New full gold 40mm Submariner from Clean factory

There are a lot of new replica watches Clean factory has published in recent weeks, yes, they are all Rolex, including Daytona, Submariner and GMT-Master II. Perhaps Clean puts all their energy on the research and development of new watches, the delivery rate of their existing watches has been affected, for example, now you need to wait for some days to get a Panda Daytona from Clean, in the past, you can get it immediately after ordering one from the factory. Clean has many Rolex watches, but their flagship or most important products are Submariner 116610LV and Daytona, especially their Submariner 116610LV, we all have a high recognition and this is also the replica watch that makes Clean famous in this industry, hope Clean factory can solve the delivery speed immediately, after all a lot of customers like to buy their Panda Daytona.

Replica Rolex Submariner Full Gold

The new replica I am going to introduce today is a full golden Submariner from Clean. It is a super clone like the other watches from Clean, 1:1 exact replica. The watch is absolutely made with 904L stainless steel, the case has a diameter of 40mm and is measured to be 13mm in thickness, which is the same as genuine, not every case has the same thickness, not that accurate. It is a golden watch, there is yellow gold coating on the case and bracelet, but it can not be called 18K gold, on many dealers’ website, they call it 18K gold, that’s not true. The gold coating has a regular thickness, but won’t fade within one or two years. About this watch, VR factory has a wrapped gold version that has much thicker gold coating, but the price is very high.

Rolex Full Gold Submariner Black Dial

About the bezel, it uses black ceramic insert that features golden markers, the ceramic bezel is always the biggest advantage of Clean factory, because this factory specially provided ceramic bezels for other watch factories in the past, Clean is not a factory that originally well-known for making good replicas. The bezel pearl is completed in a high imitation level, its color and shape, now few people complain the bezel pearl on the replica Submariner, it is very close to perfection.

Rolex Full Gold Submariner Case
Rolex Full Gold Submariner Crown

Under the sapphire crystal, the black dial has all perfect details, especially the hands, which have been greatly improved, the shape and width of the hour hand and minute hand are 1:1 replicated from original. The lume coating on the hands has the same color as that on hour markers, no color difference. The big triangle 12 hour marker is perfectly aligned with the white crown logo below. No clients also complain the date, it has correct font thickness and is centered in the window. By the way, on the inner bezel, about the engravings, be sure to let your supplier to choose the watch with correctly aligned crown logo engraving.

Rolex Full Gold Submariner Bracelet
Rolex Full Gold Submariner Clasp

The movement inside is a 3135 movement, which is considered to be the best clone 3135 movement in our market. There are too many clone 3135 movements I have seen, actually no big difference between them among those super clone watches. On the latest V2 edition of 40mm Submariner from Clean, it is installed with 3135 movement developed by VS factory, the 3135 made by VS is not a better one, same quality as the one used by Clean factory before. But the big difference indeed exists in the clone 3235 movement used in 41mm Submariner, the clone 3235 developed by VS factory is the best and has a long power reserve.

Rolex Full Gold Submariner Buckle
Rolex Full Gold Submariner Case Back
Audemars Piguet

JF Gold Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Blue Dial Watch with 3120 Movement

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold replica

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak J12 Replica

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold Watch Crown

As the most outstanding and popular series of Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak has contributed so many excellent models to its fans. Royal Oak models always has very manly designs in its shape, color and functions, and there is no doubt for it to be so welcome among male purchase list. But, actually there are also many ladies love Royal Oak watches. In the replica market, replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch is also a hot item, there are so many models and this article I will like to review this full gold edition with you guys.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Gold Case

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Blue Dial

When I saw this full gold timepiece, it is so bright to me, and it looks so good on dark or bright skin. The size 41mm*9.8mm case is made of 316L stainless steel, with gold coating, and the surface is brass very well, I like the brass pattern very much, and it is even better on the gold. I can see there are screws on the bezel to fix the whole piece together, this has become the typical machinery beauty of Royal Oak watch. Looking into the dial, which is special blue check design, quiet special on a full gold case. The stick markers and three hands are all in gold, which is luminous. Functions are including hour, minute, second and date, adjusting from the crown. There is engraving “AP” on this hexagonal crown. On top the front glass is made of sapphire crystal, wearable and colorless material.

Audemars Piguet Gold Bracelet

Audemars Piguet Gold 15400 Clasp

From the back sapphire crystal case, the movement machinery structure can be seem clearly. There is engraving “Royal Oak” and series No. on the back case. Inside there is a 1:1 replica 3120 movement from MIYOTA9015 movement, comparing to the previous replica edition which adopted 9015 movement without any replica work, this one is much closer to the genuine. We can see every replica detail through the clear back case. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and proceed with PVD gold as well. The Tang buckle is very elegant too, the “AP” logo looks as same as per original too. To conclude, this would be the best replica edition that I’ve seen, especially on the details and manufacture work. If you are looking for gold timepiece, this AP Royal Oak model will be nice to choose from.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 3120 Movement


Replica Portuguese Chronograph Review(JJ vs 3A vs Genuine)

Two IWC Portuguese Chronograph Replica Watches

Hi everybody, today we are going to talk about IWC Portuguese Chronograph, it is the second time to make a review about this watch. Portuguese plays a decisive role in the replica watch world as a formal watch, you guys should list it as an alternative. I think most of us like its simple style. This time, we have a new opponent against the 3A mechanical version, the JJ Portuguese Chronograph, which is a newborn. However, is it with a good performance or has an illegible appearance? Let’s have a deep comparison.

Genuine watch specifications:

Self-winding chronograph movement 79350, 44 hours Power reserve. Minute and second-chronograph function, small second with hack mechanism.

Double convex anti reflective sapphire crystal, water resistance is up to 3 Bar.

Case’s thickness is 12.3 mm, diameter 40.9 mm.

IWC Portuguese Chronograph on Hand

IWC Portuguese Chrono White Dial

IWC Portuguese Polished Bezel

Portuguese Watch in Flat

My personal review:

Portuguese Chronograph has a strong affinity, most of us would easily be attracted due to its simple design for the first sight. These two timepieces don’t have any difference from ours eyes judging, while the obvious part is the time scales on the dial, one is rose gold, the other is gold. When you hold these two timepieces, both of them are quite admirably plump and well, without the feeling of the edge cutting. Before being fitted with one pair of high quality crocodile leather straps, Portuguese is not a good watch. As for me, I think a good strap is rather important than the watch’s detail. This evaluation is almost finished in here, because for me, It’s the perfect matching that makes a great watch. We should pay more attention to the strap, this is more funny than a bit improvement of the dial.

Whether a Portuguese Chronograph is a good watch or not, the point is on the dial. Before the newborn of JJ Portuguese Chronograph, I truly didn’t pay much attention on the genuine one’s time scales are in gold, while 3A is rose gold. However, nothing can stop this watch’s selling reached to the peak. As for me, a successful replica watch should have fulfilled two requirements, one is to choose a right replica object, without too much exaggerated workmanship. Second, the craftsmanship should be well enough to beat the current competitors, because normally people would compare it with the recent versions, of course, it will have a lot of versions after several improvements.

Actually most of us lack of enough elaborative faculty on the replica. As before I didn’t show much attention about its time scales color, when I knew it, I just found myself that I’m entangled with it.  The fake color just leaves a deep impression on your mind,  and just can’t get rid of it.

Portuguese has a brother called Portofino, its replica on the dial is up to the top, and people are quite in love it. But recently there is a new problem, the number of date font on genuine is “1”, not “I”. The strict requirement to the watch’s detail, I can’t say it is good or bad, while I only know this may affect the directional changes upon our understanding to the object. Many people would ask which one is the most highest level replica, the overreaction towards to the watch’s detail would smother your first feeling to it. Wow!! This watch is beautiful, you still remember the origin feeling when you bought the watch? That’s it, that feeling is simple and so innocent.

I pretty admired those people with enough economic strength, and also with a strong personality. Some people would ask you, don’t you know Portuguese chronograph has rose gold limited edition?

With such forceful situation, if you lack of enough information on this part, you probably would doubt yourself. Replica indeed is a fight, no matter the result is good or bad, however, the evaluation will continue to carry on.

The tone of markers:

JJ version is gold, 3A is rose gold, genuine watch is gold. I think this detail is the biggest difference between the two factories. After comparing, I found that 3A does not have the right to exist, it just passed from the color.

The first one is JJ version, secone is 3A and the thrid photo is genuine watch.

JJ Portuguese Replica

3A Portuguese

Genuine Portuguese

The polishing of the font’s edge on the dial:

3A version without polishing, while JJ version has been polished. 3A version is almost right-angle, and the genuine is well polished. If judging from the the front sight, JJ version is hard to be distinguished as fake, which is the successful part for this model, and this is also the detail better than other versions.

Dial Font Comparison

Dial font detail:

The top one is JJ Portuguese, the watch at bottom is 3A.

Dial Hour Marker

The color of subdials:

We are quite care of the light reflection, now let’s have a look. Left is JJ, right is 3A. As you can see that the color difference of between small second subdial and main dial, both of the two dials’ color is same on JJ, while 3A is silvery, it has the obvious reflective phenomenon.

Subdial Light Reflection

The difference of the small second dial, first one is JJ version, second is 3A, the third one is genuine.

Small Second Subdial Difference

Why it has such difference? This depends on the degree of machining precision. Enlarging the picture, the whorl of JJ version is more dense and exquisite.

Whorl on Subdial

The scales on small second subdial:

The marker at 45 should be much thicker than the markers next to it.

Small Second Subdial Markers

Dot markers:

On the dial, each dot of the genuine is a bit raised, look careful at the dot at 4 o’clock. JJ version is the same as the genuine, but 3A version doesn’t. All the dots on the dial are raised. JJ version did a good job in this detail.

Dot Markers

Time scales on outer bezel:

Notice the scales “30” and “0”, JJ is the same as genuine, but 3A version a a little fat.

Outer Bezel Time Scales

Dial printing:

Dial Printing

The length of second-chronograph hand:

As the problem of the angle, the length of the second-chronograph hand maybe has some deviations because of the sight. However we still can see JJ version is same as the genuine, 3A version is a little shorter.

Second-Chronograph Hand Length


JJ and genuine Portuguese all have a notch on crown, while 3A Portuguese does not have this.

Portuguese Crown

Caseback engraving:

I think both JJ version and 3A version didn’t do well in this part, the engraved is sort of thin and also not deep enough.

JJ Portuguese Caseback

Genuine Portuguese Caseback

3A Portuguese Caseback


Both JJ and 3A do well at this.

First is JJ version.

JJ Inner Case

JJ Portuguese Movement

Then the Portuguese from 3A.

3A Inner Case

3A Movement

Watch size:

Compared with workmanship of the dial, the size of the watch seems like be of no great importance. The thickness of the genuine is 12.3 mm, at this detail, JJ did not make any change on it.

JJ version, diameter 40.8 mm, thickness is 14.1 mm.

JJ Portuguese Case Diameter

JJ Portuguese Thickness

3A version. Diameter is 41.1 mm, thickness is 14.2 mm.

3A Portuguese Diameter

3A Portuguese Thickness


I’m so glad that I can learn and share some information with you all at this web page. Before this review, I do doubt the JJ version. I said It’s hard to replica one watch with complicated dial, as you can see 3A is an example. But, when I looked carefully at this watch, I still have some astonishment, as JJ version nearly reached to the perfection. As the price has not much difference, 3A version seems to have no necessary to appear to the market. Which factory will make better Portuguese replica next?


Replica Rolex Datejust II 41mm Two Tone ETA 2836 Movement

Rolex Datejust II Two Tone Replica

Datejust II is one of the most popular casual Rolex watches in recent years after its launch. The biggest feature of Rolex Datejust II is it has a 41mm case, which exactly meets the need of people for big-size watches. Today, the replica watch is going to be introduced is a two tone Datejust II replica watch, look at the pictures, the replica Rolex is luxury and features thick yellow gold coating on bezel and the middle links of bracelet.

Rolex Datejust II Grey Dial

First, the case is made of 316F stainless steel, its bezel is fluted style and plated with 5mils yellow gold, so is its crown. The dial looks bigger than other Datejust watches because its 41mm case diameter. Grey dial has green rome hour markers, the minute scales are in white color. Hour and minute hands in golden tone, their central stem is filled with white lume material, golden Rolex Crown Logo is positioned at 12 o’clock, this crown logo is in three-dimensional. Actually, Rolex is the representative of luxury, when that Rolex Datejust II replica watch is plated with 18K Champagne Gold on bezel and bracelet, it makes Rolex look more luxury and noble.

Rolex Clasp

Rolex Caseback

This Datejust II is completely 1:1 replication of genuine watch, the factory bought one genuine Datejust II as sample to tear it down, then remake it with all genuine watch parts, even the movement is Swiss made that is better than these Asian replicas. The movement is Swiss ETA 2836-2 movement, 25 jewels and beats at 28800bph. Besides, buyers could also have other options on movement, including Asian 3136 and Swiss SW200, they are all in high quality. See the testing result of the replica Rolex, which is 3 seconds faster each day, this indicates that the watch absolutely meets the standard of Swiss made replica Rolex.

Rolex Gold Crown Buckle

Rolex 2836 Movement Test