I got two PAM 111 today

Today, I got two Panerai watches on hand, they were bought by my clients and both of them are PAM 111, but made by different factories. One is made by Noob and the other is by KW, here I call the former n111 and latter kw111. Many people are obsessed with the difference between them, but I have to say that they are all perfect, the main difference I think is n111 has a higher recognition because the factory made a successful marketing promotion. Here I took some photos to describe some tiny difference between them.

Noob uses a small plastic bag and the watch is folding, KW is put in a longer bag.

PAM 111 Package

PAM 111 Case Pack

The color and material of case cover are different, Noob is hard gray rubber case, while KW is milky white silica cover.

Case Package

The band of Noob is darker than that of KW.

Leather Strap Color

The case back film of KW has a blue corner, while Noob uses transparent film on back.

Case Back Film

The dial font on KW PAM 111 is brighter than that of Noob.

PAM 111 Dial

Crystal. On the two photos below, the first one is Noob. You can clearly see that Noob PAM 111 has a blue film on crystal, while KW does not have.

Noob PAM 111

KW PAM 111

The left one is KW 111, right watch is Noob 111. Noob does better in movement polishing. Besides, the engravings on case back outer ring are more clear on KW.

Movement Polishing

Check the two photos below. The top one is KW 111 case back. The engraving “BB 1401554” on both watches is completely different. KW’s is better.

KW Case Back Engraving

Noob Back Engraving

The color of “OFFICINE PANERAI” on movement plate looks a brighter blue on KW PAM 111.

Movement Plate Engraving on N111


Although two PAM 111 are all in high quality, there are still a lot of differences between them especially when you are taking a closer look at both, holding them to observe carefully. However, each watch has their advantages and disadvantages, every factory here has their own ideas to replicate one watch that could not be done 100% the same as genuine.


Noob Factory Published Their V4 Version of Replica Panerai PAM 111 with 6497 Movement Brown Leather Strap

Replica Panerai PAM111

PAM 111 is a very simple model from Panerai, so it is very easy for the factory to replicate it. There have been already two watch factories in Chinese market manufacturing PAM 111, the earliest is Noob, the latter is H factory, certainly, the best replica PAM 111 is made by Noob, which is also known as Mr Creme De La Creme. The PAM 111 is under Luminor Marina series, like PAM 049, it has an extremely simple design but has won a high popularity among those watch fans who love PAMs.

Replica Panerai PAM111 Black Dial

The case is made of 316F stainless steel, which is polished, the bezel is smooth round and also polished, the unique crown bridge features ball-bearing and it is brushed in appearance. The brushing case is brilliant and looks like a mirror. The dial is the most favorite place I like, it is sandwiched and easy to read time, it makes the replica closest to genuine. The dial has two discs, the top one is skeletonized with bar-shaped and 3-6-9 hour markers, the bottom disc is filled with genuine Super-LumiNova C1+C3, which makes the dial offer a strong and durable lume. The small second hand runs smooth on the subdial at 9:00.

Asian ETA 6497 Movement

Let’s directly see the most important part of the watch, yes, it is the movement. The see-through crystal case back completely displays the mechanism of this manual winding movement, which is an Asian clone Unitas 6497-2. The movement has 17 jewels and beats 21600 times per hour. It is the most high-end handwound movement I have ever seen on replica watches, each plate is perfectly polished with smooth edge, there are blue screws and rosy red jewels, very beautiful, the lettering like “OFFICINE PANERAI” and “SEVENTEEN 17 JEWELS” are in blue color, these engravings are filled with blue ink but not directly painted like other versions of replica PAM 111. Besides, the movement features a dagger swan neck regulator, which is correct and woking like the genuine. The updated Y-Incabloc shock absorber mod also makes the replica movement more stable and accurate.

PAM 111 Watch Test

So, if you want to wear a simple, comfortalbe and accurate Panerai watch, this PAM 111 is absolutely a good choice.