V9 Factory Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 Firenze PAM 972 with Super Clone P.3000 Movement

Replica Panerai Luminor Firenze

Today, I am about to introduce one Panerai replica watch that is engraved with Florentine motifs. Yes, it is the latest Luminor 1950 Firenze 3 Days, with a reference PAM 972. This is not the first PAM which Panerai published with Florentine motifs on case and movement. We know that PAM 604 and PAM 672 also have these special engravings, but these two PAMs are Radiomir limited editions. For PAM 972, it is absolutely the first Luminor watch with Florentine motifs. Now, in Panerai watch family, PAM 972 is also the only one Panerai Luminor watch with such unique engravings. Based on the traditional PAM 372, Panerai made this engraved version PAM 972. The replica PAM 972 Firenze here is made by V9, which is a new factory. It is said that this V9 factory now makes the best Rolex Submariner replica watches, but I do not think so. However, this Panerai Luminor Firenze PAM 972 replica made by V9 has a good quality.

Replica Panerai PAM 972
V9F Replica Panerai Luminor Firenze
Replica Panerai PAM 972 Black Dial

I do not know why Panerai makes these special engraved PAMs, whatever, the main purpose I think is to show respect to Firenze, which is the design inspiration of early Panerai watches. Actually the design concept of many modern Panerai models is also coming from this old Italy city. Look at the Luminor case that is crafted from solid 316L stainless steel, it has engravings on the front, lugs and crown guard bridge. Round bezel is smoothly polished. The case is engraved by hand, then is filled with black lacquer by V9 watch master.

PAM 972 Engraved Case
PAM 972 Engraved Crown Bridge

The dial is in metallic dark grey, it is finished with radial brushing. The Florentine lily is printed at 6 o’clock on the dial, with “FIRENZE” below. Like genuine watch, the replica has a sandwiched construction, there are big cutout hour markers, with the Super-Luminova painted on the disc below.

PAM 972 Firenze Lily
PAM972 Sandwich Dial

Through crystal case back, you can see the movement clearly, it is a super clone P.3000, which is custom made and engraved with Florentine motifs and Florentine lily. These engravings on the movement plates are completed by laser machine, the movement is hand-winding and has double barrels, so like genuine watch, the replica also has 72 hour power reserve.

PAM 972 Super Clone P.3000

By the way, the replica is fitted with a brown leather band with Florentine lily mark. The watch has been tested to be 50m water resistant by V9 factory.

PAM 972 Brown Leather Strap
Panerai Luminor Firenze Wrist Shot Photo

Replica Panerai PAM 672 Firenze Limited Edition Review

Panerai Firenze Watch Replica

If you ever heard about Panerai Radiomir PAM 604 Acciaio limited edition, you must be so impressive on its tough design. If you believe that PAM 604 is such a cool watch, then this replica Panerai Firenze would excite you a lot. I can’t wait to share this watch with amazing design on its case and even movement.

Panerai PAM 672 Replica

Look at the solid stainless steel watch case on this replica Panerai PAM 672, what the designer have done on it? It is hand-made sculpture. All the decorative have done on this watch, including on the case, movement, bracelet and the clasp are related to Firenze. The case material is 316L, the dimension is 47mm*15.5mm, a perfect size. On the black dial, there is superlumed patina hour marker and vintage gold needles. “Firenze” at 6:00 is golden sculpture and above of it is the Florentine Lily. The synthetic sapphire crystal with AR coated makes the dial much more elegant.

PAM 672 Special Case

From the transparent back case, we can see the sophisticated Florentine Lily clearly, the engraving work is done by laser. The movement inside is a Asian 6497 manual hand wind movement, swan neck regulator, 21600bph. From inside, we can tell it is a P.3000 decorative bridge as well. Of course, this movement is good enough to keep this wonderful timepiece working accurately. On the case rim, there is detailed engraving information of this watch. This replica Panerai watch is equipped with a hand sewn high quality 26/22 strap with pre V tang buckle. On the brown strap, we can see the elegant Florentine Lily, and on the buckle, there is also exquisite hand-made carving pattern.

Panerai PAM 672 Crown

There is no default for every design detail on the Panerai model, from the movement to the case, from the bracelet to the buckle, everywhere is amazing. Because of the Florentine design inspiration, Panerai just launched 99 pieces of limited edition and sold only at Panerai store in Florence. Here is the chance for you that we can experience this amazing watch without going to Florence, hope you will like the watch I share today.

PAM 672 P.3000

PAM 672 Buckle


S Factory Released Replica Panerai Radiomir 1940 PAM 690 Watch

Panerai Radiomir 1940 PAM 690 Replica

PAM 690, which is published by Panerai in 2016, is an extremely harmonious watch, if you have noticed its dial, the metallic blue texture is the biggest feature of PAM 690. The watch belongs to Radiomir 1940 series of Panerai, so it has the most authentic features of Radiomir. Unlike modern Radiomir case, I see the case of Radiomir 1940 is very similar to Luminor’s. Actually, the design of Luminor case is exactly derived from Radiomir watch. Besides the lack of crown bridge, the case of PAM 690 is very close to Luminor case.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Blue Dial Replica

PAM 690 Blue Dial

The replica is made by S factory, which has made several pieces of high quality Panerai replica watches with clone P.3000 movement that features 72-hour power reserve. The case is very large, its diameter is 47mm, which is bigger than most Rolex Submariner watches but much thinner than them. The case and bezel are polished, the PAM reference and OP number are engraved on the case between lugs. Case back is see-through that is displaying the mechanism of the replica PAM 690.

PAM 690 OP Crown Logo

PAM 690 Case

Metallic blue dial gives a hit to the appearance of the whole watch. The dial is sandwiched, the disc below is applied with luminescence that has the same tone as leather strap, the top disc is in blue color, it is like a mirror. The tone of hands is also the same as that of leather band. The dial is perfectly in line with the leather strap color. By the way, the small second hand is running on the subdial at 9 o’clock.

Clone P.3000 Movement of PAM 690

About its band, I more think it is a leather strap in grey color although many people think it is in brown. The strap color is perfectly in line with the color of luminescence applied on hands and markers. The strap will feel a little harder when wearing it for the first time, but it is durable and will become softer after being worn for several times.


The replica watch is equipped with the most powerful manual winding movement, which is installed with two barrels that could offer 72-hour power reserve for the replica. The power reserve capacity is real and not fault. However, you have to wind the watch every day, maybe two times each day to ensure enough power for the replica.

PAM 690 Leather Strap


Vintage Panerai PAM 448 California Dial Replica Watch Review

Panerai PAM 448 Replica

Panerai California Dial Replica

Now it is hard to find such type of vintage Panerai watches in market, and the benefit to buy replica is that you can appreciate these beauties at any time. Radiomir is the protype of Luminor series, the design of Luminor and Luminor 1950 case is developed from Radiomir, and Panerai watches were mainly produced for the Italy Navy, so the earliest diving watch from Panerai should be Radiomir model. Today, I will show you guys a great vintage Panerai, it is PAM 448 coming from our replica watch world, the replica has several classic features that could only be found on those Panerai watches in old times. Like all replicas on my blog, this one is also a 1:1 replica, it shares the best craftmansip, water resistance and lume are perfect, besides, it owns an amazing power reserve.

Panerai Black Dial

PAM 448 Dial Close View

All vintage elements that appears on old Radiomir models could be found on this replica, including California Dial, Metal Wire Lugs, Pre-V buckle and so on. Anybody knows the origin of California Dial? I see it has a large difference with modern Radiomir dial and Sandwiched dial. The hour markers are very special, it consists of Rome and Arabic numbers as well as whiffletree markers at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, all hour markers and hands are applied original superlumed material, the dial will emit green light at night, it is strong, the luminous material is durable and could last a long time. Minute markers are also very special, they are track-style scales.

AR Coating on PAM 448

Green Lume Dial of PAM 448

Cushion-shaped case is 47mm in diameter and polished, classic onion-shaped crown of Radiomir features Panerai OP Logo, the whole case is mirror polished. To completely replicate the vintage Radiomir, this replica watch uses Wire Lugs, which are not welded on the case but fixed by screws, this is a little different from genuine watch.

OP Logo Panerai Crown

The case back is see-through crystal, where you could see the movement clearly, all jewels are in rosy red and movement plates on base have beautiful Geneva Stripes decoration. The movement is modified from an Asian ETA 6497 movement but has a lot of features being improved. The two ends of the balance bridge are fixed by two steel screws, it is fixed tightly so that the balance wheel could work stablely and precisely. All engravings on top plates are in blue like original P.3000 movement. By the way, the factory has set two barrels in the movement, and they said the replica could offer 72-hour power reserve, that means you do not need to wind the watch within 3 days once it has been fully wound.

Clone P.3000 of PAM 448

The replica has a lot of strong selling points, it will be a great alterlative of vintage Panerai California Dial watch for people who are crazy about old PAMs.

Polished Vintage Pre-V Panerai Buckle


Professional Review of Replica Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 P.3000 Clone Watch

Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 Replica

After givining a review on a strong guy PAM 382 yesterday before, here I will introduce PAM 372, which is one of my best likes in my watches collection. Besides PAM 000, 111 and 127, PAM 382 is the one that owns the most authentic Panerai features. In a Luminor 1950 case, which is the most popular case shape in watch industry, PAM 382 is really attractive due to its unque crown bridge like other Panerai watches and large case diameter. The replica PAM 372 will be discussed here is a perfect clone of genuine watch, not only the factory makes detailes of the replica closest to genuine, but also they try the best to clone Asian 6497 movement to display the best-looking replica P.3000 on front of your eyes.

PAM 372 Case

316L stainless steel case is polished, the case and bezel are all smoothly polished except the crown bridge, which is brushed to resist scratches due to frequent operation. 47mm case makes the watch more obvious on your wrist and brings more attention from the crowd. The case back is transparent and uses crystal. There are detaild information being engraved on the case back rim, including “OFFICINE PANERAI”, “STAINLESS STEEL”, “BREVETTATO” and others. One lug has a fish logo and “100m” engraved, which indicates that the replica is water resistant to 10 meters.

PAM 372 Dial

Black dial uses the same sandwiched structure, it is a simple dial, four large numeral 3-6-9-12 digits and other hour markers on top disk are all skeletonized, the bottom disk is applied brownish luminescence, golden hour and minute hands are also applied white lume material on the center, the whole dial will emit patina lume light in the dar, very beautiful. Besides, the color of these hour markers and hands exactly match with the tone of Asso leather band, they really fit very well and created such an art timepiece together.

Panerai PAM 372 Leather Strap

With a plexi crystal, the replica watch is actually full of vintage atmosphere, except the modern polished Luminor case, other details including the Pre-V buckle, indicating it is just reborn from vintage Radiomir.

P.3000 Clone Movement

At last, it is the movement, which is an Asian clone P.3000, actually I do not think the movement is a bright point of this replica. It is a 6497 that owns modified movement plates so that could be closer to genuine P.3000. Why did the factory do such job? I think it is because the replica watch uses a see-through crystal case back.

Panerai Movement Test

That’s all things I want to talk about this Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 372 replica. One more thing I have to tell you guys is that we are going to build a business website to offer an entrance to buy quality replica watches.


Replica Panerai Marina Militare 1940 PAM 587 P.3000 Clone Asso Strap

Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587 Replica

It is a vintage Panerai watch, made to pay tribute to Marina Militare 1940, with cushion-shaped case, PAM 587 inherits the classic appearance of vintage Panerai diving watch – Radiomir. Today, here comes an ultimate version of replica Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587, which will be a good gift for watch fans who like vintage Panerai watches. Now I am living in the place that is close to the biggest replica watches market in China, people who want to buy replica watches could email me the pictures and requirement, so I can find the watches you need. The factory I know bought a genuine PAM 532 and replicated this PAM 587, it is completely one 1:1 replica.

Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587 Dial

The case of the watch is crafted well, it is made of 316L stainless steel, the front side is polished, which looks brilliant, while other sides are brushed, I like the crown very much, it has one polished OP logo in the center, the crown looks bigger than other Panerai watches, except those Luminors. The case back is see-through crystal, OFFICINE PANERAI, OP logo and other information are engraved on the steel ring on the back.

Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587 ASSO Leather Strap

The dial is full of vintage favor, sandwich structure in black background, big 3-6-9 hour markers. The tip hands are also only used on those old Panerai watches. The dial has superlumed patina hour markers and hands, which will glow strong light in the dark. The dial has two layers of discs, the bottom one is plated with luminous material.

P.3000 Movement

The movement inside this replica Panerai Marina Militare PAM 587 watch is clone P.3000 caliber, which is based on Asian 6497 handwound movement. The plates appearance and jewels all look the same as genuine P.3000 caliber. The movement could work accurately, like the testing result show, it is only 7 seconds faster each day. By the way, another place that adds vintage-style point to this replica is its Asso leather strap, which is completely handstitched and in high quality.

PAM 587 Movement Test

Specification of Replica Panerai Marina Militare 1940 PAM 587

Movement: Asian 6497, Manual Winding, Swan Neck Regulator, 21600bph, Decorated to P3000 Caliber
Case: 47mm*14.5mm, 316 stainless steel, polished
Dial: Black, Superlumed Patina Hour Markers and Hands in Vintage Style
Bracelet: 26/22 Asso with Pre V Tang Buckle
Crystal: Sapphire Crystal, Colourless AR Coated as per Genuine
Caseback: See-through Crystal with Engravings on Case Rim


Replica Panerai PAM00510 Luminor Marina Clone P.5000 Movement

I have made several reviews about replica Panerai, this time, the point is to focus on the P.5000 movement used on replica Panerai, P.5000 makes a big improvement on the performance of P.3000 and has fine modification on outlook. This article will introduce the workmanship of Panerai Luminor replicas and clone P.5000 movement, if you are interested in it, this article will definitely help you a lot.

The pictures below are all components that are used on PAM00510 replica, the Luminor case is made perfectly on the replica.

PAM 510 Components

Luminor Marina is a classic series of Panerai, it was born in 1950, the occurrence of Luminor case is a continuation of Radiomir, Luminor upgraded its water resistance performance, in the past several years, Radiomir case is also the main role of Panerai. The improvement of Radiomir case has been made according to the the requirement of Italian Navy.

Panerai Crown Bridge

Panerai Crown Bridge 2

Antireflective coating, it is the phrase we usually call AR. Some replica watches feature two sided Antireflective coating, so their anti-reflective effect is even better than genuine watch. Now many factories plate the AR coating on the inside of crystal, so it will never be scratched.

The biggest feature of Luminor is its crown bridge on the case, the lever of the bridge press down the crown, so the time will not be adjusted carelessly and the waterproof performance can also be guaranteed.

Caseback Rim

Luminor is water resistant to be 200 meters, its case back is sapphire crystal design, so is this replica.

Panerai Sandwiched Dial

Almost all Panerai watches use Sandwiched dial structure, it is also Panerai patented, there are two dials, the layer below is covered with the most excellent SuperLume material, the upper dial is skeletonized.

Panerai Lume

P.5000 Movement

P.5000 Movement 2

P.5000 Movement Close-up

The black rubber strap on that replica Panerai PAM 510.

Panerai Black Rubber Strap

Panerai Buckle

Panerai Buckle 2


Replica IWC Portuguese IW500704 7 Days Watch Review

After Panerai P.3000 movement, this is another replica whose movement is modified on the basis of Chinese movement, I will introduce the advantage of this watch, and how reliable this movement could achieve. There are a lot of tear down pictures, if you are interested in this watch, then it is worth your time to read the following articles.

The disassembling of the watch, the emphasis lies in its movement.

Watch Components

IW500704 Case

IW500704 Crown Tube


The replica does well in case that should be as a good business watch, in polishing and brushing, it is also excellent, it is worth noting that the replica IW500704 watch uses Plexiglas on front and back glass, this makes it has weaker scratch resistance than other watches.

IW500704 Dial

IW500704 7 Marker

IW500704 Small Second

IW500704 Power Reserve Indicator


The most beautiful replica IWC Portuguese IW500704 watch you have ever seen. The dial is the second biggest selling point of the replica, it corrects the wrong position of the date window that could be found on all post Portuguese 7 Days replicas.

Here come two pictures of Portuguese 7 Days replica watch published seven years ago.

Portuguese 7 Days Past

Portuguese 7 Days Back

IW500704 Movement

IW500704 Movement 2

IW500704 Date Wheel


The completion of the replica IW500704 movement is made according to the clone P.3000 movement, it is modified on the basis of Chinese 23J movement, which features small second on the left and power reserve indicator at the right.

Movement Test

Movement Test Result

Movement Test Result 2

The movement has a superior accuracy and reliability. See the testing results above.