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Some things need to be clarified

In this month, some clients ordered several watches from me, about their orders, I did not reply them timely, so some of them thought that I was not real, actually I was very busy in these days and their watches have been ordered from the factories, because it is the end of the year, the factories need more time than usual to process the orders, so the watches they ordered have a delay in shipping from the factory to my place. Here, I must make an apology to you guys, especially John Yestrebsky and Jaye, sorry for my late reply to your email message and the delay for delivery, really sorry about that, but I promise, the watch you ordered from me is absolutely the best one in the market, and surely I will ship them to you. A few days ago, John Yestrebsky received his watch and shared his feedback here:



I received my watch today via DHL. I am so pleased and happy. It is top quality as described. It was packaged very safely!

I was not patient with you and became paranoid and thought I was scammed. I reached out to a few people and told them I thought I was scammed. I was not! I apologize.

I now understand that quality takes time and this is what I have from you. I recommend anyone to buy from you. I will buy more watches again. So beautiful and good service. I am sorry I doubted you. I am a happy believer in you and your products.

I am sorry again if I caused you any problems.

John Yestrebsky
Indiana, USA

DHL Package

Steel 007 Watch on Desk

Steel 007 with Nato Strap

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Hi Susan, I would like to know if this watch model is the same one I bought last spring, it looks different and in addition has the steel strap in addition to nylon.
Is this an evolution of KW factory?


I would like to apologize to Susan as well. It was my first purchase with her and the delay in her replying was making me nervous as I don’t typically send money to someone I don’t know.
I did receive the package and she shipped it me via DHL at her cost with a promise from me to pay her the additional shipping fee. I will buying another watch from her.

hi, i am very interested in the IWC big Pilot, (the one with the mechanism which supports the power reserve). kindly please let me know how much it is, the payment methods and the waiting time.

Hi, kindly please let me know how much the IWC Big Pilot is (the one with the functioning Power Reserve) , the time of delivery and the payment method.



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