Spark in The Dark – Replica Rolex Stealth Submariner Black Nato Watch

Rolex Stealth Submariner Replica

I have never seen this type of Rolex ultil I found it in our replica watch market, its full name should be Project X Stealth. Genuine watch is a custom-made Rolex by a company which I have no idea about. But we have to admit that these Rolex watches made by them are really cool, most of them in full black appearance with nato band. The biggest difference between Stealth Rolex and normal Rolex watches lies in their case and dial design, from the replica watch review in the following article, we will find more things interesting.

Rolex Submariner Black PVD Case

The case is measured to be 40mm, which is a normal size for Rolex Submariner. But among all Submariner models Rolex has published, I never saw a full black case on Sub, while this replica Rolex Stealth Submariner features an all black pvd case with bezel. I do not way this company painted the case to be black, maybe this more meets the meaning of STEAlTH. There are diving markers on bezel but no pearl set at 12 o’clock. On solid case back, there are engravings of “STEALTH MK IV” on case rim, and featuring an engraved pattern of SBS’ Frog on the centre.

Rolex Submariner Maxi Dial

The dial is also in black, you will see larger hour markers and fatter hands on this dial, yes, we call it Maxi Dial, which is only used on some Rolex models. So it is very rare. The hour markers have black luminous material applied, so do the hands. All printings on dial are in white color, except the “STEALTH”, which is black in white square background. The date window is set at 3 o’clock, black date font is in white background, it is curious that this Submariner replica watch does not have a date cyclob.

Rolex Stealth Submariner Black Nylon Strap

The replica watch is equipped with an Asian ETA 2836 movement, which is used on most replica Rolex and gets a better stability than other automatic movement. Some people here always ask me to change a genuine ETA movement for their orders, but I have to say that only certain replica watches made by big factories could be installed with genuine ETA movement. By the way, for all chronograph watches, they can’t be equipped with genuine ETA 7750 movement in replica watch field.

Stealth MK IV

Finally, let us see the nato strap, it is a single strap in full black, which is exactly matching the black pvd case of the replica. There are three black steel keepers on the strap. It is very easy for the wearer to remove the band and replace a new one in any color, but you must ensure the new installed band meets the black theme of this replica Stealth Rolex.

Rolex Submariner Stealth Watch Test

Bell Ross

New Arrival – 1:1 Clone BR03-92 Heritage PVD Black Watch

Bell Ross BR03-92 PVD Black Replica

Now it is hard to find good quality replica watch if there is not trusted dealers, many readers here also complain about this and they leaved comments about when there will be a trusted dealer recommended, for secure reason, I do not introduce any watch dealers here because I really don’t know which dealer is the best and trust worthy. I am also afraid the one I will recommend to you guys would not offer the biggest satisfaction. But I promise there will be one td in the future and I know he offers a large variety of high quality replica watches. Here the watch I am going to introduce is the news I got from him, he just told me this morning that a factory will release this Bell Ross replica watch and I am the lucky person to get one first to take some photos and share a short review here, which I really introduced few Bell Ross watches on my blog.

Crystal Face

Black Dial

The Bell Ross watch belongs to BR03-92 series, the case is in classic square shape and in the size of 42mm*42mm, I always think that Bell Ross is more difficult to be held by the wearer than Panerai, it is not suitable for those people with thin wrist. The case, bezel and lugs are all plated with black pvd coating, which evenly processed by machine, the front case is connected with the caseback through four big screws, this guarantees a better water resistance of the watch. The dial is black with yellow printings and large 3-6-9-12 hour markers as well as hands. There are four screw studs on the dial that corresponding to the four big bezel screws, the dial is what I like most on the replica and it gives the wearer an easy-reading layout and design. Besides, just holding the watch in the dark, you will find it will emit a strong green lume.

Brown Leather Strap with BR Logo

Bell Ross Caseback Engraving

The brown leather strap is very beautiful, the color of the leather strap just exactly echoes with the hour markers and hands, white stitching is completely hand set, there is a big BR logo printed on the strap, looks very unique. By the way, the leather strap is wide and soft, it gives the max wearing comfort. The replica BR03-92 is equipped with a genuine Japan Miyota 9015 movement, about its accuracy, I have tested it and the photo shown only 4 seconds faster each day, it is a standard accuracy for most quality replica watches but absolutely better than thos cheap knockoffs only sold at several tens of dollars.

Bell Ross Watch Test

So, the price is not the most important factor to buy a replica, whether it could give you the exact genuine feeling just infect your decision.


Photo Review of Replica Panerai Mare Nostrum PAM 300 Watch with Venus 75 Hand Wound Movement

Panerai Mare Nostrum PAM 300 Replica

A few days ago, one of my clients said he wanted to buy a Panerai PAM 300 Mare Nostrum replica watch, the steel model, and suddenly I realized that a big weapon has been in my store shelf for a long time and I did not notice its attractiveness until my client told me. Mare Nostrum was a professional chrono watch which Panerai produced for the Italian Navy in 1943, in its blood, it is a completely military watch, and for me, a totally military watch fan, it is a pity or even inhumane for me to leave it on the store shelf alone. Now I want to give a belated review of PAM 300 replica.

PVD Black Case

PVD Black Case 2

The watch is very big and I suggest watch lovers who do not have big enough wrist never try it. But it will be a treasure on the wrist as long as you could completely hold it. The case is 52mm, which is even much larger than most common PAMs. Matt finished pvd black coating on stainless steel, the case looks so strong and completely meets the military standard. I thought that the bezel flute is the design reference of all subsequent diving watches, including Rolex Submariner, Omega and others.

Green Nylon Strap

Black dial is protected by thick sapphire crystal that has double sided anti-reflective coating. 3-6-9-12 hour markers in white color, the central big dial has two subdials at 3 and 9. Small second hand in blue is running at 9, the 30-minute chronograph counter is positioned at 3. You can clearly see golden printing “RADIOMIR PANERAI” and “MARE NOSTRUM” on the dial. Most watches specially made for the military are fitted nylon strap, including PAM 300 Mare Nostrum, which is equipped with green nylon strap. The band has two tiers, the outside is green nylon, the inside base is genuine leather, this design not only makes the replica watch looks full of military essence, but also guarantees wearing comfort.

Venus 75 Manual Winding

By the way, the replica PAM 300 is equipped with a venus 75 working chronograph movement, it is hand wound, you can see another watch introduced in my blog also uses this movement, yes, it is Paul Newman Daytona 6241.

Venus 75 Test

Bell Ross

Photo Review of Bell Ross BR 03-94 PVD Black Replica Watch

Bell Ross BR 03-94 Replica

I love full black watch because they always give me a secure and tough feeling. Among all black watches manufactured by Swiss brands, the most popular are those diving and military watches. Actually besides Panerai, the most authentic military watch I think is Bell Ross, because it originally designed and manufactured watches for pilots. So after long years of serving for military pilots area, Bell Ross has accumulated a lot of watch-making skills to meet the special needs of the military and tried their best to make the most tough timepiece. Like this replica, not only its appearance could win the most hearts of military watch fans, it runs accurate like genuine.

Bell Ross Black Dial

Matte finished casing is square and measured to be 42mm*42mm, it is also 11mm thick, the four corners are fixed by screws, the big dial on the center is protected by sapphire crystal. On the black dial, all hour markers and printings are in white, especially the 6 and 12 numeral hour markers are in big size, which is very convenient for the wear to read time clearly. The small second hand is running on subdial at 3, the 9:00 subdial is for 30-min chronograph counter. The date window has a round opening at 4:30, small white date font in black background. The watch is replica Bell Ross BR 03-94, so its series name “BR03-94” is printed above the big 6.

Bell Ross PVD Black Case

Some people may not understand the two buttons besides the crown. Let me tell you their usage. The 2:00 pusher is for start and stop chronograph function, while the pusher at 4 is for reset chronograph. That means, when you press the 2:00 button, the central second hand on the dial will start to run, and it will stop when you press it again, if you want the hand back to 12 o’clock, you can press the 4:00 button.

Bell Ross Nylon Strap

From the case back, you could clearly know it is a military watch by reading these engravings such as “AVIATION TYPE MILITARY SPEC”. The nylon strap is also an icon to indicate its personality because most military watches use such watch band. By the way, the replica Bell Ross watch uses a quartz chronograph movement, which is imported Switzerland. That’s all, thanks for taking your time to read.

Bell Ross Solid Back


Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Black Red Watch Replica with Japan OS 20 Quartz

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Replica

Many people will think of their sporty cars when talking about Ferrari, but there are indeed some good watches which Ferrari and other brands cooperated to design, Panerai and Hublot have manufactured watches for Ferrari, this time, I will introduce a classic Ferrari Scuderia replica watch here, to raise the racing passion in the heart of your watch fans.

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Watch Dial 2

Red and yellow are the iconic colors of Ferrari car, like this watch, black is its main color, while there are red and yellow elements on its dial and other watch parts. The round case is 48.5mm in case diameter, it is made of solid 316L stainless steel that features thick black PVD coating that won’t scratch at any times.

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Watch Dial

The dial of this Ferrari replica watch is in black, there is a yellow prancing horse at 12 o’clock, all other emements like hour markers and hands are all in red, the subdial at 3 o’clock is for small seconds, 30-minute chronograph counter is positioned at 9 o’clock. There is a square date window at 4, which features black date font in white background.


On the case back, the iconic prancing horse logo is engraved, open the solid steel back, you will find its movement is genuine Japanese OS 20 quartz, a lot of replica watches with chronograph movement are using this quartz movement because of its high accuracy and durability. The rubber strap is black in high quality, it is designed according to the tires of Ferrari car, there is red FERRARI logo on the rubber strap, the inner side of the strap is in red. In all, all watch parts of the replica is designed according to Ferrari car.

Ferrari Case Back

Specification of Replica Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Black Red Watch

Movement: Genuine Japanese OS 20 Quartz Chrono
Case: 48.5mm*13mm, 316L Stainless Steel, Black PVD Coating
Dial: Black, Red Hour Markers, Yellow Ferrari Logo
Band: Black Rubber Strap with PVD Black Clasp
Crystal: Sapphire
Back: Solid Stainless Steel
Movement Hack Feature: Yes
Date: At 4:00


Rolex Pro Hunter Explorer II PVD Black Replica Orange Nylon Strap

Rolex Pro Hunter Explorer II Replica

Pro Hunter is attractive because of its unique appearance. It is a custom-made Rolex watch that usually features bright nylon strap. Today, the replica watch is a Rolex Pro Hunter watch from Explorer collection, it features pvd black case and Pro Hunter iconic nylon strap. The replica Rolex is 42mm in case diameter and 13.5mm thick, actually the watch has the same case construction and size of genuine Rolex Explorer. This replica Rolex Stealth Pro Hunter is the ultimate version, not only because it has high end case polishing, but also with a quality movement inside. Seeing from the movement testing picture below, the watch is only 4 seconds slower each day.

Rolex Explorer II Black Dial

The case is made of hard stainless steel and features thick PVD black coating on surface, the dial is black and has details in black, white and orange colors. It gives a high readability when these white lume coated hour markers lying on the black dial, the central orange hand is pointing to the 24-hour markers on the bezel. The most important thing is that the date window has the correct cyslops, which features AR coating as per genuine. By the way, due to the best lume materials used on hour markers and hands, the replica watch can emit strong blue light in the dark.

Explorer Orange Nylon Strap

Rolex Pro Hunter Case Back

The movement is modified on the basis of an Asian ETA 2836-2 automatic caliber, it has nickle plated movement rotor and plates that are decorated to the outlook of Rolex Calibre 3187. All markings and engravings on the movement are set correct just like the genuine. If you want to adjust the time, date and gmt, just pull out the crown to a certain position to set.

Rolex Explorer Watch Test