Replica Cartier Love Bracelet with Diamonds Yellow Gold and White Gold – Shipped with Red Original Box

Cartier Love Bracelet is a symbol of love and commitment for ladies, boys and girls all over the world. Love Bracelet was created in New York in the 1970s. Cartier has always played the role of king in jewelry field, like its Love Bracelet, it is different from other brands, the bracelet is studded with screws that locks to the wrist, you can only open and fasten the bracelet with a screwdriver. The design of Cartier Love Bracelet has an important symbolic meaning, which is to sanctify inseparable love. Now the piece has become the most signature jewelry collection of Cartier.

Now, it is close to the Valentines Day, you still can not decide to choose what kind of gift for your boy or girlfriend? Absolutely the Cartier Love Bracelet is the best gift, but genuine bracelet is very expensive, try this replica one, it is also a good choice. The white gold double love bangles are only for $80, the yellow gold one is for $110, each bracelet with comes with original red box and well packaged.

White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet

Replica Cartier Love Bracelet Yellow Gold

Cartier Original Box

The replica Cartier Love Bracelet white gold and yellow gold versions are all shipped with one tiny screwdriver to help you open and fasten the bracelet, the white gold bracelet is studded with diamonds, which look more luxury. 18ct gold coating plated on the yellow gold bracelet, the gold plating is so thick that will not fade after a long time wearing. There are Cartier word and other information engraved on inside face of the replica bracelet like the genuine, wearing such beautiful bracelet on wrist to present your eternal love for her.

White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet2

White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet3

White Gold Cartier Love Bracelet4

Cartier Gold Bracelet

Cartier Gold Bracelet2

Cartier Gold Bracelet4