Noob Factory Published Replica Rolex Black Submariner 116610 LN V6s with Super 3135

Rolex Submariner, which has been a popular watch model for decades, is regarded as a classic. And in fake watch industry, with the progress made in technology, the replicas of Rolex Black and Green Submariner are also being improved. This time, as the new generation of Submariner, V6s version only only has improvement. The V6s Black Submariner has brand-new casing and crystal, its movement is also modified, it totally meets the expectation of many Noob V6 Submariner fans. Here I am going to introduce its improvements made upon the previous V5 version.

First, V6s has a better crystal, which is as flat as genuine. V5 is more convex.

Submariner Crystal

The markers on black ceramic bezel. V6s is silver grey, so is the genuine. And the markers engraving is deeper and thicker.

Black Submariner Bezel Engraving

The axis of the second hand is more delicate and the same as genuine.

Second Hand Axis

The dial is always one of the standards to tell fake Rolex, like the printing “1000ft=300” on this replica Submariner V6s, it also has a little difference with the genuine, but closer to genuine than other versions. About the V6s Noob factory released, they are fitted two types of dial, each is equipped with Super 3135 or 2836 movement, each dial version is correct.

The letter M of word “SUBMARINER” is also improved.

The digits “1000” and “300” have more round “0”, rather other the oval shape on V5.

Black Submariner Dial

The Rolex Crown Logo on bracelet is more elegant.

Black Submariner Dial

Rolex Engraving on Clasp

Because V6s uses the brand new moulds, its bezel tooth has a wider mouth and looks more rounded.

The case side has an anti-counterfeit label like the genuine, does it give you a genuine feeling?

Black Submariner Case Profile

At last, see the movement on the replica V6s Submariner, it uses Super Clone 3135 movement, the shock absorber has been modified.

3135 Movement

The modified Black Submariner V6s is perfect, it is a good choice for people who love Submariner. Although you could pick up some tiny difference with a magnifier, you can not deny this one is the best replica Submariner that is closest to genuine. Because the first batch released by Noob factory is in limited quantity, so you guys who want to buy must be hurry.


Here are real photos I took:

Noob V6s Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Replica

Noob V6s Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Black Ceramic Bezel

Blue Lume on 116610 LN Submariner

Steel Case Back

Rolex 116610 LN Clasp

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Hi Karen.
I’m looking to buy a Noob factory Rolex sub v7 Hulk…can you get these, and how much?

Thx Mark

Donde y como puedo comprar este submariner 116610 v6? Vivo en Madrid España y cuanto tarda el envio?

what is the price and where can I order this watch v6s mutch does it kost too send too netherlands [Holland]

Hi Gig,

That website is trusted, a lot of readers here have bought watches from them and gave good feedback.

You are welcome!


Someone named Susan Chuang emailed me the details and photos of the watch.

I received it last week, the quality is outstanding although price is a little high.


Hi karren,

I want to buy this watch so how I can buy it?
what other models do you have from rolex?
contact me please.

Thank you


hi i want to buy a Rolex watch 116610ln 3135. highest quality. how much will it cost. delivery in Izrael

0972527918613 whatsapp

hello susan
You have a few watches that I have not
First the tudor
what does it cost
I would be glad to do business with you

I would like to buy this watch-V7 ONLY.
Can you ship it to Charlotte North Carolina USA? If you can please send me your details. Thank you and Merry X-mas

He Karren,

How much cost this watch? Can you mail me de details please? And how long before it arrives?

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