Hublot Big Bang Carbon Fibre(J12 and V6)Replica VS Gen

Hublot, a now fresh name in replica watch industry, however a lot of friends seem to be not familiar with it, today, let us walk close to the best-seling collection of Hublot – Big Bang series.

Hublot has always not been an ordinary brand, it has an independent design style and uses many high-tech materials, each watch coming from Hublot will feature bold color style. So its fans are also a group of people with unique personality, they have their own way of thinking and not following the crowd.

Model: 301.CI.1770.RX
Diameter: 44mm
Case: Ceramic
Dial: Carbon Fibre
Movement: HUB4100(42-hour power reserve)

Hublot Carbon Fibre Replicas

Now comes the replicas from two famous replica watch factories, the left is J12 and the right is from V6.

The two replica watch factories replicate many brands, some of them are the same, like Cartier Ballon Bleu, Santos and Hublot Big Bang. However when it comes to popularity and amount of sales, V6 is better. I think the quality of their watches is almost on the same level, however V6 makes better in subtle details.

Two replicas are real ceramic watches, you can feel their texture and weight on hand. For people who have never seen replica watches before, it is hard for them to spot as fakes. The appearance of movement is very beautiful, V6 has been modified to be closer to gen, but J12 movement is also acceptable. The chronograph feeling of 7750 is slightly jerky, not as smooth as ST19 movement, especially when pressing the button firstly. The band is a little harder on two replicas, but not sticky and will not be covered with dust. The rubber band does not have a little hint of fragrance like the genuine, certainly the replicas can do this originally, even a lot of cheap fakes. But the rubber bands with fragrance are too soft and sticky. The replica strap has vertical stripes.

The following pictures are the replica Hublot from J12 factory.

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 2

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 3

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 4

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 5

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 6

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 7

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 8

Hublot Big Bang J12 Replica 9

Weight and size

The first picture below is J12, the second one is V6.

Two replicas use the same material, because V6 modified the movement plates, so it is 3g heavier than J12, J12 weighs 148g and V6 is 151g.

Hublot J12 Weight

Hublot V6 Weight

The Hublot replica from J12 is measured 45mm in case diameter, and 15.1mm thick.

Hublot J12 Case Diameter

Hublot J12 Thickness

The V6 version is 44.3mm in case diameter and 15.1mm thick.

Hublot V6 Case Diameter

Hublot V6 Thickness


For complicated watches, the dial details are hard to be replicated, they are difficult to be made close to gen because there are too many factors.

Below, the first picture is J12 version, the second one is V6 and the third image is genuine dial.

The biggest difference lies in J12, V6 and gen. The carbon fibre pattern on gen dial is 45 drgrees inclined, J12’s is horizontal and V6 is like gen. This detail is the largest difference between the two replicas versions.

Hublot Dial Comparison

Below is the comparison of subdials position, there are no difference between the replica and gen.

Hublot Subdials

Hublot Minute Chronograph Counters

Dial font color

The font on J12 dial is pure white, V6 and gen use silver white. So V6 does better on this detail.

Hublot Dial Font

Hublot Subdial Layer

Hour markers

The position of hour markers and appearance are the same with gen, lume material is evenly coated.

Hublot Hour Markers


The length of hour and minute hands on two replicas are the same as gen.

Hour Hand Length

Minute Hand Length

Date font

It seems the J12 has a little thicker date font.

Date Font


The patterns on the bezel side of both replicas can not be made the same as gen, but J12 replica is more similar.

Hublot Bezel Patterns

Caseback engraving

Notice the BIG BANG font, the size is the same, but J12 is wider and V6 is deeper.

BIG BANG Engraving


J12 uses 7750 movement, whose movement plates have not been modified. V6 also uses 7750 movement but to make sure it looks closer to gen, the factory modified the movement plates. The appearance of auto rotor on two replicas is good. By the way, the movement polishing has a large gap with the gen watch.

Hublot Big Bang J12 Movement

Hublot Big Bang V6 Movement

Hublot Genuine Movement

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