Tag Heuer

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m Watch Review

It is the best selling Tag Heuer replica sold in the market, Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m replica has always been in pursuit by customers, this one is the full stainless steel model, it has no big difference when compared with genuine Tag. The most attractive places are diving bezel markers that give people a strong sense of three-dimensional, and the updated superlume that emits powerful green light in dark place. The case is 44.5mm in diameter, it is replicated against the genuine, the bezel has Arabic numeral markers and studs, they are three-dimensional, the uni-directional roating diving bezel has one pearl marker, it also emits green light at night. The Secs@9 Asian 7750 movement is more stable and durable, if you want a diving-style replica watch with less money, the replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer will be an entry-level model.

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Watch

The case is made of one piece stainless steel metal, the whole forged one-piece case construction has the same structure as genuine, crown has Tag shield logo engraved, the case back has perfect engravings and Tag Heuer logo, accurate like genuine, deployant clasp is made of solid stainless steel, with TAG HEUER engraving, the perfect polished lines on clasp, the bracelet will fit your wrist appropriately. About the function of this replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500m watch, it can be clearly gotten on the dial, small second hand is running on the subdial at 9, the minute-chronograph counter is at 12 and hour-chronograph counter is at 6, when pressing the 2:00 button, the central second hand with orange end will operate.

Tag Heuer Crown

Tag Heuer Caseback


Tag Heuer Watch Test


Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508 Ceramic Watch Review

The watch I am going to review is the replica version of Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508. There are several editions in the market, but this one is the best and closest to gen, there are ZF and KW factories manufacturing this replica Panerai PAM 508, there are also DLC version, but this replica is made by KW factory, and they use real ceramic in case and bezel material, this is the real 1:1 full ceramic replica PAM 508 watch. The ultimate version so far, in fact, KW is the factory that makes the best Panerai replicas, so is this one, so you do not need to worry about its quality. Besides the ceramic case, the bezel is also ceramic and you will get a real feeling when rotating it, just like rotate the genuine watch bezel. PAM 508 is not the first full ceramic replica Panerai watch KW replicated, before, the factory made PAM 441 and PAM 438, they are all quality replicas.

Replica PAM 508

The case is 1:1 replicated from the genuine, besides its ceramic material, it has the same structure as genuine, so is the crown bridge, case back is titanium made, featuring DLC coating like the original. Other low end PAM replicas use poor quality luminous material on dial markers and hands, but this replica uses genuine Super-LumiNova, so the dial lume is authentic, it is bright in the dark. About the movement you guys are mostly concerned, the replica watch is equipped with a clone P.9000 calibre, actually it is modified from an Asian 7750 automatic movement at 28800vph, however, the basic movement is decorated to P.9000 on movement plate and rotor using platinum coating like the genuine. See the testing result of the movement, every data tells it is a stable and reliable movement, so the replica Panerai is worth your money. If you wanna know more about it, such as the price, please leave me comment.

Panerai Crown Bridge

PAM 508 Caseback

Panerai Buckle

Replica Panerai Test


Replica Sinn Ultimate U Watch Review

Another tough military watch today I will review, it is one of my favorite brand watches that is next to PAM, the diving style Sinn watch is a German brand, it has all elements essential to diving watches. The watch I will talk about is a replica of Sinn Ultimate U, it has all factors that make the watch become a tough military timepiece. The case is in 47mm, which is a great size for military diving watch, it is made of stainless steel, brushed, the case surface feels very good and has a perfect solid texture. I like the dial, the main background is black, but hour markers and hands are in white color, the central second hand is pure red, a samll date window featuring black date font is at 3, in a word, the dial is highly recognizable, especially the red second hand and date, they are very eye-catching, the dial style is different from that of other brand watches, so it makes Sinn very special in the military diving watch field.

Replica Sinn Ultimate U

Sinn Bezel

Sinn Case

Sandblasted finishing on case, feels great, the bezel font is improved, with red diving scales from 0 to 15 minutes. The replica Sinn watch uses Swiss standard sapphire crystal that features double AR Coating, it is an ultimate replica watch of the Ultimate U Hour Glass limited edition watch, updated with correct bezel engraving, notice, the date font is in red except No. 30, which is in white. The replica Sinn watch positions its crown at 4, the watch has solid caseback that features engravings decribing the model information, black rubber strap also matches the main theme of this replica Sinn Ultimate U watch. Inside the caseback, there lying a golden movement, it is original Swiss ETA 2836-2, 25 jeweled and beats at 28800vph. The Sinn watch is a perfect replica for people who love diving style military big watch.

Sinn Caseback

Sinn Clasp

Sinn Watch Test


Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 Watch Replica Review

Another review about a high end replica Rolex watch, it is one of my favorite replicas. To let more people understand this replica watch, I will give a detailed introduction of AR coated cyclops and some special research on this watch, at the same time, I will objectively describe the disadvantages of this replica so give you guys an objective evaluation.

The watch I will introduce is the best Rolex Yacht-Master replica in the market, it is equipped with a 25-jeweled automatic movement. The picture below displays all components of this watch, it will be reviewed from case, case back, crystal, hands, bracelet and other places, as the most representative replica, this Yacht-Master has the best quality.

Yacht-Master Watch Components

Yacht-Master Case

Yacht-Master Bezel

Yacht-Master Inner Bezel


We can notice that the replica case is refinied, the outer bezel uses sand blasting and polishing craft, the bezel of genuine Rolex Yacht-Master is made of platinum and stainless steel, the sand blasted part is stainless steel while the raised markings use platinum. To make the replica look closer to gen, its outer bezel uses the same craft on sand blasted part, on the polished raised markers, the replica is plated with Zinc, it is the only one replica Rolex Yacht-Master using this technology.

Blue Yacht-Master Dial

Rolex Logo

Swiss Made


The dial is the most difficult place to replicate, this blue color used on genuine dial is concocted by Rolex themselves. While being adjusted for six times, the replica dial has been done exactly the same as genuine on depth, glossiness and saturation.

Yacht-Master Caseback

Yacht-Master Caseback 2

Caseback Engraving

Caseback Set

Certainly, the logo engraving is perfect. The lettering on case back is engraved by laser machine. This is a great attempt in replica watch field, because it can greatly reduce scratch rate and speed up productivity.



Every factory has been searching for one perfect solution for the AR Coating on Rolex cyclops in the past two years, the AR Coating has always been the biggest difficulity in replicating a Rolex. The bluish tint on Rolex cyclops ar coating is actually a combination of colors, the main color is yellow, supplementary colors are blue and red, so now you have a completly brand new understanding of this?

Rolex Laser Logo

Rolex Logo at 6

Invisible Rolex Crown

The solution of a real invisible Rolex crown was done perfectly in mid-2014, the crown design can not be said to be hidden, it is just half invosible because of being printed, you can still see it just slightly adjust the angle. While a real invisible crown logo can only be seen under special lighting conditions, the most direct way is to use a flashlight below the 6 postion, in other cases, it is very difficult to see.

Yacht-Master Hour Hand

Yacht-Master Minute Hand

Yacht-Master Hour Hand


Refer to the making experience of mature Submariner hands, the replica features a pure red second hand, the hands are also filled with SuperLume material like the genuine Rolex watch.


Rolex Clasp Engraving

Rolex Buckle


The bracelet uses 316L stainless steel, so it looks more glossy than the genuine. The crown logo on the buckle is not as good as gen.

ETA Movement


Movement and Crown

Brand-new original ETA 25J movement, the replica Rolex Yacht-Master can be equipped with 2824 or 2836 movement, its daily inaccuracy is less than 5 seconds.

SuperLume Dial and Hands

The lume color has no difference between hour markers and hands.

Richard Mille

Replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa Red Kite Rose Gold Watch Review

Richard Mille replica is not like other replicas that have a close appearance with genuine, the replica does not have a good dial detail, because the dial Richard Mille is difficult to be replicated. The watch is the replica of Richard Mille Felipe Massa Red Kite, it is made of stainless steel that features thick rose gold plating on case, which is brushed. Tonneau-shaped watches are actually loved by many people, the whole case of replica Richard Mille has perfect arc lines, coupled with rubber strap, the watch can fit your hand perfectly. Check the dial, too much decoration on this skeletonized dial, the hands are in rose gold, with red tip at the end, printed hour markers on skeleton dial also gives the wearer a strong high-tech sense. On the top at 12, RICHARD MILLE is printed in white, at the lower left, you can see red frame that marks the model information of this replica watch. The case is screwed by 12 star screws tightly, chronograph buttons and crown are also in rose gold, the crown has black rubber surrounding.

Replica Richard Mille Felipe Massa Red Kite

Replica Richard Mille Rose Gold Watch

Rose Gold Case

Although one tonneau-shaped replica watch, it does not look that small, the case is measured in size of 39mm*50mm, very suitable to stay on mens wrist, a little larger on ladies. Do not be confused by the complex dial, you can get a clear understaning of the functions on these subdials if reading them carefully. The big date window is very eye-catching. When it comes to the clasp of this Richard Mille replica watch, it certainly does not have that perfect engraving like those AP replicas made by J12 factory, but see the engraving RICHARD MILLE words engraved on the buckle, it is excellent, the black rubber strap is fitted with tang buckle, I like the band style, two ends are consistent with the curved lines of the case. Through the crystal case back, you can see a beautiful movement inside, engraved rotor has steel studs decoration, the movement plates are fixed by blue steel screws, it has a little difficulty to place such a big round Asian 7750 movement in a square room, but this exactly proves the improvement of watchmaking technology in replica watch field.

Richard Mille Clasp

Richard Mille Movement

Richard Mille Watch Test


Rolex Green Submariner 116610 LV Replica VS Gen

Today fortunately get a genuine green Submariner from my friend, because I own a replica one which I bought from a dealer online several years ago, the replica is V5 version from N, which is also called Noob factory in Chinese replica watch industry. So, next I am going to make a comparison between the replica and genuine watch.

Genuine Submariner VS Replica

Genuine Submariner VS Replica 2

Genuine Submariner VS Replica 3

Submariner Clasp Comparison

Submariner Clasp Comparison 2

Submariner Buckle Crown

Having seen the pictures above, do you recognize which watch is genuine, and which one is the replica?

Here, first the genuine has two different green colors on dial and bezel, Noob V5 replica Submariner has the same green color on bezel and dial. Second, the front crystal glass of the replica outwards too much, however, the genuine crystal is much lower.

Let’s check the crown logo printing on the dial. The color of crown logo is a little darker than that of Noob V5, genuine crown looks more refined with thinner “matchstick”. The inner bezel engraving is also different.

Replica Rolex Crown

Genuine Rolex Crown

The lume pearl is a little yellowish.

Genuine Lume Pearl

Replica Lume Pearl

The lettering at 6 is almost the same. Some people might say that the replica has thinner font “1000ft=300m”.

Genuine Submariner Dial

Fake Submariner Dial

The comparison of bezel tooth. The upper is genuine, below is replica.

Genuine Bezel Tooth

Fake Bezel Tooth

The small crown on the buckle, honestly there is almost no difference. Take a closer look, the genuine has more textured crown and refined clasp engraving. The color of clasp engraving is darker on genuine.

Genuine Buckle

Fake Buckle

Genuine Clasp

Fake Clasp

The engraving on the genuine is more clear and refined, the letters ROLEXS.A. on the replica are fuzzy.



The date font looks the same, can’t find any defect on the replica.

Genuine Submariner Date

Fake Submariner Date


Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688 Valjoux 7750

Replica Rolex should be the best-selling replicas on the internet, and Yachtmaster II is welcomed due to its big size and sporty ocean style. Original Rolex Yachtmaster watch is designed for people who love yachting activities, the countdown feature is exclusive and makes the Rolex watch special, it is the most sporty Rolex that inherits the deep sea spirit of Rolex. The watch is a replica version of Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688, original watch is made of white gold Platinum, while this replica watch uses 316L stainless steel. Besides the bi-directional rotating bezel, the dial has deep sea blue hands that also mark it a helpful sporty timepiece.

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II 116688

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II

The replica Rolex Yachtmaster II watch features an informative dial that tells you everything about this watch, small second hand is running on the subdial at 6, big seconds chronograph hand is in red color, which is very eye-cathing on the white dial, coutdown dial has deep blue circles and small red triangle marks. The dial features square hour markers that are filled with white luminescence on center, so the watch can emit great green light in dark place, very strong like the genuine. The clasp of Rolex Yachtmaster II replica watch uses the most advanced watchmaking craftmanship, the clasp engraving is clear and has neat lines, the Rolex logo on the buckle also represents the highest engraving level. The replica Rolex is equipped with an Asian 7750 movement, actually the auto rotor is decorated to the appearance of gen, see the test result, the movement runs as accurate as genuine, only 3 seconds daily error.

Yachtmaster II Crown

Yachtmaster II Caseback

Yachtmaster Clasp

Replica Rolex Yachtmaster II Watch Test


Replica Omega Planet Ocean Rose Gold Ceramic Bezel

The Omega Planet Ocean is a replica verion made in Chinese factory in Guangzhou, nice imitation, not only 1:1 replicated in appearance, but also the movement inside is also high end, it is imported Miyota 8205 movement, 21 jeweled and beats at 21600vph. The movement plates and rotor are decorated to the appearance of Omega 8500 Calibre. The watch is the best 45mm Omega Planet Ocean replica existed in the market, with correct Omega logo and no happy feet, there are several important improvements on this replica Omega watch, purplish AR coating on sapphire crystal, it is the highest quality sapphire crystal I have ever seen on replica watches. Dial lume is also improved, the blue and green color are brighter than those replica made before. The superlumed material can last for a long time, about the band, the Omega Planet Ocean replica watch is fitted black rubber strap, coupled with single folding rose gold deployant clasp, the rubber strap is really comfortable to wear when you are participating some sports at the seaside.

Replica Omega Planet Ocean Rose Gold Watch

Replica Omega Watch Bezel

The case of this Omega Planet Ocean replica watch makes it a real 1:1 replication, stainless steel case has a thick layer of rose gold plating, the lug width is correct 22mm that is like the genuine, 45mm case diameter is a suitable size for people who love large-size watches. The black ceramic bezel has the same black tone as genuine, the Omega replica watch features an uni-directional rotating diving bezel, the markings on the bezel are also in rose gold tone. Black dial has golden Omega logo that is three-dimentisonal, wide hour and minute hands as well as the hour markers are all coated with white luminous material, they emit 2 different lume color at night, blueon hour hand and hour markers, green lume on bezel pearl and minute hand, the strong dial lume is easy to read the time in the dark. By the way, the see-through crystal case back allows you to appreciate the beauty of clone Omega 8500 movement.

Omega Crown

Omega Clasp

Omega Caseback

Omega Movement Test


Personal Review of Graham Oversize Tech Seal Chronofighter Watch Replica

This is a personal review from Jack, another blog writer who loves big watches, he has bought several replicas that were recommended by this blog. Now, enjoy this review by him. It is a great replication of genuine Graham Tech Seal Limited Edition, the V3 that has been greatly improved by the factory. Like the genuine watch, this replica is worn on the right hand, which is also called lefe-handed watch.

This is a large watch I ordered online, will be a big guy lying on my hand, with rubber straps, I love the comfort which the replica brings to me, although wearing on my hand, the watch is easy to operate. 46mm in case diameter, and 16.5mm thick, the replica watch is very large and few people can hold it. On the carbon fibre dial, big hour markers are coated with C1 superlume, the sword hands are also in large-size, a small orange hand is running on the subdial at 3, all details are presented on the black dial in a reasonable layout, clearly readable.

Graham Tech Seal Watch Replica

Graham Tech Seal Watch Case

Graham Tech Seal Watch Case 2

The Graham Tech Seal replica watch has a good water resitant performance, notice the CHRONOFIGHTER DIVER 1000 FT lettering on the dial, you will know the original watch has a perfect and strong water resistance, so is the replica, you can wear it when swimming and diving, absolutely must be under the water less than 30 metres. All the replicas I bought online have been tested in water resistance, because I like ocean sports. The chronograph is different from other brands, you start and stop it by the crown extended lever pusher, while being reset through the button at 10 o’clock. The case back has engravings that have a strong three-dimentional feeling, which like touching a real watch.

Graham Tech Seal Watch Rubber Strap

Graham Tech Seal Case Back

Graham Tech Seal Watch Test

By the way, this replica Graham watch is manufactured by H factory, which made many good quality replicas that are popular all over the market, like the AP Diver Carbon Edition and Bretiling Avenger Seawolf, so, if you are a big watch fan and like diving activities, this replica watch is completely worthy choice.


KW Panerai PAM00441 Ceramic Watch Replica Review

Panerai has always been the hottest product in replica watch world, and PAM 441 is the mostly replicated one, from stainless steel case to Titanium, then being upgrated to Ceramic case, PAM 441 has achieved to be perfect after going through a series of development. Today, let us find how is the workmanship of PAM replicas.

Genuine PAM 441 specification:

Movement: Panerai P.9001 automatic, manufactured by Panerai independently, 13¾ linges, 7.9mm thick, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance wheel, 28,800bph. Incabloc® shock absorber. 3-day power reserve, double barrel. Made of 229 components.

Function: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, gmt, power reserve indicator, zero reset.

Case: black ceramic, 44mm.

Caseback: See-through sapphire crystal

Water Resistance: 100 meters

After seeing the specifications above, you may have several questions:

First, ceramic material.

Panerai uses ZrO2 to make high-tech ceramice, to manufacture Luminor and Luminor 1950 case. This type of high-tech ceramic has a high level of hardness, it is extremely scratch and shock resistant.

Second, waterproof.

Genuine PAM 441 is water resistant to 100 meters, but the replica can be only water resistant in daily life.

Third, power reserve indicator

Faux power reserve display on KW PAM 441.

KW PAM 441 Replica

The left one is KW PAM 441, the right one is 441 from other small factories, here we call it WMC 441.

The pictures below we are going to review are KW, WMC and Gen.

Dial color

The dial color of WMC version is a bit light. CERAMICA font is the same.

PAM 441 Dial Color

Date window and font

KW PAM 441 has the same date window and date font with gen, while WMC replica obviously has different date font and color.

PAM 441 Date

Hands length

On hour and minte hands, two replica PAM 441 versions have the same length with gen, but WMC has a longer small second hand.

PAM 441 Hour Hand

PAM 441 Minute Hand

PAM 441 Small Second Hand

Crown bridge detail

Check the crown bridge, KW and gen all have bevel edge, while WMC does not have.

PAM 441 Crown Bridge


They are all slightly different from gen, and WMC version has an extra little ball bearing.

Crown Bridge Lever

Lever Close-up


KW PAM 441 and gen have the same lugs, while WMC 441 is different.



KW uses Shanghai 7750, WMC PAM 441 replica uses ST25 movement. The power reserve indicator and engravings of KW version are very close to gen, while some details like the shock absorber can not completely be made the same as gen, you can see the great progress these watch manufacturers have made.

KW PAM 441 Shanghai 7750

ST25 Movement

Genuine PAM 441 Movement


KW PAM 441 uses black ceramic, it weighs about 138g, the WMC version is a little heavier, about 142g.

KW PAM 441 Weight

WMC PAM 441 Weight

Under light, the crystal on KW 441 is clearly transparent.

KW PAM 441 Crystal

WMC PAM 441 Crystal

Purchase advice

After comapring the two replica PAM 441 from different two factories, I will give some honest advice here. The WMC PAM 441 replica is much cheaper than KW PAM 441 version, if you do not have enough budget, the PAM 441 from WMC is also a good choice, it does not have too much difference with gen, besides, Sea-gull ST25 automatic movement has a very good fame because its high stability. Here we can see the quality of replica Panerai has achieved a high level, the improvement of case material on KW PAM 441 makes it very close to gen, it is a high end PAM replica watch.