Replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch Review

Replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch

I seldom introduced Chopard replica watch on my blog, except the Mille Miglia, most of other models of Chopard are more like bracelet accessories, they are more suitable for women. We know Chopard is one of the biggest Jewelries makers in the world, and for watches, we do not know as much as their jewelries. Honestly speaking, the Chopard Mille Miglia replica watches published by V7 factory a few months ago are very good, probably they are the most popular Chopard replica watches among men. Today, I want to introduce another good-looking Chopard replica watch for men, the genuine watch is designed by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, and its replica here produced in our market is an exact 1:1 replica of the original watch, which factory produces this replica? I have no idea, I found this replica watch in a store’s showcase when I was in the watch market in this morning.

Replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Watch Blue
Replica Chopard Alpine Eagle Blue Dial

The watch looks nice, like its name Alpine Eagle, the watch is a tribute to the Alpine eagle, and I like its masculinity emitting from the watch, which I did not find on other Chopard watches.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Crown

There are many eagle’s elements you can find in the design of this Chopard watch, the biggest one you can see obviously is its dial, there are unique sun-ray patterns on its dial, such design got inspiration from the iris of the eagle, look at these patterns, they are not that refined on some watches with sun-ray pattern dial, but the patterns on this watch’s dial look more special, are more like the iris of the eagle.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Case

The replica is crafted with solid 316L stainless steel, alternatively brushed and polished, I have no idea about this factory, but the case finish must be a top level, every angle or corner on the case is smoothly polished, well manufactured case and bezel are integrated into one piece, connected with the steel case back rim by screws. The case is 42mm in diameter, but only 10.5mm in thickness, that’s not thick, especially for a replica watch with an automatic movement.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Replica

Through the crystal back, the movement looks nice, it is an automatic movement, which is a good clone of the Chopard 01.01, the decoration on auto rotor and movement plates are just so so, not very delicate, but the engravings on most parts you see on the movement are correct, you do not need to worry any more when showing the watch’s back in front of people, they won’t know it is a movement in a fake watch.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Blue Watch

In a word, this Chopard Alpine Eagle is one of the few men’s replica Chopard watches that are worth buying.

Chopard Alpine Eagle Bracelet
Chopard Alpine Eagle Movement
Chopard Alpine Eagle Wrist Shot

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo 168459 Watch from Noob Factory

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo Steel

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo Chronograph

As one of the most famous Swiss made watch brands, Chopard is famous for its unique design, style and innovation. I think the charms of watches is that it seems they are all the same, however, when we look into the details, they are totally different. The timepiece I bring you guys there today is a 1:1 high quality replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo watch which is manufactured by famous replica watch factory – the Noob. This model is more like a sport watch and so as its functions.

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo Crown

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo Case Back

I love its case shape and the lug style which can protect its crown very well. This sporty 44*14.36mm case is made of solid stainless steel. At the first sight of the dial, it seems complicated and too much for me, actually it is normal for a sport watch. There are three hands in red, and three small dials. The hands are definitely indicating hour, minute and second, the three dials is for the chronography function. The small dial at 9:00 position is counting the second, one at 12:00 position is for counting minute and the one at 6:00 is for the hour. This amazing function is working well on this replica Chopard watch just the same as per original. And plus, this chronography function is very useful for the sport fans or someone who need to calculate time accurately. Date indicator is at 3:00, the round enlarge glass reminds of Rolex’s classic water-drop. These functions can be adjusted by the side crown and the two buttons beside it.

Replica Chopard Gran Turismo XL Alfa Romeo Black Rubber

Turn it into the back, through the clear glass back, I can see the colorful series name and other information of this watch. There is a 7750 chronography movement which support it working as per original very well. The strap is made of black rubber, sporty and waterproof too. This Chopard model fits both man and woman, but I think it is for sport or exercise occasion will be better. It will be kind of strange if you wear it with your suit.