Nomos watches from NS factory

For some people who do not have an enough budget but want to buy a good quality casual watch, Nomos is a great choice, this brand is from Germany and has a very reliable quality, the price is also not high. Simple design and high readability are two biggest features of Nomos. In our watch market, few factories are making the replicas of Nomos, as far as I know, only two factories make replica Nomos watches, one if GP, the other is NS. I posted article reviews about Nomos on my blog before, some readers were instrested in the watch and asked my price, but before, many models produced by GP factory were out of stock, today, I want to show you guys some Nomos Tangomat 601 watches from NS factory, they look really good, please check the photos below. By the way, I do not suggest you buy a Nomos replica watch, because its price is very close to that of a genuine Nomos, why not save money and buy a genuine?

Replica Nomos Tangomat 601 Black Rome
Replica Nomos Tangomat 601 Red 12
Replica Nomos Tangomat 601 White Rome
Replica Nomos Tangomat 601 White

Replica Nomos Lambda 930 Rose Gold Watch From OS Factory

I have introduced a Nomos watch here before, that one is manufactured by V6 factory but still not the best one currently. As you all know, Nomos is a German watch brand and is famous for its big dial with slender hands, their watches do not have complicated functions but they are much less expensive than those front-line German brands like A.Lange & Sohne, Glashutte and so on. The Nomos replica in this post is made by OS factory, although not as famous as V6, the replica Nomos Lambda made by this factory is currently the best Nomos watch.

The replica is made of 316L stainless steel, it has been plated with 18K rose gold, very thick and will never fade. The case diameter is 42mm and it is 10mm thick. White dial has a very reasonable layout design, four golden hands are long and thin, central hour and minute hands as well as a small second hand at 6 o’clock. On the top at 12 o’clock, a large black subdial features a golden hand that is indicating the power reserve remaining status. At 3:30, there are words “Gangreserve 84 Stunden” in German, which means Power Reserve 84 Hours. Actually not equipped with a genuine DUW 1001 movement, it could not offer the watch 84 hours power reserve, the replica must be wound every day if you want it work precisely. Not a Swiss brand, the watch has printed “MADE IN GERMANY” to show its origin. With thin bezel, the dial is very large and every detail looks very comfortable in eyes.

The replica is powered by an Asian 23J manual winding movement, which is modified to make it have the appearance of DUW 1001. This clone movement has rosy red jewels decoration, the screws also have stainless steel and blued steel types. There is a regulator on movement balance wheel for you to correct inaccuracy. The movement features engravings in German like genuine Nomos. About watch band, the brown leather strap matches well with rose gold case, the band also uses genuine calf leather, it is soft and offers a long service life. The strap is fitted a rose gold pin buckle, which is polished and engraved with “NOMOS”. Every detail of the replica looks elegant and is made according to genuine, besides, the watch will come with an original Nomos box.

Replica Nomos Lambda

Nomos Rose Gold Crown

Engravings on Rose Gold Case of Nomos

Whole Nomos Outlook

Clone DUW1001 Movement

Nomos Movement Jewels

Nomos Movement Regulator

Nomos Box


High Quality Replica Nomos Tangente V6 Edition Review

NOMOS Tangente Replica

Having done a lot of reviews on many big-size watches, today I will introduce several editions of small and clean Nomos watches for you. These replicas shown below are manufactured by V6 factory, which is also named KW and has been famous for producing high quality Panerai replicas, such as PAM 292, Luminor Submersible PAM 607, PAM 508 and others. We have given reviews on these PAMs, please search your interested watches on our blog. Here we not only offer honest reviews on popular replica watches, you can also send me emails to ask for the watches you are interested, I will give you the best suggestion.

Nomos Black Dial

Nomos Black Dial 2

Nomos Crown

Now here comes this Nomos Tangente replica watch. This time V6 factory released six editions of this Nomos replica watch, they differentiate each other from their dial and strap color as well as other small dial details. But all of them are in high quality that would exceed your expectation. The case is mirror polished, the steel case looks very brilliant with smooth round bezel. Moduled lugs have obvious edges that are cut very well, they look like the appearance of hour markers on the dial.

NOMOS on Strap

The black dial looks clean and very simple, black and gold color mix well and are in a highly contrast with the stainless steel case. An unique small second hand is on the 6:00 subdial that features golden scales. Hour markers, central hour and minute hands, as well as dial printings and minute scales, they are all in golden tone. The elongated hour markers have the similar design to case lugs.

Nomos Clasp Engraving

The front crystal is sapphire cand case back is see-through with detailed engravings on back rim. Here you can clearly view the working mechanism of movement, which is Asian ETA 2813, the movement has modified plates and rotor that are nickle plated.

Nomos Movement

About its band, it is made of genuine calf leather, in black color and featuring black stitches. The leather straps feel soft and very comfortable, they are connected to the lugs through steel pins that are fixed by screws.

Nomos Movement 2

By the way, this replica watch is only 38mm in case diameter, people who prefer large-size watches like Panerai and Audemars Piguet should not buy it.

The following are pictures of other Nomos Tangente versions:

NOMOS Tangente Black Dial Black Leather Strap

NOMOS Tangente White Dial Black Leather Strap

NOMOS Tangente White Dial Brown Leather Strap 2

NOMOS Tangente White Dial Brown Leather Strap 3

NOMOS Tangente White Dial Brown Leather Strap