Special Prices on Cartier from V6 Factory

These replica Cartier watches, including Ballon Bleu and Santos, are made by V6 factory. Actually I am not sure if this is the same V6 factory as the previous one, many people know the previous V6 was a very popular factory in the past, but it has been closed for years due to that raid happened years ago, but someone also said V6 is a sub-branch of VS team, and they are still selling Cartier replica watches. Whether these Cartier watches are made by real V6 factory, or made by someone in the market who is just using V6’s name, they are good choices for fans who love Ballon Bleu very much, Mother’s Day is coming, sending a Ballon Bleu Cartier replica watch is absolutely a good idea, put the watch in an original Cartier box, your mother will love this gift. These Cartier watches, whether powered by quartz or automatic movement, are the latest V7 edition.

33mm, Swiss Ronda quartz movement.

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 33mm Quartz

Santos Medium, 076 movement

Replica Cartier Santos Medium Size

Ballon Bleu 33mm, 076 movement

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 076 Movement

Ballon Bleu 42mm, 2824 movement

Replica Cartier Ballon Bleu 42mm 2824 Movement

BV Factory Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Watch with ETA Quartz Movement

Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Watch

BV is a very famous factory here, not all people know this factory because they do not make replicas of popular brands such as Rolex, Panerai, Omega, etc., as I know, the most famous replica watch BV makes is Cartier Santos, and the price is also very high, seldom people buy watches from BV, but I have to admit their quality is very good, during this raid, BV is not affected, so they can still offer watches for us.

Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori Watch
Replica Bvlgari Serpenti Lady Watch

Today, I want to show you a ladies watch here, it is from Bvlgari, made by BV factory, in full stainless steel and with diamonds. The replica watch is Bvlgari’s famous Serpenti model, a lot of ladies love its snake-chain bracelet, while this one does not use traditional snake chain bracelet of Serpenti. With a small size and diamonds design in bezel, this watch is a perfect gift for women.

Bvlgari Serpenti White Dial

It is a ladies watch with a quartz movement, however, the price is not cheap, instead, it is sold at a very expensive price, almost up to 500 USD on every dealer’s website. Why BV factory sells this quartz watch at such a high price, the main reason I think lies in its movement, although it is a quartz, it is Swiss imported, the real ETA quartz, which is long-lasting than common quartz. And the replica made by BV also has a great finish. For this Bvlgari Serpenti, if you really love it, my suggestion is taking this replica, it is not necessary to spend more money on a genuine watch.

Bvlgari Serpenti Crown
Bvlgari Serpenti Case

The bracelet looks very distinctive, although having abandoned the traditional snake-chain design, it is still related to because every link on the bracelet looks like the scale on snake, so we can still call that snake chain, and the case is like snake’s head.

Bvlgari Serpenti Case Back

V6 now is closed, so Cartier Ballon Bleu currently is not available, if you are seeking for high quality watches for women, GF and BV are both trusted sources.

Bvlgari Serpenti Bracelet
Bvlgari Serpenti Wrist Shot
Tag Heuer

Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer 2016 Calibre 16 Black Ceramic Watch Review

Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Replica

Replica Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 White

Replica Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Blue

It has been out of stock, now the replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer is available again. This time, BP factory published another great replica, there are three versions, black, white and blue. It is a high quality replica but sold at a very low price because the replica is equipped with a Japanese quartz movement. The watch uses a very common case shape, you can see such type of case in every Swiss brand watch. It is at a cost-efficient price but does not mean the watch is low quality, there are several places that could add points to the replica. I will introdue each big selling point to you in the following article.

Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Black Dial

The replica is sold at only $238 usd but it is fully made of 316L stainless steel, brushed steel case and bracelet let you really feel its high quality texture, the weight is also considerable and very similar to genuine. Black, white or blue bezel uses real ceramic, on the black watch, there are white bezel engraveings and a luminous pearl at 12 o’clock. The bezel has several clutches for the wearer to rotate easily, especially their hands are wet.

Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Case

Black dial has stripes, three subdials use sunken design, it gives a perfect visual effect, small second hand is running on the subdial at 3-6-9-12 counter, the top subdial at 12 is for 30-minute chronograph. All trapezoidal hour markers have silver edge and filled with white luminescence. Central slender hand with orange tip is for seconds chronograph. You can read a lot of information from the dial, like it is a replica of Tag Heuer Aquaracer 300M.

Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Caseback

Compared with genuine, there is only a little difference on dial, other watch parts are perfect and could be said 99% close to genuine. Especially engravings on case back and buckle, they are very delicate, the engraving has a certain depth and uses sandblasted finishing, which makes the replica feels very real. The fasten construction of the clasp is very realiable.

Tag Heuer AquaRacer 2016 Calibre 16 Clasp

In a word, for a quartz watch, no replicas like this one have such a high quality.

Tag Heuer

Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Black Watch – Speed Racing on Wrist

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Replica

Tag Heuer Formula 1 is a great watch specially made for Formula 1 racing. Due to outstanding second-chronograph performance Tag Heuer has made, they have built a tight association with Formula 1 racing for a long time, chronograph watches are very expensive, especially the one made for particular racing sports. So, our factory offers you guys a chance to get a good Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch at the lowest price in the market, although it is a replica, the watch will function the same as genuine, here I will give a short review of this watch.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Steel Case

It is the case that makes me feel the watch is so special. See the bezel, I can not find a word to describe, it is so strange and looks like the bezel of most diving watches. Besides, the bezel is somewhat the shape of racing cars’ tire. It is full of numeral markers from 05 to 55 in stainless steel.

Tag Heuer PVD Bezel

The dial is black, small dial at 6 o’clock features a silver circle with a red small hand. 1/10th Second is running on the subdial at 2 while 30-minute chronograph counter is at 10:00. Red “FORMULA1” word on the upper right of the subdial is very obvious and matching the red hands on the dial. Hour markers are stainless steel studs with square cyan markers next to them. Overall, the dial has a compact layout design but is full of technology sense. It is like a dashboard of the racing car.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Case Back

Like the robust bezel, stainless steel bracelet is also strong with solid links. The buckle has a big Tag Logo engraved. The movement inside is a Swiss ETA quartz, which is directly imported from Switzerland. So it will be better and runs longer than other quartz replicas watches.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Clasp

Finally, let’s see the functions of the replica Tag Heuer Formula 1. Hours, minutes and samll seconds, the date is displayed at 3:30 and adjusted through crown. You can push the button at 2 to start and stop chronograph function, if you want the second-chronograph hand back to zero, please push down the button at 4.

This watch is a superior replica in high quality, you could rarely find a good quartz watch with full solid steel bracelet and runs chronograph function like genuine, so, at $208 usd, you really get a treasure.


Replica U-Boat Chimera Sideview Watch – A Great White Shark in Deep Sea

Replica U-Boat Chimera Sideview

U-Boat is an Italian watch brand, it is a new brand created in 2000. Its name was born due to the famous German U-Boat Submarine. The watches U-Boat made are representative of masculinity and firmness, most of them are in a large case diameter. U-Boat watches have black pvd coating plated on case, some directly use stainless steel, they are equipped with ETA movement. The most bright design spot of U-Boat is that their crown is set on left side of the case, which was very convenient to operate. So, U-Boat will be a nice choice for people who like large and black military watches.

U-Boat Chimera Sideview Black Dial

Today, I will introduce a good replica U-Boat watch, it is not made by a big factory so the price will be much affordable. The watch does not have pvd black coating like other U-Boat, it is made of 316L stainless steel, solid and brushed, except the polished bezel and lugs. The case looks very large, it is in 46mm, absolutely not including the big crown on the left side. The case design gives me a mechanical sense although it is a quartz watch. Case side is brushed with sand finish, which forms a high contrast against the polished case parts. A Limited Edition No. and quantity are engraved on a metal sheet on the right side of the case. The bezel, case body and case back are fixed through by five screws. On the left case side, there are two chrono buttons and crown, you need to loosen the crown to operate the chrono button at 8, which is set for start/stop chronograph, the square chrono button positioned at 10 is for chronograph reset. Do not lock back the crown after operating these buttons.

U-Boat Stainless Steel Case

The replica features a fully chronograph function, well you can find it on the black dial, which runs a small second hand on the subdial at 12 o’clock. Hour markers and hands are applied white luminous material, they will emit strong green light in the dark. At 9 o’clock, there is a small date window that has white date font in black background, there is the U-Boat founder name “ITALO FONTANA” below the date window.

U-Boat Caseback

The case back is full of engravings, but the most attractive one is the great white shark pattern. By the way, the replica watch is fitted genuine black leather straps, which have iconic holes in different size, the black band features nice hand stitching that is also in black.

Black Leather Strap with Holes

This is the first time for me to give a review on U-Boat, I will bring more excellent U-Boat reviews in future. Thanks for taking your time to read.

Bell Ross

Photo Review of Bell Ross BR 03-94 PVD Black Replica Watch

Bell Ross BR 03-94 Replica

I love full black watch because they always give me a secure and tough feeling. Among all black watches manufactured by Swiss brands, the most popular are those diving and military watches. Actually besides Panerai, the most authentic military watch I think is Bell Ross, because it originally designed and manufactured watches for pilots. So after long years of serving for military pilots area, Bell Ross has accumulated a lot of watch-making skills to meet the special needs of the military and tried their best to make the most tough timepiece. Like this replica, not only its appearance could win the most hearts of military watch fans, it runs accurate like genuine.

Bell Ross Black Dial

Matte finished casing is square and measured to be 42mm*42mm, it is also 11mm thick, the four corners are fixed by screws, the big dial on the center is protected by sapphire crystal. On the black dial, all hour markers and printings are in white, especially the 6 and 12 numeral hour markers are in big size, which is very convenient for the wear to read time clearly. The small second hand is running on subdial at 3, the 9:00 subdial is for 30-min chronograph counter. The date window has a round opening at 4:30, small white date font in black background. The watch is replica Bell Ross BR 03-94, so its series name “BR03-94” is printed above the big 6.

Bell Ross PVD Black Case

Some people may not understand the two buttons besides the crown. Let me tell you their usage. The 2:00 pusher is for start and stop chronograph function, while the pusher at 4 is for reset chronograph. That means, when you press the 2:00 button, the central second hand on the dial will start to run, and it will stop when you press it again, if you want the hand back to 12 o’clock, you can press the 4:00 button.

Bell Ross Nylon Strap

From the case back, you could clearly know it is a military watch by reading these engravings such as “AVIATION TYPE MILITARY SPEC”. The nylon strap is also an icon to indicate its personality because most military watches use such watch band. By the way, the replica Bell Ross watch uses a quartz chronograph movement, which is imported Switzerland. That’s all, thanks for taking your time to read.

Bell Ross Solid Back


Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Black Red Watch Replica with Japan OS 20 Quartz

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Replica

Many people will think of their sporty cars when talking about Ferrari, but there are indeed some good watches which Ferrari and other brands cooperated to design, Panerai and Hublot have manufactured watches for Ferrari, this time, I will introduce a classic Ferrari Scuderia replica watch here, to raise the racing passion in the heart of your watch fans.

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Watch Dial 2

Red and yellow are the iconic colors of Ferrari car, like this watch, black is its main color, while there are red and yellow elements on its dial and other watch parts. The round case is 48.5mm in case diameter, it is made of solid 316L stainless steel that features thick black PVD coating that won’t scratch at any times.

Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Watch Dial

The dial of this Ferrari replica watch is in black, there is a yellow prancing horse at 12 o’clock, all other emements like hour markers and hands are all in red, the subdial at 3 o’clock is for small seconds, 30-minute chronograph counter is positioned at 9 o’clock. There is a square date window at 4, which features black date font in white background.


On the case back, the iconic prancing horse logo is engraved, open the solid steel back, you will find its movement is genuine Japanese OS 20 quartz, a lot of replica watches with chronograph movement are using this quartz movement because of its high accuracy and durability. The rubber strap is black in high quality, it is designed according to the tires of Ferrari car, there is red FERRARI logo on the rubber strap, the inner side of the strap is in red. In all, all watch parts of the replica is designed according to Ferrari car.

Ferrari Case Back

Specification of Replica Ferrari Scuderia Chronograph Black Red Watch

Movement: Genuine Japanese OS 20 Quartz Chrono
Case: 48.5mm*13mm, 316L Stainless Steel, Black PVD Coating
Dial: Black, Red Hour Markers, Yellow Ferrari Logo
Band: Black Rubber Strap with PVD Black Clasp
Crystal: Sapphire
Back: Solid Stainless Steel
Movement Hack Feature: Yes
Date: At 4:00

Bell Ross

Replica Bell and Ross BR-01 Airborne Skull Watch Japanese Quartz Movement

Replica Bell & Ross Skull Watch

You will be surprised by this Bell and Ross watch when seeing its skull dial design, which is in light blue color. The Bell Ross BR-01 Airborne skull watch was released several years ago, it attracted the attention of many watch fans once being to the public. Today, the Bell & Ross skull watch I shared here is a replica version, it also has the cool charm like the genuine watch.

Bell & Ross Steel Case

All parts of the replica watch look harmonious in appearance. The watch should belong to the middle-class replica watch, which is better than these cheap automatic fake watches selling at one hundred dollars, but absolutely its quality can not be compared with the replica that are manufactured by big factories such as Noob, J12, BP, KW and so on.

Bell & Ross Caseback

Classic square is the mostly used case shape on Bell & Ross watches. The replica uses 316L stainless steel case, there are four bone-like supports raising from the case that are fixed by screws. The dial is completely a skull pattern, Bell Ross logo is positioned at 12 o’clock, on the top head position of the skull, those hour markers are like the teeth of skull, while sword-shaped hour and minute hands look very cool. On the case back, there is also a more vivid skull pattern, there are also other engravings there, such as Bell & Ross, AIRBORNE and so on.

Bell & Ross Skull Engraving

Inside the case, there is a more accurate movement, it is Japanese quartz, which has better accuracy than China automatic movement. By the way, the replica watch features sapphire crystal and anti-dust black rubber strap, which also has Bell Ross logo. You can own such a perfect timepiece by only affording $178 US Dollars.


Specifications of Replica Bell & Ross BR-01 Airborne Skull Watch

Movement: Quartz Movement Imported From Japan
Case: 46mm X 46mm, 9.5mm Thick, Made of 316 Stainless Steel
Dial: Skull Pattern in Light Blue
Band: Black Rubber Strap
Crystal: Sapphire
Caseback: Solid with Engravings

Tag Heuer

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Japanese Quartz Stainless Steel

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Watch

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Case

Tag Heuer is one of the best-selling sports watches among all Swiss brands. The Monaco Concept 24 is the limited edition Tag Heuer published and the watch created many world first records in watch industry. Square shape adds a little vintage favor to this sports Tag Heuer Monaco watch. The replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 is made of full stainless steel, the case has polishing and brushing craft, it is engraved with TAGHEUER, the polishing craftmanship has reached a high level in replica watch industry. The case has obvious edge and corner, which completely reflects the great progress which replica watch has achieved in recent years. The bracelet is also made of solid stainless steel, which consists of six links, there are two section of links in the middle that are polished, check carefully, the outer edge of the links are polished, so this will not scratch your wrist when wearing.

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Movement

The dial is black, it has blue and orange stripes that are the iconic features of this replica Tag Heuer Monaco 24 watch. There are some things needed to be explained here about the dial, the metal shield TAG HEUER logo is under the big 24 numeral. The subdial at 3 is indicating 24 hours while the subdial at 3 is running for minute-chronograph counter. Arched date window is polished at 6 o’clock. When you press the button at 2, the chronograph function starts and will stop if you press it again. The button at 4 is a chronograph reset button. See the crystal case back, you can find a movement inside with unique decorated rotor that has orange lettering. It is a quality Japanese quartz movement equipped in this replica Tag Heuer watch. The quartz movement guarantees timing accuracy and high stability of chronograph function.

Replica Tag Heuer Monaco Concept 24 Bracelet


Replica Cartier Tank Francaise Steel Watch Japan Quartz Review

In recent years, Cartier has released many popular watch series, including Calibre de Cartier, Ballon Bleu, etc., these watches become the models which men and women are pursuing today. Certainly, Cartier watches, like Ballon Blue, Calibre, are one of the mostly replicated watches in replica watch world, now with the launch of Cartier Calibre Diver replica watch, the production line of replica Cartier watches is complete. Today, I am not going to introduce you replica watches made by those big famous factories like BP, V6, Noob and J12, the watch that will be talked today is a common replica Cartier watch, which is Cartier Tank Francaise. It is not the truth that only big factories make good quality replicas, sometimes you can find a very big surprise in the market that is crowded with replica watches, like this replica Cartier Tank Francaise watch, which is 25mm in case diameter, will become a pearl on ladies wrist. Because of being equipped with a Japanese quartz movement, the watch is very thin, only 6mm thick, it is made of solid stainless steel that covers case and bracelet, very easy to hold for women who have a small-size wrist but love steel bracelet watches.

Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch

Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Case

The case of this Cartier Tank Francaise replica is made of brushed stainless steel, the curved case lines guarantee that the watch can perfectly meet your wrist, which is fully ergonomic. Look at the crown, it has multi cutting faces, which make the watch look more three-dimensional, the crown also has a blue sapphire embeded on the top, very beautiful. On the white dial, the replica features two elegant blued steel hands for hour and minute display, black Rome hour markers and minute scales are clearly readable on the white background. Here comes the case back, you can see the replica uses screw to fix the place that connects the bracelet and case, this enhances the stability and your bracelet will not easily break. The overview of this Cartier Tank replica watch has been done, it is one of the most cost-efficient replicas I have ever seen.

Cartier Tank Francaise Bracelet

Cartier Tank Francaise Case Back