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Simon from Netherland

Being a James Bond fan, I naturally wanted the latest Omega watch limited edition from the film Spectre last year…..!

After searching online and only finding very suspicious replica watch sites, all flagged as scammers, I landed at Wristwatchspot. After initial scepticism, I decided to take the plunge and order this replica via Karren/Susan. I just had a feeling that it was a genuine site and the blogs over all the replica watches gave me a greater assurance that this was a legitimate means of acquiring this replica watch.

Initial communication is quick (after leaving a comment on the particular watch page – you are emailed back). There is enough info on the blog per watch to know enough about it without actually having it in your hands. the current price and the method of payment is given. So, I transferred the money and waited for confirmation of receipt. This took almost a week due to banking restraints but the money arrived safely – which was my first initial worry out of the way.

The desired watch was ordered at the factory and I was sent photos of the watch before it was posted so I knew what to expect. Super high quality photos – the watch looked very impressive and exactly as described!

After a 2-3 week wait and an initial hiccup at customs here in NL (easy to get around with creative descriptions plus it is sent as a gift with a value of $15,- so as to avoid extra duty payments) the watch was in my hands and WOW!!! Packaging was fine and the watch is protected by 2 bags, bubble wrap and plastic over the crown and rear! I was expecting a good watch but this watch is exceptional! I was astounded as to the finish. Shiny, reasonable weight, finishing was immaculate in all areas contributing to giving that deluxe, exclusive Omega watch feel!

It runs perfectly and keeps time accurately. All the descriptions on the blog are 100% correct to the appearance, feel and functionality. The strap is also of a good quality, if not a little long for my wrist but that is easy to adjust. The lume works as advertised and the watch is apparently up to 50m waterproof – not tested because it’s not the kind of watch you go swimming/bathing with in my opinion as it is a dressing up watch for special occasions……..

You feel like you are wearing the real thing and that gives you a special feeling for a price that is 20 times cheaper than the actual price! To keep it in pristine condition I am only using it as a dress up watch but for a first experience with a replica it has blown me away! No need to pay the full price when these replicas are just as good for mere mortals and look exactly the same! I am so happy that I have ordered another different watch from Karren/Susan and I expect that that one has the high quality standards that this Spectre watch has too………..

Trustworthy and reliable Supplier with good quality product. Recommended!

Simon  NL

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Hello Simon, Karren or Susan, how can I get in touch, I also like to buy a Omega Spectre. 2 days ago I left already a comment, but nobody get back to me?

Hell Karren, I’m interested in a Omega Seamaster 300M Pro Black. Can you supply it and which are the features of the best replica you can find?

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