The Most Complete Review of Replica Tudor Pelagos 25500TN

Before introducing the replica Tudor Pelagos 25500TN, you must have a full understaning of the genuine watch.

This is the only watch in Pelagos series, Tudor had released the similar design in 1970, Ref.9411-0, in my opinion, the 25500TN is a upgrade of Ref.9411-0, after this improvement, Pelagos becomes the watch that Tudor positions it as ocean-themed.

Ok, the above is the simple introduction of Tudor Pelagos, next I will talk about its replication.


The dial of the replica has a particular design, it adopts a beveled design that is similar to IWC Portuguese Chrono, not the flat on Rolex, there are one trigonal and eleven square opendings on that beveled surface, to fit for luminous markers, this makes the dial more beautiful and the design can be hardly found on other replicas.

Tudor Dial

Tudor 12 Marker

Case & Lume

The replica Tudor makes a great innovation on its bezel, whose engraved markers are also filled with Super Lume material, to prevent scratches, there is a protective coating on the bezel markers. By the way, the watch uses Titanium as case material, it has better corrosion and scratch resistance.

Tudor Bezel Markers

Waterproofing System

As a diving watch, the necessary thing must be its waterproof system, Tudor uses Rolex-patented waterproof system – screwed down crown.

Crown Screws

Tudor Escape Valve


Most people have known that hands and dial are produced by different factories, they are completed by two different factories, so a lot of replica watches have color difference on dial and hands.

To solve this problem, the watch dealers must supply lume materials by themselves. And the SuperLume material is very expensive.

Tudor Hand

Tudor Hand 2


To fit for the 1:1 casing, the crown has screws inside like the genuine, it has a good water resistant performance.

Tudor Crown

Tudor Shield Logo


The engravings on case back are 1:1 replicated according to gen. The spacer ring that fixes the movement is also polished to be perfect 1:1 effect. Beside, the pin is the best I have ever seen.

Tudor Case Back

Caseback Inside

Tudor Spacer Ring

Tudor Pin


Tudor Movement

Tudor Movement 2

Tudor Movement 3

The popular Asian ETA 2824-2 movement.

The most high end replica Tudor Pelagos uses Titanium case, genuine SuperLume, Titanium bracelet, it is an amazing masterpiece. If you want to buy a 1:1 replica at a very low price, this one will be a good choice.

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