C+ Factory V2 Submariner 40mm Two Tone Blue

C+ has been in the market for a while, absolutely they do not have the high popularity like Clean, but sometimes they do bring us some surprise. For example, the Explorer II black and white from C+ are considered to be the best one in our market. Now, C+ just published another good quality replica Rolex, which is the Submariner blue in two tone style, with a case diameter of 40mm. This is not a new replica, C+ published it before, but this one we are talking about today is the updated version, which is V2. It has a big difference if being compared with last V1, the V2 is much heavier, which is almost 173 grams.

There are two big selling points on this V2 Submariner, first, its weight is heavier than the same Submariner watch from other factories, its weight is closer to that of genuine watch. Second, C+ factory also uses a super clone 3135 movement also named Dandong 3135 movement in the watch. Is it the correct time to buy this replica watch now? I think yes, the quality of C+ Rolex has been proven to be very high if you have bought their Explorer II. However, I still have a question on this watch, will the gold fade easily? All customers will have this worry on a golden replica watch. As far as I know, the extra weight of the watch is being added on the bracelet and the metal ring that helps to fix the movement inside. C+ uses tungsten steel in the bracelet, the gold plating is more likely to fade on tungsten steel than on stainless steel, this is real. If you do care, please do not buy this watch.

C+ Factory Replica Rolex Submariner Two Tone Blue
Replica Rolex Submariner 40mm Two Tone
Replica Rolex Submariner Blue 40mm
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Crown
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Blue Bezel
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Bracelet
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Clasp
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Blue Case Back
Rolex Submariner Two Tone Weight

Clean Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Review: V3 vs V2+

Which one is better, V3 or V2+? Do not argue now, here I took some pictures between them to make a comparison, I can not say which one is closer to genuine, but you can asbolutely choose the one you like more. On V3 and V2+, they use the same material and movement, all specifications are the same, except the tiny color difference on the ceramic bezel, you can see from these pictures below. Even without UV light, you can see the red part of the ceramic bezel is brighter on V3, and uder UV light, the brighter red on V3 is more obvious and more transparent. Both versions are equipped with Dandong 3285 movement. Which one you like more? Interestingly Clean factory has prepared stocks for both versions, especially for V3, they have enough stock, no need to wait.

Clean Pepsi GMT V3 vs V2+

Special Prices on Cartier from V6 Factory

These replica Cartier watches, including Ballon Bleu and Santos, are made by V6 factory. Actually I am not sure if this is the same V6 factory as the previous one, many people know the previous V6 was a very popular factory in the past, but it has been closed for years due to that raid happened years ago, but someone also said V6 is a sub-branch of VS team, and they are still selling Cartier replica watches. Whether these Cartier watches are made by real V6 factory, or made by someone in the market who is just using V6’s name, they are good choices for fans who love Ballon Bleu very much, Mother’s Day is coming, sending a Ballon Bleu Cartier replica watch is absolutely a good idea, put the watch in an original Cartier box, your mother will love this gift. These Cartier watches, whether powered by quartz or automatic movement, are the latest V7 edition.

33mm, Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Quartz

Santos Medium, 076 movement

Replica Cartier Santos Medium Size

Ballon Bleu 33mm, 076 movement

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 076 Movement

Ballon Bleu 42mm, 2824 movement

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 42mm 2824 Movement

Special prices on HW Panerai watches

People in the market saying the high popularity of replica Panerai watches made by KW and VS had directly help pushed the real Panerai to the world at that time, do you agree? Many years ago, Panerai was indeed very popular and had been one of the hottest brands for two or three years, but now, this brand is not as hot as before, I think the unpopularity today may be related to the similar designs of their watches, now those replicas of Panerai are also not hot. Back to today’s topic, HW just announced the special prices on the following three Panerai watches, PAM 000, PAM 111 and PAM 911.

More than ten years ago, I think remember the hot competition of PAM 111 and PAM 000 between watch makers H and Noob, now fewer and and fewer watch fans are willing to buy these manual-winding Panerai replicas. They are very high quality replicas, it is a good idea to buy one or two because it may be harder to get them in future. Extra rubber band is shipped along with each watch.

PAM 005:

Replica Panerai PAM 005

PAM 000:

Replica Panerai PAM 000

PAM 911:

Replica Panerai PAM 911