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A Sincere Feedback from a PAM 438 Buyer

Dear Susan


I received the watch PAM 438.

I have mixed reviews about the watch

I am extremely happy with the external look, the quality of the front and back of the watch.
The machine too is very good

But the only drawback of the watch is the complication movements.

The original crown has 3 positions

When you pull the crown, the seconds clock comes to 0 position(12 position), but in this replica the second arm only stops in the position where when the crown was pulled.

Then in the 2nd position of the crown, in the original watch, the hour arm(not the GMT arm) moves independently to set the time.

But in this replica pam 438 watch the GMT arm is moving. sharing my experience with you as i thought you would like a sincere feedback.

I do not have any problem with the GMT arm moving in the 2 crown position.

But i do wish that in the full crown out position the second arm comes to the 0 position which is a clear indicator for someone to.find out if the watch is original.or replica

I will attach a link of the original watch review so that you have a better idea.

Hope you will review and inform your factory.

Thank you and waiting for the rest of the shipments.. cartier bracelet and the 2 boxes.

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