Replica Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Bezel ETA 2836 Steel Watch

Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Replica

Rolex GMT Master II Blue Red Black Dial

Rolex has always been mostly welcomed in watch industry, it is also one of the most popular replicated watch brands in fake watch market. There are different types of Rolex replicas now that are divided into various grades. The highest quality replica Rolex watches are manufactured by big factories such as BP, J12, Noob. Actually there are many high end Submariner replicas that had been made by Noob factory before, with the progress which replica watch made in technology, more and more factories participate in the manufacturing of replica Rolex. Today, I am going to introduce another quality Rolex watch, it is replica GMT Master II with blue red bezel. The watch is somewhat full of vintage style, red and blue bezel is classic and could be found on most vintage Rolex watches. They are usually called Pepsi Bezel. High quality replica Rolex usually has a good textured bezel, especially this one that paints red and blue color, the color junction on the bezel is natural. Bezel is the most eye-catching place of the Rolex GMT Master II, while its dial is also attractive, black background with white printing, all hour markers and hands have white luminescence coated. The GMT hand has a wide triangle head and a red stem. Overall, you can easily read every element on the dial.

Rolex Buckle

Rolex GMT Master II Clasp

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, which is brushed, the bezel is rotating and has 120 clicks, crown guards fully wrap the crown to prevent it from being damaged by collision. The bracelet is made solid links, not hollow, you can completely feel its weight on hand. Crown buckle has clear lines and you can see highly-finished engravings on clasp when fully unfolding the buckle. The case back has nothing engravin and it is clean, one thing you may observe is the pins that connect bracelet and case head, they are so strong and will not crack. Open the case back, you can find a high quality automatic movement inside, it is an Asian ETA 2836-2, the auto rotor has uniform brushing lines, its plates on the base have beautiful fish scale patterns. There are 2836-2 numerals engraved on the movement plate. If your watch is slower or faster, adjust the regulator to + or -. You can also see the balance wheel featuring a rosy shock absorber. The replica Rolex GMT Master II watch is only 3 seconds slower each day, other specifications like beat rate, lift angle are normal.

Rolex GMT Master II Caseback

Rolex Watch Test

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hi mate, I am looking for this one. Would you be so kind to point me the adress where I can find a good one, with correct stack hands… thx!

why didnt you post where the watch was bought? bit silly to review such a good replica an dnot mention who it was made by and where you got it

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