KW Panerai PAM00441 Ceramic Watch Replica Review

Panerai has always been the hottest product in replica watch world, and PAM 441 is the mostly replicated one, from stainless steel case to Titanium, then being upgrated to Ceramic case, PAM 441 has achieved to be perfect after going through a series of development. Today, let us find how is the workmanship of PAM replicas.

Genuine PAM 441 specification:

Movement: Panerai P.9001 automatic, manufactured by Panerai independently, 13¾ linges, 7.9mm thick, 29 jewels, Glucydur® balance wheel, 28,800bph. Incabloc® shock absorber. 3-day power reserve, double barrel. Made of 229 components.

Function: Hours, minutes, small seconds, date, gmt, power reserve indicator, zero reset.

Case: black ceramic, 44mm.

Caseback: See-through sapphire crystal

Water Resistance: 100 meters

After seeing the specifications above, you may have several questions:

First, ceramic material.

Panerai uses ZrO2 to make high-tech ceramice, to manufacture Luminor and Luminor 1950 case. This type of high-tech ceramic has a high level of hardness, it is extremely scratch and shock resistant.

Second, waterproof.

Genuine PAM 441 is water resistant to 100 meters, but the replica can be only water resistant in daily life.

Third, power reserve indicator

Faux power reserve display on KW PAM 441.

KW PAM 441 Replica

The left one is KW PAM 441, the right one is 441 from other small factories, here we call it WMC 441.

The pictures below we are going to review are KW, WMC and Gen.

Dial color

The dial color of WMC version is a bit light. CERAMICA font is the same.

PAM 441 Dial Color

Date window and font

KW PAM 441 has the same date window and date font with gen, while WMC replica obviously has different date font and color.

PAM 441 Date

Hands length

On hour and minte hands, two replica PAM 441 versions have the same length with gen, but WMC has a longer small second hand.

PAM 441 Hour Hand

PAM 441 Minute Hand

PAM 441 Small Second Hand

Crown bridge detail

Check the crown bridge, KW and gen all have bevel edge, while WMC does not have.

PAM 441 Crown Bridge


They are all slightly different from gen, and WMC version has an extra little ball bearing.

Crown Bridge Lever

Lever Close-up


KW PAM 441 and gen have the same lugs, while WMC 441 is different.



KW uses Shanghai 7750, WMC PAM 441 replica uses ST25 movement. The power reserve indicator and engravings of KW version are very close to gen, while some details like the shock absorber can not completely be made the same as gen, you can see the great progress these watch manufacturers have made.

KW PAM 441 Shanghai 7750

ST25 Movement

Genuine PAM 441 Movement


KW PAM 441 uses black ceramic, it weighs about 138g, the WMC version is a little heavier, about 142g.

KW PAM 441 Weight

WMC PAM 441 Weight

Under light, the crystal on KW 441 is clearly transparent.

KW PAM 441 Crystal

WMC PAM 441 Crystal

Purchase advice

After comapring the two replica PAM 441 from different two factories, I will give some honest advice here. The WMC PAM 441 replica is much cheaper than KW PAM 441 version, if you do not have enough budget, the PAM 441 from WMC is also a good choice, it does not have too much difference with gen, besides, Sea-gull ST25 automatic movement has a very good fame because its high stability. Here we can see the quality of replica Panerai has achieved a high level, the improvement of case material on KW PAM 441 makes it very close to gen, it is a high end PAM replica watch.


Replica IWC Big Pilot Turbine Markus Buhler IW5003

You will be amazed by this watch when see it first in replica watch field. If you are a big fan of IWC, you should have started to focus on IWC collection since 2008, and read watch magazines, even to know more about the most creative designer under IWC SA, then you must have the same feeling with me, the watch IW5003 is very precious, only it is a replica, it is worth buying. Nowaday, you can not find so detailed specifications about this replica in other places, this is the first review about the turbine watch, if you focused on this watch before or interested in it, this post will let you learn a lot.

Before introducing the background and details of this replica IWC Markus Buhler, I will post some information of the genuine watch.

The movement won the first prize in IFHH de I’Horlogerie, the watch was collected by Musee de I’Horlogerie et de I’Emaillerie and it is the only watch that was named after designer in IWC history.

You will know its historic status after seeing the above information. Yes, IW5003 is a great milestone in IWC watchmaking history. Its main designer is Markus Buhler, the team is called “Buhler Project”, in the end of 2008, they produced 12 pieces of Big Pilot Markus Buhler Special Edition watches, the first watch was collected by Markus Buhler, the twelfth was permanently collected by Musee de I’Horlogerie et de I’Emaillerie, the left watches were sold to the public.

Next I will introduce the replica. The following is all components of IW5003.


Case Diameter

There are really few introduction about the watch, you can not even find the specification of the genuine watch. Here comes the detail of the replica IWC.

Case Side

Case Between Lugs

Crown Tube

Case Frame


Crown 2

The pictures above describe the outside details of the replica, besides the limited edition number and crown, there are no other places having engraving.

Turbine Dial

Turbine Dial 2

IWC Lume

Super Lume dial and hands, the lume is painted according to the lume color of past Big Pilot replicas. To be honest, no one knows what the gen lume look like.

IWC Turbine Movement

IWC Turbine Movement 2

IWC Turbine Movement 3


Movement Close-up

The movement uses Asian 6497 manual winding movement, which has turbine ornament on gear, the movement plate also has beautiful sunray patterns, it is the most beautiful Asian 6497 movement you have ever seen.


IWC Mark XVII IW326501 Replica Watch Review

About the replica IWC Mark XVII, there have been many reviews about it, especially the steel bracelet version. This one is the leather strap model that has one big improvement in recent days, so it is the most beautiful replica IWC Mark 17. This post will introduce the watch from case, crystal, dial, case, clasp and movement.

IW326501 Case

IW326501 Case

IW326501 Case 2

IW326501 Crystal

Case & Crystal

The case uses good craftmanship and the crystal has been improved on the basis of past model. The inner blue anti-reflective coating is more obvious, so the crystal can turn obvious blue at a certain angle. Becase the AR coating is painted inside of the crystal, so you do not need to worry its scratch. This can not be seen on previous replica IWC.

Replica IWC Mark XVII Dial

IWC Dial Flat

IW326501 Date Window

Dial & Hands

Compared with previous Mark XVII replicas, the dial has no big improvement. The triangle mark besides the date window is in a lighter red color, other details like date font and printing position, they all inherit the previous models.

IW326501 Case Back

IW326501 Case Back 2

IW326501 Case Back Engraving

Case Back

The engraving of this latest replica IWC Mark XVII watch uses the most advanced laser engraving technology, the clarity and detail of the engraving are perfect. Like the gen, the movement has an additional soft-iron that is antimagnetic, it is polished and very beautiful.

IW326501 Leather Strap

IW326501 Buckle Engraving

Strap & Clasp

The most beautiful clasp I have ever seen on all Mark XVII replica watches. The strap uses good quality alligator leather material.

Replica IW326501 Movement

Balance Wheel


The replica watch is equipped with ETA 2892-A2 movement, you can find detailed specification about this movement, besides this Mark XVII replica, there are many other brand replicas using this movement, such as Cartier Ballon Blue, Bell Ross, and so on.


Hublot Big Bang Carbon Fibre(J12 and V6)Replica VS Gen

Hublot, a now fresh name in replica watch industry, however a lot of friends seem to be not familiar with it, today, let us walk close to the best-seling collection of Hublot – Big Bang series.

Hublot has always not been an ordinary brand, it has an independent design style and uses many high-tech materials, each watch coming from Hublot will feature bold color style. So its fans are also a group of people with unique personality, they have their own way of thinking and not following the crowd.

Model: 301.CI.1770.RX
Diameter: 44mm
Case: Ceramic
Dial: Carbon Fibre
Movement: HUB4100(42-hour power reserve)

Hublot Carbon Fibre Replicas

Now comes the replicas from two famous replica watch factories, the left is J12 and the right is from V6.

The two replica watch factories replicate many brands, some of them are the same, like Cartier Ballon Bleu, Santos and Hublot Big Bang. However when it comes to popularity and amount of sales, V6 is better. I think the quality of their watches is almost on the same level, however V6 makes better in subtle details.

Two replicas are real ceramic watches, you can feel their texture and weight on hand. For people who have never seen replica watches before, it is hard for them to spot as fakes. The appearance of movement is very beautiful, V6 has been modified to be closer to gen, but J12 movement is also acceptable. The chronograph feeling of 7750 is slightly jerky, not as smooth as ST19 movement, especially when pressing the button firstly. The band is a little harder on two replicas, but not sticky and will not be covered with dust. The rubber band does not have a little hint of fragrance like the genuine, certainly the replicas can do this originally, even a lot of cheap fakes. But the rubber bands with fragrance are too soft and sticky. The replica strap has vertical stripes.

The following pictures are the replica Hublot from J12 factory.

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 2

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 3

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 4

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 5

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 6

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 7

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 8

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 9

Weight and size

The first picture below is J12, the second one is V6.

Two replicas use the same material, because V6 modified the movement plates, so it is 3g heavier than J12, J12 weighs 148g and V6 is 151g.

Hublot J12 Weight

Hublot V6 Weight

The Hublot replica from J12 is measured 45mm in case diameter, and 15.1mm thick.

Hublot J12 Case Diameter

Hublot J12 Thickness

The V6 version is 44.3mm in case diameter and 15.1mm thick.

Hublot V6 Case Diameter

Hublot V6 Thickness


For complicated watches, the dial details are hard to be replicated, they are difficult to be made close to gen because there are too many factors.

Below, the first picture is J12 version, the second one is V6 and the third image is genuine dial.

The biggest difference lies in J12, V6 and gen. The carbon fibre pattern on gen dial is 45 drgrees inclined, J12’s is horizontal and V6 is like gen. This detail is the largest difference between the two replicas versions.

Hublot Dial Comparison

Below is the comparison of subdials position, there are no difference between the replica and gen.

Hublot Subdials

Hublot Minute Chronograph Counters

Dial font color

The font on J12 dial is pure white, V6 and gen use silver white. So V6 does better on this detail.

Hublot Dial Font

Hublot Subdial Layer

Hour markers

The position of hour markers and appearance are the same with gen, lume material is evenly coated.

Hublot Hour Markers


The length of hour and minute hands on two replicas are the same as gen.

Hour Hand Length

Minute Hand Length

Date font

It seems the J12 has a little thicker date font.

Date Font


The patterns on the bezel side of both replicas can not be made the same as gen, but J12 replica is more similar.

Hublot Bezel Patterns

Caseback engraving

Notice the BIG BANG font, the size is the same, but J12 is wider and V6 is deeper.

BIG BANG Engraving


J12 uses 7750 movement, whose movement plates have not been modified. V6 also uses 7750 movement but to make sure it looks closer to gen, the factory modified the movement plates. The appearance of auto rotor on two replicas is good. By the way, the movement polishing has a large gap with the gen watch.

Hublot Big Bang J12 Movement

Hublot Big Bang V6 Movement

Hublot Genuine Movement


42mm Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica V6 vs J12

Cartier Ballon Bleu has always been in hot discussion in replica watch industry, recently V6 factory published their Ballon Bleu replica V2 edition, what about the quality, please let us check it.

First, it comes the specifications of genuine large Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch: 42mm in case diameter, it is equipped with Caliber 049 automatic movement, stainless steel case, fluted crown with a synthetic spinel cabochon, silver guilloche dial, rome hour markers, sword-shaped blue steel hands, sapphire crystal, steel bracelet, date window is positioned at 3. The watch is 30 meters water resistant.

Next the two replica we are going to compare are Ballon Bleu replicas from V6 and J12.

Weight and size

As a replica, I think the most important things are its texture and quality. The two Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watches all have good texture and quality, the crystal is also clearly transparent.

V6 version is 41.9mm in case diameter, 13.2mm in thickness. Genuine watch is 42.1mm and 12mm thick.

Cartier Ballon Bleu V6 Diameter

Cartier Ballon Bleu V6 Thickness

J12 Ballon Bleu replica is measured to be 42.1mm, and 13.5mm thick.

J12 Ballon Bleu Replica Case Diameter

J12 Ballon Bleu Replica Thickness

The size of both watch are very similar to gen.

V6 Cartier watch weighs about 147g, the case is 61g and bracelet is 86g.

V6 Cartier Case Weight

V6 Cartier Weight

The Ballon Bleu replica from J12 weighs about 150g, including 62g case and 88g bracelet.

J12 Cartier Case Weight

J12 Cartier Weight

Both replicas have similar weight, they should have same case construction.

Dial color

The left watch is V6, the right one is J12. It is hard to see the dial color difference. However, J12 is more yellowish in dial color than V6.

V6 vs J12 Dial Color

Crown sapphire

On the picture below, the first one is V6, the second one is J12 and gen is at the bottom.

Genuine crown sapphire is deep blue, however the J12 Ballon Bleu is too transparent and blue color is light. So the sapphire color of V6 Ballon Bleu is closer to gen.

Ballon Bleu Crown Sapphire


The top is V6 and J12 is at the bottom. All baked blued steel hands are in high quality, V6 has deeper blue hands.

V6 Ballon Bleu Hands

J12 Ballon Bleu Hands

Date window

The first is V6, second is J12 and third picture is gen. The date window frame should have layered structure, so J12 version is correct in this while V6 is not. The background of date font on V6 Ballon Bleu replica watch is in silver, which is the same as gen.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Date Font

CARTIER lettering at 7

J12 is correct, the CARTIER lettering on V6 is a little outside. Besides, V6 is thicker.

CARTIER Lettering

Here comes more lettering comparison pictures.



Crystal. The left watch is V6, right one is J12.

Ballon Bleu Crystal

Caseback engraving

The left case back is from V6, J12 is on the right. Correct case back engraving is deep, J12 Ballon Bleu replica is more correct.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Caseback Engraving

The following comes with the things inside the case.

Both case backs are satin finished, J12 does it more smoothly.

V6 Caseback

J12 Caseback

Movement details

J12 has neat engravings on the inner case metal, the satin finishing has more quality texture.

Ballon Bleu Movement


Can not find any difference, except the deeper clasp engraving on J12.

Ballon Bleu Bracelet

Ballon Bleu Bracelet 2

Ballon Bleu Clasp

Hour markers

It seems that all Rome hour markers on V6 are thinner than gen.


V6 indeed does better in details such as crown sapphire, date window shape, date font, etc. Actually, the 42mm Ballon Bleu from V6 is also more expensive, in my opinion, two replicas have their own advantages, both have superior texture and quality.


Replica IWC Aquatimer Watch Orange Black Review

Before publishing the replicas of AP Diver, Submersible and others, the IWC Aquatimer replica is the earliest and best-selling diving watch replica watch on the internet. Today, there are still a lot of buyers are in pursuit of this orange black Aquatimer replica because of tis special shape and ocean-style diving bezel. The replica IWC watch has two colors combination, orange and black, every detail in black and orange color is clearly readable and highly recognizable, black bezel features orange diving scales, the bezel has white printing markers. The dial in black background also has orange small second hand and central minute hand, whether the case, dial detail and rubber band with buckle, they all look superb. The case uses two different craftmanship, polishing and brushing, look at the lugs, they are brushed, the most obvious polished parts are crown and chronograph buttons, those flutes on the bezel are also polished, very shiny.

IWC Aquatimer Bezel

IWC Aquatimer Bezel 2

The dial is very close to genuine, the replica IWC Aquatimer watch has the most solid dial detail, the hands are sword-shaped, central second-chronograph hand is slender with triangle tip, the center os minute hand is in orange color that echoes with the orange diving scales on bezel. The replica IWC watch features every thing in a reasonable way, the layout is perfect and all look fine to me. This is what a superb replica watch should look like. The black rubber strap has unique grid decoration, coupled with tang buckle, which is brushed, the rubber strap used by this IWC replica watch adopts the genuine natural rubber material, it feels soft and very easy to wear and take off. By the way, the movement inside the watch is an Asian 7750, it has a less inaccuracy and better stability.

IWC Aquatimer Clasp

IWC Aquatimer Rubber Strap

IWC Aquatimer Watch Test


Replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic Watch Review

Hublot becomes more and more popular, and so is their replicas. The unique shape and special material combination makes Hublot a very sporty brand watch. This one is the replica of Big Bang Evolution Black Magic, made of black ceramic, the replica watch is in great quality, with an Asian 7750 movement, every function goes well. The replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic is measured to be 44mm in case diameter, and 18mm thick, there are several big selling points I must describe, first, the ceramic bezel, it is not like other poor quality ceramic that looks a little greyish, the real ceramic is in pure black, and if the replica Hublot watch is made of solid ceramic, it will feel heavy on hand, and when wearing it, the place that contacts the skin will feel a little cool.

Replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic

Replica Hublot Big Bang Watch

Hublot Case

The dial adds the second selling point to this replica Hublot Big Bang Black Magic watch, it is black carbon fibre dial, the best quality carbon fibre I have ever seen. On the dial, all hands and hour markers are in steel, but they are coated superlume material, which is Swiss standard, so that the replica dial can look as strong as genuine in lume light. On the dial, the small second hand is at 9, all three subdials are in black background with white markers. When it comes to crystal, the replica Hublot watch uses the sapphire crystal that is closest to genuine, AR coating on two sides, colorless like the original, there is one layer of AR coating inside the crystal to prevent scratch. Any way, you can find that every subtle detail on the watch is 100% exact imitation of the original, certainly except the movement, but the Hublot Big Bang Black Magic replica is equipped with the best quality 7750 movement, which is modified on the basis of Shanghai 7750, this Asian 7750 movement features decorated insignia perforated rotor. By the way, the replica comes from H factory, one of the famous Chinese watch factory that makes high end replica watches.

Hublot Dial

Hublot Strap and Clasp

Hublot 7750 Movement

Hublot Watch Test



Replica Glashutte Panoinverse XL 66-01 Watch Review

Too long not to give a review of low end replica watch, today, let’s talk about one replica in cheap price. Maybe most of you will look down these low-cost replicas, because they are low quality. So, what do I think about?

The watch is a replica of Glashutte Panoinverse XL 66-01, the manufacturer to make this replica is to replicate the double swan neck regulator and display the balance wheel. As you know, the double regulator on genuine Panoinverse XL is on the right side of the watch dial, while the replica uses Miyota movement, so the manufacturer can only open one window at 6 to display the balance wheel.

At the same time, the genuine Panoinverse XL has four hands, while this replica only has three.

Replica Glashutte Panoinverse XL 66-01 Watch

Replica Glashutte Panoinverse Golden Watch


If someone asks me whether this replica is good or not, I will say it is a good replica. It uses the best PVD gold plating technology, so its case looks close to real K gold, the manufacturer trys his best to replicate the characteristics of Panoinverse XL, see the details below.

Panoinverse XL Replica Watch

Balance Bridge

Balance Bridge 2

Panoinverse XL Dial

Panoinverse XL Golden Crown

Although the watch is easily identified as a replica and can not be compared with those high end replicas, it has many advantages that are enough to make it become a good replica watch, the thick gold plating, jewels decoration on balance bridge and carefully replicated dial details, these all represent the efforts of watch manufacturer.


Replica Cartier Tank Francaise Steel Watch Japan Quartz Review

In recent years, Cartier has released many popular watch series, including Calibre de Cartier, Ballon Bleu, etc., these watches become the models which men and women are pursuing today. Certainly, Cartier watches, like Ballon Blue, Calibre, are one of the mostly replicated watches in replica watch world, now with the launch of Cartier Calibre Diver replica watch, the production line of replica Cartier watches is complete. Today, I am not going to introduce you replica watches made by those big famous factories like BP, V6, Noob and J12, the watch that will be talked today is a common replica Cartier watch, which is Cartier Tank Francaise. It is not the truth that only big factories make good quality replicas, sometimes you can find a very big surprise in the market that is crowded with replica watches, like this replica Cartier Tank Francaise watch, which is 25mm in case diameter, will become a pearl on ladies wrist. Because of being equipped with a Japanese quartz movement, the watch is very thin, only 6mm thick, it is made of solid stainless steel that covers case and bracelet, very easy to hold for women who have a small-size wrist but love steel bracelet watches.

Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch

Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Case

The case of this Cartier Tank Francaise replica is made of brushed stainless steel, the curved case lines guarantee that the watch can perfectly meet your wrist, which is fully ergonomic. Look at the crown, it has multi cutting faces, which make the watch look more three-dimensional, the crown also has a blue sapphire embeded on the top, very beautiful. On the white dial, the replica features two elegant blued steel hands for hour and minute display, black Rome hour markers and minute scales are clearly readable on the white background. Here comes the case back, you can see the replica uses screw to fix the place that connects the bracelet and case, this enhances the stability and your bracelet will not easily break. The overview of this Cartier Tank replica watch has been done, it is one of the most cost-efficient replicas I have ever seen.

Cartier Tank Francaise Bracelet

Cartier Tank Francaise Case Back


Replica Breitling Navitimer World GMT Blue Dial Watch Review

Today comes another 1:1 replica watch, which is Breitling Navitimer World GMT replica, it is made according to a genuine Breitling that is completely torn down. Earlier versions of this watch are replicated from pictures and imagination. The replica Breitling watch is full stainless steel made, including the bracelet. The case is carefully polished, especially the lugs, they have obvious edges and corners that you can feel as smooth as gen. The junction metal part between case and bracelet connects them well, it will not be broken even the watch falls off on the ground. The dial of this replica Breitling Navitimer GMT watch is blue, it has so much information displayed that makes these details hard to be replicated. The subdial at 9 displays small seconds, hour and minute chronograph counter are positioned at 6 and 12 separately. A small date window in white background featuring black date font is at 3 o’clock. The central hand with red tip is for GMT hand, which can be adjusted through the crown. When pressing the chronograph button at 2, the central second chronograph hand starts to running, when pressing it again, the hand will stop, when you press the button at 4, the chronograph will be reset and the hand back to zero.

Replica Breitling Navitimer Steel Watch

Breitling Navitimer World Black Dial

The bezel is bi-directional rotating, slide rule inner bezel has the same function as gen. Among all bracelets used on Breitling replicas, the most favored ones are this of Navitimer and rubber band of Avenger. The links of this replica Breitling Navitimer watch feel solid, you can directly feel them with hands, the engravings on the clasp are laser made according to genuine, caseback also has informative details engraved, which you can read all information about the background of the watch. The bracelet, I noticked, is not perfect, the gap between links are too large, they are not that tight on genuine Breitling, when it comes to the movement, the replica Breitling watch uses a newly improved Asian 7750 movement, it is well fixed inside the case by metal ring, the movement plates have excellent fish scales pattern polished, which is also called geneva stripes. The Secs@9 7750 movement used on this replica is more stable and durable than the Secs@12 7750 used on AP replicas. If you like Breitling, the watch will become your favorite and you won’t regret buying it.

Breitling Navitimer Clasp

Breitling Caseback

Breitling Watch Test