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what to say about karren? very serious and reliable person, he accompanied me step by step in the purchase of GMT master 2 Noob Batman, a watch really up to expectations, Karren’s precision and punctuality satisfied me and surely served me again from him .. .thanks Karren

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A review again

“I absolutely have to thank Susan for her patience and professionalism.

After searching on every page of the Internet I found Susan’s site where an Omega Seamaster (Spectre) was reviewed which and, at last, had all the things in their place.

I’m immediately contacted Susan and, since shipments in Italy are particularly problematic, we agreed for a UK shipment (perfect for me but really rare to find and obtain!).

Unfortunately (forgive me Susan 🙂 ), I am quite anxious and during the waiting times (inevitably longer given the UK passage but still in the order of 10 days) I filled it with mails and requests for information which, despite everything, always responded on time.

The watch, of course, has arrived and I must say that in reality it is even more beautiful than it seems on the site.

Thank you Susan, you will be my choice from now on!
(and I start to be really interested in the Omega Seamaster 300 by MK 🙂 )
Thanks thanks thanks!!!”

A Review Again of Omega Spectre

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Submariner review/comment from Jaye

Hi Susan

I would like to give some feedback which you can put on your site if you want to:

I have received my Rolex submariner and am so pleased with the watch. The detailing is near perfect and the weight is the same as the original. It is a substantial chunk on your wrist and I love it!

I have to admit that I doubted the truthfulness of wrist watch spot when a few days went by leading up to Christmas and I had little response after I had made payment.

I quickly became angry thinking that I had been conned.

This lack of response was soon explained and since that time I have had prompt responses to my emails all the way up to and post delivery of my watch.

I am now in the process of ordering my second time piece!

Black Submariner Dial

Black Sub with no Date

Black Sub Crown

Black Sub Clasp

Aside from my piece above I would just like to give you some personal feedback (not for site) about watch. My only criticism is that the ROLEX crown on the rehaut does not line up with 12 o’clock hour marker the Rolex word engraving on the Rebaut could be sharper. And the finishing on the inside of the clasp should be better. I have taken a couple of pictures below.

Rolex Sub Rehaut

Clasp Defect

Thanks again


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Some things need to be clarified

In this month, some clients ordered several watches from me, about their orders, I did not reply them timely, so some of them thought that I was not real, actually I was very busy in these days and their watches have been ordered from the factories, because it is the end of the year, the factories need more time than usual to process the orders, so the watches they ordered have a delay in shipping from the factory to my place. Here, I must make an apology to you guys, especially John Yestrebsky and Jaye, sorry for my late reply to your email message and the delay for delivery, really sorry about that, but I promise, the watch you ordered from me is absolutely the best one in the market, and surely I will ship them to you. A few days ago, John Yestrebsky received his watch and shared his feedback here:



I received my watch today via DHL. I am so pleased and happy. It is top quality as described. It was packaged very safely!

I was not patient with you and became paranoid and thought I was scammed. I reached out to a few people and told them I thought I was scammed. I was not! I apologize.

I now understand that quality takes time and this is what I have from you. I recommend anyone to buy from you. I will buy more watches again. So beautiful and good service. I am sorry I doubted you. I am a happy believer in you and your products.

I am sorry again if I caused you any problems.

John Yestrebsky
Indiana, USA

DHL Package

Steel 007 Watch on Desk

Steel 007 with Nato Strap

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Happy Customer Review

For years I have been looking forward to purchase the watch of my dreams till I came to know karen. I was impressed how detailed the review she does in the blog. I was honestly sckeptical as a first timer. I had to read all the posts over & over until i felt confident.

After few days I decided to send money.

3-4weeks of waiting (due to hiccup on transit) Atlas! the timepiece of my dreams has finally on my hands. couldnt be more happier.


Pam 441 v3 she sent me can be mistaken as gen from every aspect. Detail was sureal & movement was purely accurate.

Although 1 neat improvment would be the “second” hand should be going back to 0 when time is being set.

All in all I am a very pleased. For those in doubt i can vouch for Karen. shes a real deal.

I am looking forward to my next time piece!

PAM 441 Wrist Photo

PAM 441 Wrist Photo 2

PAM 441 Watch

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A Sincere Feedback from a PAM 438 Buyer

Dear Susan


I received the watch PAM 438.

I have mixed reviews about the watch

I am extremely happy with the external look, the quality of the front and back of the watch.
The machine too is very good

But the only drawback of the watch is the complication movements.

The original crown has 3 positions

When you pull the crown, the seconds clock comes to 0 position(12 position), but in this replica the second arm only stops in the position where when the crown was pulled.

Then in the 2nd position of the crown, in the original watch, the hour arm(not the GMT arm) moves independently to set the time.

But in this replica pam 438 watch the GMT arm is moving. sharing my experience with you as i thought you would like a sincere feedback.

I do not have any problem with the GMT arm moving in the 2 crown position.

But i do wish that in the full crown out position the second arm comes to the 0 position which is a clear indicator for someone to.find out if the watch is original.or replica

I will attach a link of the original watch review so that you have a better idea.

Hope you will review and inform your factory.

Thank you and waiting for the rest of the shipments.. cartier bracelet and the 2 boxes.

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A review from a great customer in USA

Finally, after reviewing many web sites for replica watches on Panerai designed for world travelers featuring a real 24H GMT function, I decided to order one with Karren and her

Panerai Real GMT Replica Watch

As she described from her review this watch, Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT 24H PAM 531 allows the traveler like myself to simultaneously read the time in a second time zone by means of an independent central hand which makes one revolution of the dial in 24 hours. And it also has a newly designed circular power reserve indicator on the back of the watch, which is very visible and easy to read through the sapphire crystal in the case back.

Panerai Real GMT Movement

The dial is wonderfully crafted by its sandwich dial structure with ecru, vintage inspired, superluminova that shines through the holes. Another iconic element protecting the winding crown with the locking leaver is beautifully revived made of brushed steel contrasting with the highly polished stainless steel case.

PAM 531 for Greg from US

This watch is supplied with a spare rubber strap, Pre-V buckle and the tool for replacing the strap as Karren’s gift to my order. I enjoyed working with Karren for her candid answers and diligent support on my questions. Her providing the tracking information with my shipment was very helpful to locate the progress of the delivery.

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Hello From UK

Several months ago and was looking to purchase an Omega watch and came across Susan’s website. Reading through her honest and informative reviews of many great watches I left my contact details on her Omega review. In a matter of an hour Susan had got in touch and answered all my questions in a very friendly and polite matter.

As I’d never used Western Union before Susan took the time (and a lot of patience!) to help me step by step in setting up the account from here it was an absolute breeze to pay for the goods. As an after thought I decided I wanted the Omega box which Susan sorted and amended the payment straight away causing no delay to the delivery. Before sending Susan sent detailed pictures of all aspects of the watch and box to make sure I was happy and within a matter of days I was wearing the watch!

As I had such as pleasent dealing with Susan I contacted her back with several other watches I was interested in. Susan sourced not only additional pictures to every watch I requested she was also very honest to which she felt was the best watch for me. This resulted  in me buying the PAM 389 and matching box. As previously Susan was in contact with me throughout and days later I was the proud owner of another watch.

So the watches. Well as you can see from the pictures both watches are exact 1:1 replicas. The weight and craftsmanship is second to none and the time keeping on both are excellent. I use them both as daily wearables and have had many positive comments on both pieces.

I would unreservadly recommend Susan to anybody who wants to buy a high quality replica timepiece. She is prompt, professional, honest and most important friendly in her dealings with you and always goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you want (with the amount of additional boxes and straps I keep ordering I can vouch for this!)

I wouldn’t buy from anyone else!

I am a very satisfied costumer from the United Kingdom.


PAM 389 in Box

PAM 389 Wrist Shot

Omega Spectre Wrist Shot

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Simon from Netherland

Being a James Bond fan, I naturally wanted the latest Omega watch limited edition from the film Spectre last year…..!

After searching online and only finding very suspicious replica watch sites, all flagged as scammers, I landed at Wristwatchspot. After initial scepticism, I decided to take the plunge and order this replica via Karren/Susan. I just had a feeling that it was a genuine site and the blogs over all the replica watches gave me a greater assurance that this was a legitimate means of acquiring this replica watch.

Initial communication is quick (after leaving a comment on the particular watch page – you are emailed back). There is enough info on the blog per watch to know enough about it without actually having it in your hands. the current price and the method of payment is given. So, I transferred the money and waited for confirmation of receipt. This took almost a week due to banking restraints but the money arrived safely – which was my first initial worry out of the way.

The desired watch was ordered at the factory and I was sent photos of the watch before it was posted so I knew what to expect. Super high quality photos – the watch looked very impressive and exactly as described!

After a 2-3 week wait and an initial hiccup at customs here in NL (easy to get around with creative descriptions plus it is sent as a gift with a value of $15,- so as to avoid extra duty payments) the watch was in my hands and WOW!!! Packaging was fine and the watch is protected by 2 bags, bubble wrap and plastic over the crown and rear! I was expecting a good watch but this watch is exceptional! I was astounded as to the finish. Shiny, reasonable weight, finishing was immaculate in all areas contributing to giving that deluxe, exclusive Omega watch feel!

It runs perfectly and keeps time accurately. All the descriptions on the blog are 100% correct to the appearance, feel and functionality. The strap is also of a good quality, if not a little long for my wrist but that is easy to adjust. The lume works as advertised and the watch is apparently up to 50m waterproof – not tested because it’s not the kind of watch you go swimming/bathing with in my opinion as it is a dressing up watch for special occasions……..

You feel like you are wearing the real thing and that gives you a special feeling for a price that is 20 times cheaper than the actual price! To keep it in pristine condition I am only using it as a dress up watch but for a first experience with a replica it has blown me away! No need to pay the full price when these replicas are just as good for mere mortals and look exactly the same! I am so happy that I have ordered another different watch from Karren/Susan and I expect that that one has the high quality standards that this Spectre watch has too………..

Trustworthy and reliable Supplier with good quality product. Recommended!

Simon  NL

Omega 007 Nato Watch

Omega 007 Buckle

Omega Spectre Watch Back

Omega Spectre Watch on Wrist

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Review Tudor Black Bay Bronze bought with Susan Chuang

I asked Susan if she could get me a Tudor BB bronze from Zfactory and she said that she could.

After I send the money to her account, she got me the watch and showed me the pictures on email to verify if I was satisfied with what I saw. Than she send me the watch wich arrived in 9 days. All the time we stayed in contact and she supported me where ever it was needed. She send the watch as a gift with a value of 15 dollar,which made it possible to not have to pay any importtax or VAT.

I am VERY satisfied with the watch as it looks and feels100% genuine and it keeps very accurate time, which I tested for a few day by checking the atomtime on the internet.

I would recommend Susan to anybody who wants to buy any replicawatch and wants to be sure that he gets what he ordered !!!
She is very friendly and helpful and reacts very fast on emails, alsoshe stays in contact until you receive the watch and are satisfied with what you got.

for me the number 1 watchseller on the internet !!!
her some pics I took myself from the watch.

I am a very satisfied costumer from the Netherlands.

Tudor watch on wrist

Tudor watch lume dial

Tudor watch