The first giveaway event on my blog

Now, I have already back to my business from a long holiday. Because of the virus, it is the longest Chinese New Year holiday I have ever spent, however, I was very happy staying with my family during the holiday, now the virus is under control in China, but seems to be out of control in other countries. Hope you guys stay safe, wear mask when outside.

Whatever, watch factories can accept orders now, I can also arrange shipment for your order, although it will take a bit longer than usual. Back to this topic, it will be the first giveaway I organize here, to thank for the support of my loyal customers and readers, really thanks.

Rules for guys who have bought watches from us:

If you have bought watches from us, please do a review on the watch you received from us, and post the review either on or Or you can do a video review on Youtube. After you done, please send me the link to my email address

Rules for my blog readers who did not buy from us before:

  1. If you are my blog readers and have not bought watches from us, you can also participate in this giveaway event. Just share a post with my blog address on your Facebook page, keep that for one week.
  2. Share a post with my blog address on your Instagram page, @ 3 friends of yours and keep that post for one week.
  3. Just write a short post and share your opinion about my blog on or
  4. After you do these three things, please send me the links to my email address

The giveaway will be end on March 10th. I will use a software to select a winner randomly. The winner will receive a good quality Rolex Daytona Paul Newman replica watch, many readers asked me about this watch before, now you have a chance to get one for free.

If you are the winner, I will ship the watch to you by ePacket or Registered Air Mail for free, no DHL. Please note, if the winner is from Germany, Switzerland or Netherlands, he or she needs to pay DHL shipping fee to get the watch.

Hope you are the lucky man.

Rolex Paul Newman Giveaway