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Happy Customer Review

For years I have been looking forward to purchase the watch of my dreams till I came to know karen. I was impressed how detailed the review she does in the blog. I was honestly sckeptical as a first timer. I had to read all the posts over & over until i felt confident.

After few days I decided to send money.

3-4weeks of waiting (due to hiccup on transit) Atlas! the timepiece of my dreams has finally on my hands. couldnt be more happier.


Pam 441 v3 she sent me can be mistaken as gen from every aspect. Detail was sureal & movement was purely accurate.

Although 1 neat improvment would be the “second” hand should be going back to 0 when time is being set.

All in all I am a very pleased. For those in doubt i can vouch for Karen. shes a real deal.

I am looking forward to my next time piece!

PAM 441 Wrist Photo

PAM 441 Wrist Photo 2

PAM 441 Watch

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I must validate and apologize to KARREN/SUSAN. I thought this to be a scam. I ordered SPECTRE watch and everything was done as promised. I was impatient and reached out to some believing this was a scam. She is a reputable dealer and I will buy again. Please do not hesitate to trust her or contact me for verification.

ca you please give me the contact of KARREN/SUSAN i am trying to contact her.thanks shall be wating for your reply…

mine missed arrival by 3 -4weeks i guess? was expecting to receive it as a self present on my birthday. keep it cool. i know you are anxious I was once there. but if you have done your homework you dont have to worry. give it sometime. she will get back to you.

Hi looking for some help can you put me in the right direction for the best version of the luminor due 3 days oro rosso

best wishes Mark

Great service and great watch! In the beginning I was sckeptical, but from the beginning until the end super!

Oh my – have been eyeing one of these for some time now.. Any way we can get into contact with the sellers KARREN/SUSAN? Thanks so much.

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