Replica Watches I Do Not Recommend

Jaeger LeCoultre Ultra Thin Moon Phase from ZF or APS

This is a very famous replica watch, a lot of people, including most TDs in the forums, will advertise the one made by ZF or APS to you because they thought it is the only super clone in the market, but I do not recommend this replica watch from ZF or APS. ZF and APS use a clone 925 movement that is based on a Dandong movement, so called Dandong 925 in this industry, as far as I know and according to customers feedback, this 925 movement is not very good and has a high repairing rate. A lot of people thought this is a super clone, but it is not as good as the one made by GF, unfortunately, GF closed forever.

Replica Watches with Dandong 7750 Movement

This type of replica watches is middle quality, usually they won’t have problems if you do not use their chrono function frequently. But customers who bought them usually are likely to push the chrono buttons. Replica watches that are equipped with Dandong 7750 movement are Daytona from TW factory, Aquatimer from APS factory, Big Bang Unico from BB factory, etc.

RM055 Ceramic from BBR Factory

BBR factory has published the Richard Mille RM055 replica watch that looks good, but I do not know which movement factory makes their clone RMUL movement that seems to have uncertain inaccuracy, I do not recommend RM055 from BBR.

RM055 Carbon from BBR Factory and RM from T+ Factory

The movement is modified on the basis of 8215 to the look of RMUL, but it is not too stable and and accurate after being modified. Richard Mille replica watches that are equipped with this movement are carbon RM055 from BBR factory and all Richard Mille replicas made by T+ factory.

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