Special Edition Paneristi PAM 360 Replica – For Real Panerai Watch Fans

It has been a long while for me not to give personal reviews about replica watches, so today, I will continue my work and talk an old PAM here with you guys.

PAM 360, which is a special edition Panerai made for Paneristi, was introduced in 2010. is a community of all things about Panerai, 2010 is exactly the 10th anniversary of Paneristi, so Panerai specially released PAM 360 to celebrate this special moment.

The earliest Panerai Paneristi PAM 360 replica is produced by Noob factory in 2011. This watch, together with PAM 111 and 005, raised a storm at that time, because it is the first time for PAM to be equipped with a high quality ETA 6497 movement.

Here the PAM 360 replica watch we talk has already have all advantages and advanced watch-making technology that could only be found on modern PAM replicas. For example, 44mm case uses DLC process, and then finished with sandblasted craft, the case, bezel and crown bridge are all processed by black DLC, they have the same tone and brightness as genuine case. The sandblasted finishing is done evenly. There are deep engravings on steel case back, “PANERISTI.COM” and “TENTH ANNIVERSARY” differentiate 360 from other Panerai watches.

The dial has been upgraded with new vintage hands, those raised hour markers are applied original SuperLuminova like hands. This is a very simple PAM because it does not have second hand. At 12 o’clock, there are printing of “LUMINOR PANERAI”, an unique OP Logo is printed at 6 o’clock, this logo only appeared on some vintage Panerai watches. In the dark, you will see that the dial emits a strong green light, Noob factory just used 100% SuperLume material to achieve the Patina color, and the lume will also last as long as genuine.

PAM 360 is one of the best 1:1 replica Panerais, the ETA 6497 equipped makes it has a better accuracy and stability than other PAMs. What makes the watch to wear comfortable is the rubber strap it is fitted, the watch band has “OFFICINE PANERAI” logo on, it not only feels comfortable and soft, the anti-dust rubber band will not deform after a long time of wearing.

Conclusion: it is an entry-level PAM for people who love vintage Panerai watches. A very simple replica but has already used the most advanced watch-making process and hi-end movement. Its quality will never make you regret.

Panerai Paneristi Replica

Panerai Paneristi PVD Black Case

Panerai PAM 360 Replica

PAM 360 Black Rubber Strap

PAM 360 Case Back

PAM 360 Movement Test


Replica Panerai Egiziano PAM 341 Watch – The Lover of Sylvester Stallone

It is a protype of Radiomir, Panerai Egiziano PAM 341 was made for the Egyptian Navy in the mid 1950s. There were only 50 samples made at that time, so nowadays the watch becomes very rare and worths collecting. A lot of Panerai watch fans who are carzy for its fantastic history are seeking for such PAM that is full of the most authentic Panerai military blood. Sylvester Stallone is one of them. As the most tough guy in a lot of movies, Stallone is a big fan of Panerai, he was wearing Panerai watch in many movies. Like the below pictures stated, at the location of The Expendables, Stallone was exactly wearing a Panerai Egiziano PAM 341, an oversized brown leather strap watch that is almost 60mm on a tough guy’s wrist, I have to say that really few people could hold such a big watch, only Stallone I think.

Stallone Wearing Egiziano

Stallone Wearing PAM 341

Stallone Wearing Panerai Egiziano PAM 341

Because the high rareness of Egiziano PAM 341, this causes a large demand, so many factories in Chinese watch market tried to replicate it. Here I will introduce a replica Panerai Egiziano PAM 341 that is manufactured by one of these factories. The case is made of Titanium, so although it is in 60mm size, the whole watch will not be that heavy. The bezel has 12 metal studs, there are red Arabic 15, 30 and 45 numbers on the studs at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. It is belonged to Radiomir series, but the watch also features crown bridge like other Luminor series.

Panerai Radiomir Egiziano PAM 341 Replica

PAM 341 Studded Bezel

Panerai Radiomir Egiziano PAM 341 Titanium Case

On black vintage dial, all hour markers of Arabic numbers and sticks are all oversized. Central hour and minute hands, small second hand is running on the subdial at 9. The hour markers are brownish, which are like the tone of brown leather strap. Series name “RADIOMIR” is under 12 o’clock, the words “8 GIORNI BREVETTATO” mean that the watch has 8 days of power reserve.

Pre-V Buckle

PAM 341 Caseback

The caseback is not that vintage like the dial, the case back engravings are full of modern Panerai style. Screws, Pig and OP logo are clearly curved, especially the screws, they are absolutely the results of modern watch-making technology. So compared with the genuine vintage Egiziano PAM 341, this replica has a big difference on the back.

Asian 6497 Movement Test

Here come the specifications of this replica watch:

Movement: Asian 6497 Movement, 17 Jeweled
Case: 60mm*15mm, Titanium Made
Dial: Black, Sandwiched Structure
Glass: Sapphire
Band: Brown Leather Strap with Pre V Buckle
Water Resistant: Yes


Professional Review of Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 P.3000 Clone Watch

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 Replica

After givining a review on a strong guy PAM 382 yesterday before, here I will introduce PAM 372, which is one of my best likes in my watches collection. Besides PAM 000, 111 and 127, PAM 382 is the one that owns the most authentic Panerai features. In a Luminor 1950 case, which is the most popular case shape in watch industry, PAM 382 is really attractive due to its unque crown bridge like other Panerai watches and large case diameter. The replica PAM 372 will be discussed here is a perfect clone of genuine watch, not only the factory makes detailes of the replica closest to genuine, but also they try the best to clone Asian 6497 movement to display the best-looking replica P.3000 on front of your eyes.

PAM 372 Case

316L stainless steel case is polished, the case and bezel are all smoothly polished except the crown bridge, which is brushed to resist scratches due to frequent operation. 47mm case makes the watch more obvious on your wrist and brings more attention from the crowd. The case back is transparent and uses crystal. There are detaild information being engraved on the case back rim, including “OFFICINE PANERAI”, “STAINLESS STEEL”, “BREVETTATO” and others. One lug has a fish logo and “100m” engraved, which indicates that the replica is water resistant to 10 meters.

PAM 372 Dial

Black dial uses the same sandwiched structure, it is a simple dial, four large numeral 3-6-9-12 digits and other hour markers on top disk are all skeletonized, the bottom disk is applied brownish luminescence, golden hour and minute hands are also applied white lume material on the center, the whole dial will emit patina lume light in the dar, very beautiful. Besides, the color of these hour markers and hands exactly match with the tone of Asso leather band, they really fit very well and created such an art timepiece together.

Panerai PAM 372 Leather Strap

With a plexi crystal, the replica watch is actually full of vintage atmosphere, except the modern polished Luminor case, other details including the Pre-V buckle, indicating it is just reborn from vintage Radiomir.

P.3000 Clone Movement

At last, it is the movement, which is an Asian clone P.3000, actually I do not think the movement is a bright point of this replica. It is a 6497 that owns modified movement plates so that could be closer to genuine P.3000. Why did the factory do such job? I think it is because the replica watch uses a see-through crystal case back.

Panerai Movement Test

That’s all things I want to talk about this Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 replica. One more thing I have to tell you guys is that we are going to build a business website to offer an entrance to buy quality replica watches.


The Best Replica Edition Forever – ZF Factory Portuguese IW545407 Hand Wound 6498 Black Leather Watch

IWC Portuguese 545407 Replica

Besides Rolex, IWC is the brand among best-selling formal dress watches. Its Portofino and Portuguese are chosen by many formal watch lovers. Portuguese, as the complication model of IWC, also has watches with reasonable price. Its minute repeater and perpetual calendar models are all too expensive. The one with small second hand could be affordable by most people. Today, I will introduce another IWC replica, it is Portuguese IW545407, for fake watch industry, more simple the watch is, it is easier to replicate. This one is a simple IWC watch like 5007047 7 Days and Portofino, so it could be imitated to have a high quality.

IWC Portuguese Crown

IWC Portuguese Crown 2

First, the case makes it look better and higher grade than other fakes because good polishing, brilliant polished front face and brushed sides are in highly contrast, the lugs and case are integrated into one piece and not separate parts, so is the bezel, this design greatly improves the life time of watch, the whole caseset includes case, bezel and lugs, these three parts are made of one whole metal parts, then being polished by skilled workers, the case needs to be processed carefully so that its edges and corners could be smoothened and deburr.

Look at the crown, there are clear engravings in such a small place.

IWC Watch Dial

Hour Markers Close-up

Hour Markers Close-up 2

The dial is black, due to the AR coating on front crystal, it looks to have a little blue hue. Hour markers are made of stainless steel, they are in three-dimensional, central hour and minute hands are also made of stainless steel, small second hand is running on the subdial at 6 o’clock, the subdial has 60-second tracking scales. There is no date display.

IWC Cal.98295 Clone

Movement Shock Absorber

18 Jewels

IW545407 replica is powered by an Asian 6498 manual winding movement, which is modified by ZF manufacturer so that it has a closer appearance to genuine IWC Cal.98295. The case back is see-through crystal so that you can appreciate the movement closely. Rosy and steel jewels are beautiful, the base plate has beautiful Geneva Stripes, if you find your watch is not accurate some day, you can open the crystal case back to adjust the long index regulator, which has been marked with SLOW and FAST beside. This replica also features a shock absorber like genuine movement, all correct engravings in proper place of the movement. By the way, it is hand wound, so you must wind the watch every day to keep it run accurately.

For people who really want to experience the hand-wound fun of mechanical watch, this Portuguese IW545407 is a good choice.

Specification of Replica IWC Portuguese IW545407

Movement: Asian 6498, Manual Winding, Modified to The Outlook of Genuine IWC Cal.98295
Case: Solid 316L Stainless Steel, Polished and Brushed
Crystal: AR Coated Sapphire Crystal
Dial: Black with Small-Second Subdial
Strap: Black Leather
Clasp: Tang with Correct Engraving

More photos on details:

IWC Logo Engraving


IWC Buckle Engraving



Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 White Watch Asian 6497

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563

Replica Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 White Dial

Panerai really attracts the most attention of people in recent years, it has a high popularity among watch fans who love big-size wrist watches. Especially Luminor Marina, it has a simple design, coupled with its military favored history with the Italian Navy and relationship with Stallone, Panerai Luminor Marina wins the heart of many military watch lovers. Here I am going to introduce a replica Panerai Luminor Marina watch, it has the most simple design in all Panerai watches I think, case is polished, the crown bridge is an iconic feature of Panerai and it is brushed. The dial is classic and it is in white background, big black 3-6-12 numerals and small round lume dots as hour markers. Actually, the dial design on this replica has used on many vintage Panerai watches. Look at the dial, it is not sandwiched, the small seconds subdial is positioned at 9, dotted hour markers and hands are all coated with strong green lume material.

PAM 563 Brown Leather Strap

PAM 563 Asian 6497 Movement

The Panerai Luminor Marina PAM 563 replica is equipped with an Asian 6497 movement, which is handwound and has been imitated to the appearance of P.5000 calibre. The movement has 17 pink jewels and beats at 21600bph. Its movement bridges feature authentic Geneve decoration. The PAM 563 is replicated according to a genuine Panerai PAM 111 watch, all watch parts of the replica can be interchanagable with genuine Panerai PAM 563. Besides the quality 6497 movement it is equipped with, another big selling point of this PAM 563 replica watch lies in its leather band, which is made of high quality calfskin leather and is completely stitched by hands, many watch fans want to buy Panerai replica watches not only because they are in top quality, but also there are many strap options for them to choose. Like this PAM 563, the Pre V buckle, coupled with such brown leather strap, is the favorite of many vintage Panerai fans.

PAM 563 Movement Test