New arrivals from VS Factory

Clean has not published new models for a long time, but VS factory is very busy and has unveiled a lot of new replicas in recent months, we understand, Clean only makes Rolex replicas, there are not that many new Rolex models, while VS business covers several Swiss brands replicas, including Rolex, Omega and Panerai, so it is normal that we usually see new replicas coming from them. Today, I want to introduce two new watches, one is Panerai PAM 1529, the other is a Rolex Explorer 1 in two tone style. Two watches are super clones, especially the Rolex Explorer 1, it is equipped with the latest super 3230 movement from VS factory, which is said to have 72-hour power reserve.

The Explorer 1 in two tone style has a 36mm case diameter, as far as I know, only VS factory makes the replica of this Rolex watch, perhaps GM also makes it, but I do not trust the quality of Rolex replicas from GM factory, except their Day-Date. This is a good Rolex and very suitable for people who can not stand the big size of 41mm Datejust Rolex. Finally VS factory acts in head of Clean, but it seems like this Rolex Explorer 1 can not become a best seller. VS factory can not beat Clean completely just by making these unimportant Rolex.

This Panerai has a brother model, which is PAM 1391, PAM 1529 is made with carbon material, while PAM 1391 is stainless steel. Which one do you like? I prefer the PAM 1391, because I have been tired of so many Panerai Submersible watches made with carbon.

At last, I want to confirm one news with you guys, is EW factory back to the business? Because I saw a new factory called EWE appeared in the market, is this a new name of previous EW factory? I do not know, mostly likely it is not, so please be careful, do not order any Rolex from them currently.

Replica Panerai PAM 1529

EW Factory Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubble Dial 36mm and 41mm

The new Oyster Perpetual with bubble dial is in hot discussion in various forums, a lot of people are interested in this replica, there are three sizes for this watch, 31mm, 36mm and 41mm, some watch factories are making the replicas, the earlest one is OW factory, I did not get the bubble Oyster Perpetual from OW before, but I saw many negative reviews about this factory on the internet. The second factory that makes the replica bubble Oyster Perpetual is KR factory, it is better than OWF version but a lot of people said the lug shape on KRF is wrong. The third factory to make this replica watch is EW, actually I seldom recommend watches made by EW, but my supplier said EW has good watches with good prices, they usually do not sell their watches at high prices, and there are a lot of positive reviews about EWF products on the forums, especially the 36mm Oyster Perpetual Tiffany Dial, it is said to the best version in our market, then how about the new Oyster Perpetual Bubble Dial from EW factory? I think it is currently the best one.

The 36mm and 41mm are both equipped with clone 3230 movement, which has a long power reserve up to 72 hours, some clients bought their OPs and tested the power reserve, it is correct. For the 36mm Oyster Perpetual made in the market, the first factory I recommend is EW, not only because of its better movement, but also the price is very reasonable. I do not know the 41mm, on 36mm Oyster Perpetual bubble, EW factory makes correct case and lug shape, OW factory completely makes the case shape wrong, about KRF, the lug shape is also not correct, but the three factories all make the dial color wrong, even EW’s dial color is closer to genuine. I will open a post in future to do a pictures comparison between EWF and KRF. Well, the pictures I share here are 36mm and 41mm Oyster Perpetual made by EWF, how about the 31mm, do you know what movement used in the 31mm OP?

Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubble 36
Replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Bubble 41