch dealers must supply lume materials by themselves. And the SuperLume material is very expensive.

Tudor Hand

Tudor Hand 2


To fit for the 1:1 casing, the crown has screws inside like the genuine, it has a good water resistant performance.

Tudor Crown

Tudor Shield Logo


The engravings on case back are 1:1 replicated according to gen. The spacer ring that fixes the movement is also polished to be perfect 1:1 effect. Beside, the pin is the best I have ever seen.

Tudor Case Back

Caseback Inside

Tudor Spacer Ring

Tudor Pin


Tudor Movement

Tudor Movement 2

Tudor Movement 3

The popular Asian ETA 2824-2 movement.

The most high end replica Tudor Pelagos uses Titanium case, genuine SuperLume, Titanium bracelet, it is an amazing masterpiece. If you want to buy a 1:1 replica at a very low price, this one will be a good choice.