Rolex Green Submariner 116610 LV Replica VS Gen

Today fortunately get a genuine green Submariner from my friend, because I own a replica one which I bought from a dealer online several years ago, the replica is V5 version from N, which is also called Noob factory in Chinese replica watch industry. So, next I am going to make a comparison between the replica and genuine watch.

Genuine Submariner VS Replica

Genuine Submariner VS Replica 2

Genuine Submariner VS Replica 3

Submariner Clasp Comparison

Submariner Clasp Comparison 2

Submariner Buckle Crown

Having seen the pictures above, do you recognize which watch is genuine, and which one is the replica?

Here, first the genuine has two different green colors on dial and bezel, Noob V5 replica Submariner has the same green color on bezel and dial. Second, the front crystal glass of the replica outwards too much, however, the genuine crystal is much lower.

Let’s check the crown logo printing on the dial. The color of crown logo is a little darker than that of Noob V5, genuine crown looks more refined with thinner “matchstick”. The inner bezel engraving is also different.

Replica Rolex Crown

Genuine Rolex Crown

The lume pearl is a little yellowish.

Genuine Lume Pearl

Replica Lume Pearl

The lettering at 6 is almost the same. Some people might say that the replica has thinner font “1000ft=300m”.

Genuine Submariner Dial

Fake Submariner Dial

The comparison of bezel tooth. The upper is genuine, below is replica.

Genuine Bezel Tooth

Fake Bezel Tooth

The small crown on the buckle, honestly there is almost no difference. Take a closer look, the genuine has more textured crown and refined clasp engraving. The color of clasp engraving is darker on genuine.

Genuine Buckle

Fake Buckle

Genuine Clasp

Fake Clasp

The engraving on the genuine is more clear and refined, the letters ROLEXS.A. on the replica are fuzzy.



The date font looks the same, can’t find any defect on the replica.

Genuine Submariner Date

Fake Submariner Date

5 replies on “Rolex Green Submariner 116610 LV Replica VS Gen”

The bezel compare pic looks crazy but your not holding the rep up at the same angle. The bezel and dial change with every nuance of light.

Why you don’t say anything about luminous?
I want to know that the replica is glowing in darkness?
Thanks my friend

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