JK factory published replica Graham Oversized Chrono Titanium watches

Replica Graham Oversized Orange
Replica Graham Oversized Blue
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Replica Graham Oversized Red
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I have not seen Graham replica watches for years, in the first two years when I just entered this industry, there were many replicas of Graham watches, they were very popular at that time, but then they suddenly disappeared, I do not know why. The need for good quality Graham replica watches always exists, because big watch is still the main trend, but no big factories are willing to make them, it seems like people’s attention is attracted by those super clones like 4130 Daytona, 3135 Submariner, etc. Sometimes a few readers asked me which factory makes the best Graham, I could not give them an answer. Just a few days ago, I heard that JK factory published several Graham watches, I checked with the factory and found they just made five models, each has a great quality, please check photos above, there are yellow, red, blue, orange and green.

Replica Graham Oversized Carbon

About JK, not many people know this factory, I knew this factory before because some people clients ordered vintage Daytona watches, and then I found JK factory made good quality ones, like their Paul Newman Daytona. I do not know if they are making other watches, maybe JK can manufacture U-Boat watches in future, after all U-Boat is still loved by many fans of military watches, together with Graham, both are two watches have a certain need but not made by other factories.

Replica Graham Oversized Chrono
Replica Graham Oversized Titanium Watch

Just at a glance, five Graham replica watches from JK factory differ from each other in band’s color, the case of each watch is made with Titanium material, then being blackened. The oversized crown is positioned on the left side of the case, well, it is a left-handed watch, but you can also wear it on your left hand, that depends on your habit. The case is high grade Titanium, while the bezel, crown and dial all have carbon fiber textures.

Replica Graham Oversized Carbon Fiber Dial

Look at the black carbon fiber dial, it features big Arabic numeral hour markers, especially the number “12”, which is much larger than others. Small seconds hand is running on the subdial at 3 o’clock, the small dial at 6 o’clock is for minute-chronograph display. Small hands on both subdials are in red color, so is the central second-chronograph hand. The replica watch has a real chronograph function. Through the crystal back, you can see all machine components of the movement, by the way, it is an Asia Valjoux 7750 movement, by the way, the case is up to 16.5mm due to this movement, so the replica watch not only has a large size, but a bit thick.

Replica Graham Oversized Case
Replica Graham Oversized Crown
Replica Graham Oversized Titanium Case
Replica Graham Oversized 7750 Movement
Replica Graham Oversized Buckle
Replica Graham Oversized Red Rubber Strap

Personal Review of Graham Oversize Tech Seal Chronofighter Watch Replica

This is a personal review from Jack, another blog writer who loves big watches, he has bought several replicas that were recommended by this blog. Now, enjoy this review by him. It is a great replication of genuine Graham Tech Seal Limited Edition, the V3 that has been greatly improved by the factory. Like the genuine watch, this replica is worn on the right hand, which is also called lefe-handed watch.

This is a large watch I ordered online, will be a big guy lying on my hand, with rubber straps, I love the comfort which the replica brings to me, although wearing on my hand, the watch is easy to operate. 46mm in case diameter, and 16.5mm thick, the replica watch is very large and few people can hold it. On the carbon fibre dial, big hour markers are coated with C1 superlume, the sword hands are also in large-size, a small orange hand is running on the subdial at 3, all details are presented on the black dial in a reasonable layout, clearly readable.

Graham Tech Seal Watch Replica

Graham Tech Seal Watch Case

Graham Tech Seal Watch Case 2

The Graham Tech Seal replica watch has a good water resitant performance, notice the CHRONOFIGHTER DIVER 1000 FT lettering on the dial, you will know the original watch has a perfect and strong water resistance, so is the replica, you can wear it when swimming and diving, absolutely must be under the water less than 30 metres. All the replicas I bought online have been tested in water resistance, because I like ocean sports. The chronograph is different from other brands, you start and stop it by the crown extended lever pusher, while being reset through the button at 10 o’clock. The case back has engravings that have a strong three-dimentional feeling, which like touching a real watch.

Graham Tech Seal Watch Rubber Strap

Graham Tech Seal Case Back

Graham Tech Seal Watch Test

By the way, this replica Graham watch is manufactured by H factory, which made many good quality replicas that are popular all over the market, like the AP Diver Carbon Edition and Bretiling Avenger Seawolf, so, if you are a big watch fan and like diving activities, this replica watch is completely worthy choice.