Piaget Polo G0A38149 Rose Gold Watch Review(Replica vs Genuine)

Piaget Polo Rose Gold Watch

Polo is the sports series of Piaget, with elegant and outstanding brown crocodile leather strap, it displays fashion and sporty casual style. POLO has its own outlook design. As for me, I think most of the watches of this series are kind of formal, especially with rose gold case design, it’s hard to cast off the image of nobleness.

The following information are the basic introduction about Piaget GoA38149:

Material: Rose Gold
Strap’s Style: Crocodile
Buckle: Detachable
Case Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 9.6mm
Back: Sapphire Crystal
Movement: Automatic( Double Barrel Design, limited power storage 85 hours, 21600bph )

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 2

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 3

Replica Piaget 9015 Movement

Replica Piaget Polo G0A38149 4

Replica Piaget Polo Clasp

Brown Leather Strap


Genuine Piaget Watch

Genuine case uses 18K rose gold, the replica is stainless steel with rose gold plating, so, you still can feel the difference when touching them. For some top luxury watches like PATEK Philippe, VACHERON CONSTANTIN, those watches have its soul in it, it is hard for us to clone them. So far, all the replicas of PATEK Philippe and VACHERON CONSTANTIN barely have super 1:1 replica. If you have high standard of the replica, I’m afraid there are no. Most of the replica PATEK Philippe, even the one we are talking about today, the Piaget, factory just can thrown it after finishing. So, sometimes when we talk about the top luxury replica, caring about its appearance is just enough, because it’s really difficult to copy the genuine soul. However, as I know, there is one exception, that is BLANCPAIN Fifty Fathoms.

Size, thickness and weight

The replica is 42mm in case diameter, genuine watch is 43mm.

Replica Diameter

The replica is 10.8mm thick, genuine is 9.6mm.

Replica Thickness

Both of them the weight is 100 g.

Replica Weight

Crystal hardness test

On the introduction above, genuine back case is Sapphire crystal. The testing result on the replica found that the front is Sapphire crystal, and the back is mineral.

PS: For some replica watches with arched crystal, sapphire is a great evidence to identify their grade.

Crystal Hardness Test

Back Crystal Hardness

Replica Piaget Case Side

Hour markers

The big difference between replica and the genuine lies in its hour markers. I just can’t figure out why the factory draw a black line around the markers.

The left is replica, right one is genuine.

Replica Hour Marker VS Genuine

Minute scales

The every fifth minute scale is widened and deepened on genuine.

Replica Minute Scales vs Genuine

Rome numbers on dial

Almost the same, but the size of the gap at 8 is different.

Replica Hands vs Genuine 2


The font size of replica date and the shape are not same as the genuine.

Replica Date Font vs Genuine

Date window

The prominent length of the Triangle is not same as the genuine.

The hour hand is quite same as the genuine, while the minutes hand is obviously a bit long.

Replica Date Window vs Genuine

Replica Hands vs Genuine

Replica Hands vs Genuine 2

Case side appearance:

The lines at the side is quite same as the genuine, both have P alphabet on the crown, shape and quality is basically the same.

Replica Crown

Genuine Watch Crown

Caseback engraving:

The lettering’s font is same, but the genuine one is deeper.

Caseback Engravings Difference


The appearance of Movement 9015 is quite amazing, middle axis looks same as the genuine. However, the factory didn’t make a further polishing on the movement plates, but did on the rotor, personally think that it’s kind of hasty.

The following one movement 2824 was took for a early time before, it’s elegant and beautiful, golden flower pattern is deep enough to see clearly, it should be the best, but factory didn’t try his best.

Sometimes one small part can exposure its fake identity, buckle’s engraving, the fixation after opening the buckle is same. Inside it has engravings. The strength of this replica is the buckle.


Recently everyone can see this Piaget model in forums discussion, the factories in the market only produced limited quantity of Piaget replicas, it’s logical that everyone would pay attention on it. This model still has a lot of details need to strengthen, or normal consumers still can see the obvious difference by comparing the pictures. If the marks is from S, A, B and C, then, I gave A. This model still has potential, dial needs to be corrected, and the movement does not need to add the decorated plates, just need to further polishing the rotor. I believe it will become a wonderful replica watch, but not now!

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