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Submariner review/comment from Jaye

Hi Susan

I would like to give some feedback which you can put on your site if you want to:

I have received my Rolex submariner and am so pleased with the watch. The detailing is near perfect and the weight is the same as the original. It is a substantial chunk on your wrist and I love it!

I have to admit that I doubted the truthfulness of wrist watch spot when a few days went by leading up to Christmas and I had little response after I had made payment.

I quickly became angry thinking that I had been conned.

This lack of response was soon explained and since that time I have had prompt responses to my emails all the way up to and post delivery of my watch.

I am now in the process of ordering my second time piece!

Black Submariner Dial

Black Sub with no Date

Black Sub Crown

Black Sub Clasp

Aside from my piece above I would just like to give you some personal feedback (not for site) about watch. My only criticism is that the ROLEX crown on the rehaut does not line up with 12 o’clock hour marker the Rolex word engraving on the Rebaut could be sharper. And the finishing on the inside of the clasp should be better. I have taken a couple of pictures below.

Rolex Sub Rehaut

Clasp Defect

Thanks again


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Hello, my name is Torsten. I am a private watch enthusiast in Germany and would be very interested in buying several watches from your market place.
Unfortunately I have a hard time finding any email address to get in touch with you. Could you kindly drop me a line, so we can communicate regarding the purchase of probably 10 different watches?
First of all, I have the following question:
I am a businessman and do a lot of trading with China. All packages coming in from China are subject to border/customs inspection (no exception). Since Germany has pretty strict laws against (what they call) product piracy, the watches would most likely be confiscated and I would have to pay a significant penalty. Even if they would believe that the watches are genuine, they would charge me with enormous import duties and taxes, based on the retail price of the genuine watches.
So my question is: do you have a distributor anywhere in Europe? Sending the watches from there, would be absolutely no problem.
Thank you in advance for your efforts in getting back to me.
All the best,
PS I am in Hong Kong a few times per year, but taking back 10 watches is just as risky as importing them by mail.

you can easily align the crown with the 12 oclock marker. Just open the caseback, loosen two screws on the edge that hold the movement. turn it slightly to align properly and tighten those two screws.

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