42mm Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica V6 vs J12

Cartier Ballon Bleu has always been in hot discussion in replica watch industry, recently V6 factory published their Ballon Bleu replica V2 edition, what about the quality, please let us check it.

First, it comes the specifications of genuine large Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch: 42mm in case diameter, it is equipped with Caliber 049 automatic movement, stainless steel case, fluted crown with a synthetic spinel cabochon, silver guilloche dial, rome hour markers, sword-shaped blue steel hands, sapphire crystal, steel bracelet, date window is positioned at 3. The watch is 30 meters water resistant.

Next the two replica we are going to compare are Ballon Bleu replicas from V6 and J12.

Weight and size

As a replica, I think the most important things are its texture and quality. The two Cartier Ballon Bleu replica watches all have good texture and quality, the crystal is also clearly transparent.

V6 version is 41.9mm in case diameter, 13.2mm in thickness. Genuine watch is 42.1mm and 12mm thick.

Cartier Ballon Bleu V6 Diameter

Cartier Ballon Bleu V6 Thickness

J12 Ballon Bleu replica is measured to be 42.1mm, and 13.5mm thick.

J12 Ballon Bleu Replica Case Diameter

J12 Ballon Bleu Replica Thickness

The size of both watch are very similar to gen.

V6 Cartier watch weighs about 147g, the case is 61g and bracelet is 86g.

V6 Cartier Case Weight

V6 Cartier Weight

The Ballon Bleu replica from J12 weighs about 150g, including 62g case and 88g bracelet.

J12 Cartier Case Weight

J12 Cartier Weight

Both replicas have similar weight, they should have same case construction.

Dial color

The left watch is V6, the right one is J12. It is hard to see the dial color difference. However, J12 is more yellowish in dial color than V6.

V6 vs J12 Dial Color

Crown sapphire

On the picture below, the first one is V6, the second one is J12 and gen is at the bottom.

Genuine crown sapphire is deep blue, however the J12 Ballon Bleu is too transparent and blue color is light. So the sapphire color of V6 Ballon Bleu is closer to gen.

Ballon Bleu Crown Sapphire


The top is V6 and J12 is at the bottom. All baked blued steel hands are in high quality, V6 has deeper blue hands.

V6 Ballon Bleu Hands

J12 Ballon Bleu Hands

Date window

The first is V6, second is J12 and third picture is gen. The date window frame should have layered structure, so J12 version is correct in this while V6 is not. The background of date font on V6 Ballon Bleu replica watch is in silver, which is the same as gen.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Date Font

CARTIER lettering at 7

J12 is correct, the CARTIER lettering on V6 is a little outside. Besides, V6 is thicker.

CARTIER Lettering

Here comes more lettering comparison pictures.



Crystal. The left watch is V6, right one is J12.

Ballon Bleu Crystal

Caseback engraving

The left case back is from V6, J12 is on the right. Correct case back engraving is deep, J12 Ballon Bleu replica is more correct.

Cartier Ballon Bleu Caseback Engraving

The following comes with the things inside the case.

Both case backs are satin finished, J12 does it more smoothly.

V6 Caseback

J12 Caseback

Movement details

J12 has neat engravings on the inner case metal, the satin finishing has more quality texture.

Ballon Bleu Movement


Can not find any difference, except the deeper clasp engraving on J12.

Ballon Bleu Bracelet

Ballon Bleu Bracelet 2

Ballon Bleu Clasp

Hour markers

It seems that all Rome hour markers on V6 are thinner than gen.


V6 indeed does better in details such as crown sapphire, date window shape, date font, etc. Actually, the 42mm Ballon Bleu from V6 is also more expensive, in my opinion, two replicas have their own advantages, both have superior texture and quality.

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Hi, V6 version of the 42mm Ballon Bleu is for $278, and the leather strap edition is for $258.

Hi, which website may I find the “V6 version of the 42mm Ballon Bleu is for $278, and the leather strap edition is for $258:?
Inform me Please .

Question on the crystal, is the crystal on the gen (looking sideway) is supposed to look like in the picture? How are the two reps crystal compare to gen? Thanks

Question on the crystal, is the crystal on the gen (looking sideway) is supposed to look like in the picture? How are the two reps crystal compare to gen? Thanks

Do you have replica for the chronograph version with leather band W6920078? How about the quality and price? Please let me know how I can purchase it if you have it. Thanks.

Hello, I would love to purchase the V6 or J12 version; can I please get the info for which one you personally think is better. Thank you so much!

I wish to purchase the v6 Cartier Ballon Bleu metal band.
Would you kindly advise how to do this . I’ll be paying by Visa card . I live in Alexandria /Egypt.
I believe the price is 278 USD
Thank you .
Marwan Sammakia

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