Order Report

Just published orders in October

In this month, I only sold several pieces, but there are still several watches processed in the factory. And thanks for your all patience for waiting another more days. Here on my blog, the ordering process is you send me watch photos, I order the watch from the factory, then they will send the watch to me, after receiving watches from the factory, I will take photos and even videos for you before shipping. The price I emailed to you have included the DHL shipping fee, however, for some countries like Norway, I will ship by EMS because it is more secure. For Portugal, I will ship your watch through UK.

The following black Submariner 116610LN is the latest version from Noob factory, it is V7, with every detail improved from previous versions. It comes with two types of movement, one is with ETA 2836, the other is with 3135, this time I got my client the 3135 version. The biggest difference between it from other versions is that Noob factory makes the best one. And here my friend, when you receive the watch, you will find the clasp has polished engravings, which are 100% the same as genuine. The bezel markers are more delicated, it is closer to genuine Platinum tone. There is a etched crown logo in the crystal at 6 o’clock. You will find the dial lume is exactly 100% the same as genuine, actually I have given the V6 in this post, Thanks for your first order, I will ship your watch on Monday.

116610LN UK Order

Next one is an IWC watch, it is Markus Buhler Special Edition and firstly published by KW factory. This replica does not sell as well as other IWC Big Pilot watches. From the picture below, you can see the small second hand is running on the turbine-shaped subdial at 6 o’clock, it is really working and not just a faux. The whole watch feels very good on hand, first, it has a considerable weight, secondly, the case is finished very good, without metal burrs, so the watch will give you a great wearing comfort.

IWC Turbine Watch Order

The following are three Omega Spectre replica watches for my clients coming from Italy, Mexico and USA. Recently I send my clients this steel bracelet version instead of the nylon strap version because the factory delivered all of their Omega Spectre watches with steel bracelet, and along with a free nato strap. Thie replica is my best seller here, I sold at least 5 pieces every month. All my clients who bought this Spectre watch have given me a positive feedback.

Omega 007 Spectre Steel Bracelet for Italian Client

Omega 007 Spectre Steel Bracelet for Mexican Client

Omega 007 Spectre Steel Watch for USA Client

The last order is another Omega chrono watch. Full orange color, I think it is very suitable for my friends from the Netherlands. This watch is made by JH factory, with the latest clone Omega 9300 movement. Fully working chronograph with small second hand at 9. I sold one before to a client who living in the Sweden. The subdial at 3 o’clock works the same as genuine, you can push the chrono button to test, the small yellow hand is for minute chronograph and another small hand on 3:00 subdial is for hour chronograph. It needs a superior watch-making technology to achieve such a high replica level.

In the next days, I will release more information about my clients’ orders. Thanks for all your trust.

Orange Omega Watch Order

Order Report

We have more clients now!

The following two watches were ordered by one of my old clients living in the UAE. His first order was a Hublot Big Bang watch. This time, he ordered two Rolex watches, one is a two tone Datejust diamond watch in 31mm, which is a lady model, the other is the hottest Black Submariner 116610 LN, which is the latest V7 version from Noob factory. He also ordered two boxes for his watches, one is for his last Hublot watch, the other is original Rolex box like I promised to send him an extra Rolex box for free. Several days ago, I have shipped the lady Datejust, I will ship the black Submariner to him when he receive the first package.



V7 Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Customer Order

V7 Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Customer Order2

This vintage Daytona watch below is Paul Newman version. Except Omeg Spectre 007, this one is our second best-selling replica. It is made by a special factory here, it is a factory specilizing in manufacturing vintage replica Rolex watches. The quality is good. The movement inside the Paul Newman Daytona is a manual winding mechanical movement, do not wind the watch too full, you can wind the watch two or three times each day, but be sure not to wind it too tight.

Daytona Paul Newman Customer Order

In September, I received a lot of Rolex watches orders. This is a great challenge for me to ship them via the Customs. Fortunately I have special channel to ship watches to every corner of the world, including Holland, UK, Germany, etc. The following three Rolex watches are bought by a client living in Norway, he is very kindly to place his first order with me, he chose to trust me, so I pick the best quality watches for him. I have shipped two watches via EMS, the third Two Tone Daytona will be shipped after our National Day. The three Rolexs are all top quality watches, they are 1:1 replicas, full functional chronograph.

Daytona Netherland Order

Steel Daytona Customer Order

Steel Daytona Customer Order2

Yacht 2 Customer Order

Yacht 2 Customer Order2

Many potential buyers worried that there will be customs problem when shipping to the Netherlands. Yes, I indeed had problems before, but I have changed another shipping company, they have special channel to ship fake watches to the Netherlands safely. So for all future orders from Holland, I will ship by DHL, which is very secure. I will declare the package as “Toy Watch Gift” or any other unrelated items, and you guys will receive the replica safely. Here the following IWC Big Pilot Prince is the best replica I can find on the market, it is manufactured by Z factory, Willem, when you receive the watch, I am sure you will be surprised by how high quality the replica is.

IWC Pilot Prince Customer Order

Omega Spectre 007 is also available in stainless steel bracelet version. I will send a free nylon strap. This replica is our best seller, I will sell dozens of it each month.

Omega 007 Order for Paul

PAM 531, which is a classic PAM GMT watch. The watch was ordered by Gregory, I sent him a free pair of rubber band plus pre-v buckle as gift. He said he love the vintage appearance, so the watch will look great on that rubber strap.

PAM 531 Customer Order

Steven is my loyal customer, he wanted to order one pair of nylon strap for his PAM 389 he ordered from me, so I ordered this pair of Panerai nylon strap from the factory and will send to him for free. I usually sold such type of band for nearly $90 usd. The buckle is a new style on Panerai. Hope he will love it, and thanks again for your orders.

Panerai Nylon Strap for Steven

At last, it is another vintage Submariner watch – Double Red Sea-Dweller, which is reviewed on my blog at

Together with Paul Nemwn Daytona above, they are produced by the same one factory. The quality is awesome and the dial looks perfect. It is a good alternative for watch fans who love vintage Submariners.

Vintage Sub Double Red Customer Order

Vintage Sub Double Red Customer Order2

Order Report

Last orders in August finally came

This time I wait for a long time to receive the last orders from the factory, I ordered six watches from different factories on our market, now finally they came last weekend. Although a little longer than last time I received from them, it is worth to wait because these watches you guys ordered all come to me and in good quality.

First, I want to say a lot of thanks to my royal member here, Steven, from United Kingdom, he has bought several pieces of watches from me, I remember his first order, it is a 007 Spectre and an original Omega box, do the watch still work fine? I think it should because this Spectre is not only my best seller but also the best-selling one on the whole market. I also want to say sorry to him, because I did not check carefully with his PAM 389 order, so the screw on crown bridge is loosen, I have shipped the crown bridge screw with your PAM 438 to you, hope you can install the screw correctly. Thanks for your orders again, I will continuously offer you the best ones.

PAM 438 for Steven 1

PAM 438 for Steven

And it is a long time for you to wait your watch, Shawn, the Milgauss 6541 vintage watch you ordered was out of stock, the factory did not make this watch any more, so I let you wait another month, really sorry, this is the final version of the 6541 you ordered, I can not find another one on the market. I tested it for you, the watch worked accurately.

Milgauss Shawn Mungur Order 1

Milgauss Shawn Mungur Order

For one of my clients living in Singapore, he ordered a 28mm lady Ballon Bleu for his girlfriend, actually I have sent you the watch in the middle of August, but my shipping company lost my watch, it is the first time for me to lose the watch during shipping process, so I have to order another one from the factory for you, this time, I will choose another shipping company, it will be safe now. The gold tone on bracelet and blue steel hands are perfect and charming.

Cartier BB 28mm Singapore 1

Cartier BB 28mm Singapore

Check below, it is a big Panerai watch, the Mare Nostrum, PAM 300. Ordered by a client from Spain. He firstly ordered a Panerai watch through, now my store on Aliexpress has been closed, so he chose to pay by Western Union this time, really thanks for your trust. This watch is the only replica of Mare Nostrum I could find on the market, I have shipped the watch to you through Hong Kong Registered Air Mail, do not worry, the dial color and machine you were concerned are the same as the watch I posted here. The dial printings of “RADIOMIR PANERAI” and “MARE NOSTRUM” are a little yellowish, they are not white. In the dark, you will find the watch has a good lume.

Mare Nostrum for Spain Client

Mare Nostrum for Spain Client 1

About this GMT Batman, it is an order from my old French friend, he ordered Rolex watches from me, it is the fourth order from him. Previous three watches are two 116610 LN Black Submariner and one 16610LV. Here also bought several Rolex boxes along with the watches. A good customer, thank you. The GMT Batman you ordered here is a good Rolex, I asked the factory to install a genuine ETA 2836 movement for you, it is the best one you will own. And about another Rolex box and two cards, I will go to the watch market and get them for you on this weekend.

GMT Batman for Rodolphe 1

GMT Batman for Rodolphe

The last order, also is the best-selling replica watch on our blog – Omega Seamaster 007 Spectre, each month I will sell 4-5 pieces. This is an order from a client in the Netherlands, he bought it and believe I will ship the watch yo him. About this watch, it will be shipped along with one free steel bracelet. I have given you the best price which you can not find in other places.

007 Spectre for Thomas 1

007 Spectre for Thomas