IWC Mark XVII IW326501 Replica Watch Review

About the replica IWC Mark XVII, there have been many reviews about it, especially the steel bracelet version. This one is the leather strap model that has one big improvement in recent days, so it is the most beautiful replica IWC Mark 17. This post will introduce the watch from case, crystal, dial, case, clasp and movement.

IW326501 Case

IW326501 Case

IW326501 Case 2

IW326501 Crystal

Case & Crystal

The case uses good craftmanship and the crystal has been improved on the basis of past model. The inner blue anti-reflective coating is more obvious, so the crystal can turn obvious blue at a certain angle. Becase the AR coating is painted inside of the crystal, so you do not need to worry its scratch. This can not be seen on previous replica IWC.

Replica IWC Mark XVII Dial

IWC Dial Flat

IW326501 Date Window

Dial & Hands

Compared with previous Mark XVII replicas, the dial has no big improvement. The triangle mark besides the date window is in a lighter red color, other details like date font and printing position, they all inherit the previous models.

IW326501 Case Back

IW326501 Case Back 2

IW326501 Case Back Engraving

Case Back

The engraving of this latest replica IWC Mark XVII watch uses the most advanced laser engraving technology, the clarity and detail of the engraving are perfect. Like the gen, the movement has an additional soft-iron that is antimagnetic, it is polished and very beautiful.

IW326501 Leather Strap

IW326501 Buckle Engraving

Strap & Clasp

The most beautiful clasp I have ever seen on all Mark XVII replica watches. The strap uses good quality alligator leather material.

Replica IW326501 Movement

Balance Wheel


The replica watch is equipped with ETA 2892-A2 movement, you can find detailed specification about this movement, besides this Mark XVII replica, there are many other brand replicas using this movement, such as Cartier Ballon Blue, Bell Ross, and so on.

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