Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Day Date Watch Clone 8602 Movement

Replica Omega Aqua Terra Day Date

Omega Black Dial

The best Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra replica watch you have ever seen. The manufacturer bought a genuine watch to dissect, so every detail of the replica will look exactly the same as genuine. It is an elegant mens watch with stainless steel case and leather strap, wearing it can perfectly fit your business suits and other formal dresses. There are a lot of details on the watch that have been modified so that it will be closer to genuine watch. For example, correct Omega logo without happy feet, the crystal uses Swiss grade Sapphire that features purple tinted AR coating. The lume is also greatly improved and it looks brighter. The black tuxedo dial has every thing being displayed in a reasonable layout, studded hour markers are in steel with superlumed material, so are hands. On the top at 12, a fan-shaped window displays week in background with white font, when you are wearing this watch in a dark place, there will be strong blue light emitting from the dial. This is also one of the reasons I love the replica Omega watch very much.

Omega Aqua Terra Leather Strap

Omega See-through Caseback

Omega Watch Test

Case is measured to be 41mm in diameter and 13.5mm thick, the width of the lugs is 20mm. Now all quality replica watches use 316L stainless steel, on this Omega Aqua Terra Day Date replica watch, you can observe the lugs are naturally extened from the case, smoothly and rounded, it is almost integrated with the case into one. Lugs have perfect arc lines so that the whole watch can perfectly fit your wrist, the replica watch could bring great wearing comfort. Omega Seamaster replica uses high quality leather strap to make the watch band, which has a single fold deployant buckle, there is also correct engraving on the clasp. Few replica watches, especially those cheap fakes, really pay no effect in polishing their clasp. The heart of the replica watch lies in a Swiss grade movement, it is ETA 2836-2, the movement has decorated insignia rotor, all markings on rotor and plates are imitated to the appearance of Omega 8602 Calibre.

Elegant replica watch usually has not too complex functions, you can easily set the time, day and date via the crown. By the way, because the movement has not been modified too much, the watch could offer you a long service life and it is more stable than other replicas.


Replica Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Bezel ETA 2836 Steel Watch

Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Replica

Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Black Dial

Rolex has always been mostly welcomed in watch industry, it is also one of the most popular replicated watch brands in fake watch market. There are different types of Rolex replicas now that are divided into various grades. The highest quality replica Rolex watches are manufactured by big factories such as BP, J12, Noob. Actually there are many high end Submariner replicas that had been made by Noob factory before, with the progress which replica watch made in technology, more and more factories participate in the manufacturing of replica Rolex. Today, I am going to introduce another quality Rolex watch, it is replica GMT Master II with blue red bezel. The watch is somewhat full of vintage style, red and blue bezel is classic and could be found on most vintage Rolex watches. They are usually called Pepsi Bezel. High quality replica Rolex usually has a good textured bezel, especially this one that paints red and blue color, the color junction on the bezel is natural. Bezel is the most eye-catching place of the Rolex GMT Master II, while its dial is also attractive, black background with white printing, all hour markers and hands have white luminescence coated. The GMT hand has a wide triangle head and a red stem. Overall, you can easily read every element on the dial.

Rolex Buckle

Rolex GMT Master II Clasp

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, which is brushed, the bezel is rotating and has 120 clicks, crown guards fully wrap the crown to prevent it from being damaged by collision. The bracelet is made solid links, not hollow, you can completely feel its weight on hand. Crown buckle has clear lines and you can see highly-finished engravings on clasp when fully unfolding the buckle. The case back has nothing engravin and it is clean, one thing you may observe is the pins that connect bracelet and case head, they are so strong and will not crack. Open the case back, you can find a high quality automatic movement inside, it is an Asian ETA 2836-2, the auto rotor has uniform brushing lines, its plates on the base have beautiful fish scale patterns. There are 2836-2 numerals engraved on the movement plate. If your watch is slower or faster, adjust the regulator to + or -. You can also see the balance wheel featuring a rosy shock absorber. The replica Rolex GMT Master II watch is only 3 seconds slower each day, other specifications like beat rate, lift angle are normal.

Rolex GMT Master II Caseback

Rolex Watch Test


Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph Le Petir Prince IW377706 V6 Factory Best Edition

Replica IWC Pilot Chronograph Watch

IW377706 Dial

Long time not to post watches review here, because I must go to the replica watch market to get watches for my customers. In recent days, factories released many new models, including a lot of IWC Portuguese and Pilot replicas that are favored by many buyers. The Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve made by ZF was published several days ago. Today, I am going to introduce another IWC replica watches for you, it is the model in hot pursuit, the watch is produced by V6 factory, which makes a lot of high quality watches including many famous PAMs. IWC Le Petir Prince IW377706 replica is the latest work of V6F, there are other manufacturers having produced Le Petir Prince imitation watch, but this time by ZF, it is the best edition you will ever buy.

IW377706 Crown

IW377706 Case

The case of replica IWC Le Petir Prince is made of 316L stainless steel, the case construction has 1:1 structure as per genuine, the inner case has a layer of anti-magnetic soft iron. Case is evenly brushed with top-level polishing craft, you can feel its superior finishing on case that is difference to other low-end replicas. The chronograph buttons have brushed face on top while polished sides around. Actually you can tell high end replicas from poor quality fakes by touching its case, especially the polishing on the case corners, they should be round and smooth, so that the watch will not scratch your hand.

IW377706 Blue Dial

Dial Layout

IW377706 SuperLume

Blue dial is attractive, there are three subdials on, the small second subdial is positioned at 9 o’clock, top subdial at 12 is 30-minute chronograph counter while the subdial below at 6 is 12-hour chronograph counter. These dials all have circle patterns decoration. Date window is fan-shaped in white background with black font, the week display window is in square shape that is on the left of date window. All dial details on the replica IWC IW377706 such as hands and 3-6-9-12 hour markers are coated with luminous material, which will emit strong blue light at dark night.

Le Petir Prince Caseback Engraving

IWC 7750 Movement

IWC Buckle

Buckle Engraving

The IWC Pilot Prince replica watch is equipped with Asian Valjoux 7750 movement, it is the new 7750 movement that has been updated so the stability and durability are greately improved. The engravings on case back are vivid, all are done completely by handcraft, you can feel by hand, every lettering and numeral has the same engraving depth. Such high quality replica watches all should feature such solid and superior case back.

Overall, the replica IWC Pilot is a great imitation of genuine, do not wait any more because such quality replicas from big factory are not always in stock.


Rolex Pro Hunter Explorer II PVD Black Replica Orange Nylon Strap

Rolex Pro Hunter Explorer II Replica

Pro Hunter is attractive because of its unique appearance. It is a custom-made Rolex watch that usually features bright nylon strap. Today, the replica watch is a Rolex Pro Hunter watch from Explorer collection, it features pvd black case and Pro Hunter iconic nylon strap. The replica Rolex is 42mm in case diameter and 13.5mm thick, actually the watch has the same case construction and size of genuine Rolex Explorer. This replica Rolex Stealth Pro Hunter is the ultimate version, not only because it has high end case polishing, but also with a quality movement inside. Seeing from the movement testing picture below, the watch is only 4 seconds slower each day.

Rolex Explorer II Black Dial

The case is made of hard stainless steel and features thick PVD black coating on surface, the dial is black and has details in black, white and orange colors. It gives a high readability when these white lume coated hour markers lying on the black dial, the central orange hand is pointing to the 24-hour markers on the bezel. The most important thing is that the date window has the correct cyslops, which features AR coating as per genuine. By the way, due to the best lume materials used on hour markers and hands, the replica watch can emit strong blue light in the dark.

Explorer Orange Nylon Strap

Rolex Pro Hunter Case Back

The movement is modified on the basis of an Asian ETA 2836-2 automatic caliber, it has nickle plated movement rotor and plates that are decorated to the outlook of Rolex Calibre 3187. All markings and engravings on the movement are set correct just like the genuine. If you want to adjust the time, date and gmt, just pull out the crown to a certain position to set.

Rolex Explorer Watch Test


Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 White Watch Asian 6497

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 White Dial

Panerai really attracts the most attention of people in recent years, it has a high popularity among watch fans who love big-size wrist watches. Especially Luminor Marina, it has a simple design, coupled with its military favored history with the Italian Navy and relationship with Stallone, Panerai Luminor Marina wins the heart of many military watch lovers. Here I am going to introduce a replica Panerai Luminor Marina watch, it has the most simple design in all Panerai watches I think, case is polished, the crown bridge is an iconic feature of Panerai and it is brushed. The dial is classic and it is in white background, big black 3-6-12 numerals and small round lume dots as hour markers. Actually, the dial design on this replica has used on many vintage Panerai watches. Look at the dial, it is not sandwiched, the small seconds subdial is positioned at 9, dotted hour markers and hands are all coated with strong green lume material.

PAM 563 Brown Leather Strap

PAM 563 Asian 6497 Movement

The Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 replica is equipped with an Asian 6497 movement, which is handwound and has been imitated to the appearance of P.5000 calibre. The movement has 17 pink jewels and beats at 21600bph. Its movement bridges feature authentic Geneve decoration. The PAM 563 is replicated according to a genuine Panerai PAM 111 watch, all watch parts of the replica can be interchanagable with genuine Panerai PAM 563. Besides the quality 6497 movement it is equipped with, another big selling point of this PAM 563 replica watch lies in its leather band, which is made of high quality calfskin leather and is completely stitched by hands, many watch fans want to buy Panerai replica watches not only because they are in top quality, but also there are many strap options for them to choose. Like this PAM 563, the Pre V buckle, coupled with such brown leather strap, is the favorite of many vintage Panerai fans.

PAM 563 Movement Test

Tag Heuer

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Watch

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Case

Tag Heuer is one of the best-selling sports watches among all Swiss brands. The Monaco Concept 24 is the limited edition Tag Heuer published and the watch created many world first records in watch industry. Square shape adds a little vintage favor to this sports Tag Heuer Monaco watch. The replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 is made of full stainless steel, the case has polishing and brushing craft, it is engraved with TAGHEUER, the polishing craftmanship has reached a high level in replica watch industry. The case has obvious edge and corner, which completely reflects the great progress which replica watch has achieved in recent years. The bracelet is also made of solid stainless steel, which consists of six links, there are two section of links in the middle that are polished, check carefully, the outer edge of the links are polished, so this will not scratch your wrist when wearing.

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Movement

The dial is black, it has blue and orange stripes that are the iconic features of this replica Tag Heuer Monaco 24 watch. There are some things needed to be explained here about the dial, the metal shield TAG HEUER logo is under the big 24 numeral. The subdial at 3 is indicating 24 hours while the subdial at 3 is running for minute-chronograph counter. Arched date window is polished at 6 o’clock. When you press the button at 2, the chronograph function starts and will stop if you press it again. The button at 4 is a chronograph reset button. See the crystal case back, you can find a movement inside with unique decorated rotor that has orange lettering. It is a quality Japanese quartz movement equipped in this replica Tag Heuer watch. The quartz movement guarantees timing accuracy and high stability of chronograph function.

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Bracelet


Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Blue Black Bezel Asian ETA 2813

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Blue Black Watch

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Blue Black Bezel

This is the best replica Rolex GMT-Master II I have ever seen. The only difference between it and the genuine lies in the movement. And details and even the watch parts could completely be interchangeable with genuine Rolex. It is another Rolex replica watch that is fitted with rubber strap, the last one I saw using rubber strap is the 2015 Yacht-Master Rolesium watch. Now this replica looks more sporty than the former because of its unique bezel and blue rubber strap. The watch is the replica of 2013 GMT, but it is one of the best versions manufactured in the replica watch market. Actually we call such watch 1:1 replica. The case is made of brushed stainless steel, black and blue bezel is uni-directional, which is made of genuine ceramic. See the black dial, besides its blue superlumed hour markers and hands, the independent GMT hand is also adjustable and works the same as genuine.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Caseback

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Clasp

I like its sapphire crystal, it is clear and transparent, with AR coating, the thickness of the sapphire crystal guarantees it have a good water reistance. Blue rubber strap echoes with the half blue bezel, the rubber is imported from Thailand and in high quality. It will not broke after a long time wearing. The clasp system is easy to use and has the same construction as genuine, big replica watch factory always focus on these manufacturing details. Look at the engravings on clasp, they are very clear, especially the crown logo, in a word, the clasp engraving has correct depth and color. Open the case back, the movement lying inside is an Asian 2813, but its movement rotor and plates are all decorated, so that the whole movement will look like the genuine. Besides, if you have a tool, open it and there is also a waterproofing gasket in the groove. So that the case back could be seaded tightly and water has no chance to enter into.

Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Test


Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Watch Rose Gold 3135

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Watch

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Case

The replica is the latest model you could see in Yacht-Master replica watches collection. This Rolex Yacht-Master genuine watch was released in 2015, it is the latest Rolex that is full of latest watch-making technology. Replica watch industry catches up with the trend of Basel world and produces the replica Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium watch. This watch is the best version currently, although not the ultimate, the replica is imitated according to the details of genuine by dissecting it completely. This Yacht-Master is the Rolex watch that is full of sports favor I have ever seen. Rose gold case makes it have the necessary noble temperament that could be found on all Rolex watches. Black ceramic bezel echoes with black rubber strap, which never be used on Rolex watches before. The use of rubber strap makes the Rolex Yacht-Master watch being in hot pursuit as long as its publication. It also attracts many replica watch fans.

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Clasp

Replica Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Case Back

Besides the anti-dust black rubber strap, the replica Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium has another big selling point, which is its Rolex 3135 movement equipped inside. Although the movement is not a real 3135, it is modified on the basis of Asian 2836 movement. But the accuracy and stability are the same as genuine 3135. Brushed clasp is also in rose gold, there are perfect engravings on clasp, well manufactured screws to fix the buckle. Superlumed dial will emit strong blue light in dark place. Every detail of the replica watch is exactly replicated, even the thickness and height of the sapphire crystal, it is a little above the bezel like the genuine watch. In a word, you will not regret to buy this replica Rolex.


Replica Rolex Explorer II 42mm White SS 3187 Movement

Rolex Explorer Test

Rolex Explorer II Replica

Rolex is the best-selling wrist watch in the world I suppose. Because of its high popularity, it also becomes the mostly replicated brand watch in replica watch industry. Many factories in this field bought genuine Rolex watches at Basel world each year, they brought these genuine Rolex watches to China, dissected them and study these new models, so that they can publish the latest replica Rolex watches. Among all Rolex, Explorer II is specially popular among sports lovers, not only Rolex Explorer could be fitted with casual suits, but it can also match your sporty clotching. The replica Rolex Explorer II is the best version currently due to its clone 3187 movement, see the movement test result, it is only 5 seconds slower each day, actually the basic movement is Swiss grade ETA 2836-2, whose movement plates and rotor are then modified to the outlook of Rolex 3187.

Rolex Explorer II Dial

Rolex Explorer Caseback

The full white stainless steel Rolex Explorer II replica is attractive, Look at its dial, white dial features rounded hour markers that have black edge, there is an orange hand on the dial that is indicating 24 hours. Orange hand and lettering EXPLORER II are eye catching on white background, the date window is set at 3, it has white background with black date font. Case and bracelet are brushed stainless steel made, there are black 24-hour numerals engraved on the bezel. As the sporty model of Rolex, this Explorer II replica has superlumed dial that features blue lumed hour markers and hands. By the way, like the genuine watch, the replica uses sapphire crystal, there is also AR coating on the cyclop as per the genuine watch.

Rolex Buckle

Rolex Explorer Clasp


Replica Hublot Big Bang Red Magic 7750 Leather Strap

Hublot Red Magic Replica

Hublot Red Magic Dial

Another 1:1 replica watch coming from the market, the factory bought a genuine watch and has it being fully dissected, it is the real 1:1 replica and each watch part could be exchangeable with genuine. I like Hublot watch because its unique sporty outlook, the Red Magic collection not only inherits the traditional design of Hublot, but also owns its own features. Black and red colors are very classic match in fashion field. The dial is the most beautiful place I love about the watch, red background with red hour markers and hands, the watch gives you a superlume effect that emits green light in dark palce. At 4:30, a square date window is positioned, white date font in black background, which has a high readability. All numerals on main dial and subdials are in white color, so it is very easy to read time from the dial.

Hublot Case

Hublot Caseback

The case is full ceramic as per the genuine watch, it also owns the same construction as original watch, matt black case gives you a superior hand touching, there are h-shaped screws in polished, let’s see the case back, it is see-through crystal, on the outer metal ring, there are red letters and reference number engraved. From the case back, you can clearly see the movement inside is HUB4100, actually, it is just an Asian Valjoux 7750 movement, and it is modified to the outlook of HUB4100 movement. But it can not be denied that the movement is in superior quality. A full functional Chronograph, beats at 28800 times per hour, platinum plated bridge and movement rotor, more important, the detailed engravings are made very close to genuine. Case and bezel have top brushing craftmanship, straight grain ceramic bezel, the case has smooth edge and corners that give you a high quality feeling.

Hublot Clasp

Hublot Watch Test

The technology used in making replica watches make great progress each year, only people who has bought it can feel its superior quality.