Rolex Yacht-Master 116622 Watch Replica Review

Another review about a high end replica Rolex watch, it is one of my favorite replicas. To let more people understand this replica watch, I will give a detailed introduction of AR coated cyclops and some special research on this watch, at the same time, I will objectively describe the disadvantages of this replica so give you guys an objective evaluation.

The watch I will introduce is the best Rolex Yacht-Master replica in the market, it is equipped with a 25-jeweled automatic movement. The picture below displays all components of this watch, it will be reviewed from case, case back, crystal, hands, bracelet and other places, as the most representative replica, this Yacht-Master has the best quality.

Yacht-Master Watch Components

Yacht-Master Case

Yacht-Master Bezel

Yacht-Master Inner Bezel


We can notice that the replica case is refinied, the outer bezel uses sand blasting and polishing craft, the bezel of genuine Rolex Yacht-Master is made of platinum and stainless steel, the sand blasted part is stainless steel while the raised markings use platinum. To make the replica look closer to gen, its outer bezel uses the same craft on sand blasted part, on the polished raised markers, the replica is plated with Zinc, it is the only one replica Rolex Yacht-Master using this technology.

Blue Yacht-Master Dial

Rolex Logo

Swiss Made


The dial is the most difficult place to replicate, this blue color used on genuine dial is concocted by Rolex themselves. While being adjusted for six times, the replica dial has been done exactly the same as genuine on depth, glossiness and saturation.

Yacht-Master Caseback

Yacht-Master Caseback 2

Caseback Engraving

Caseback Set

Certainly, the logo engraving is perfect. The lettering on case back is engraved by laser machine. This is a great attempt in replica watch field, because it can greatly reduce scratch rate and speed up productivity.



Every factory has been searching for one perfect solution for the AR Coating on Rolex cyclops in the past two years, the AR Coating has always been the biggest difficulity in replicating a Rolex. The bluish tint on Rolex cyclops ar coating is actually a combination of colors, the main color is yellow, supplementary colors are blue and red, so now you have a completly brand new understanding of this?

Rolex Laser Logo

Rolex Logo at 6

Invisible Rolex Crown

The solution of a real invisible Rolex crown was done perfectly in mid-2014, the crown design can not be said to be hidden, it is just half invosible because of being printed, you can still see it just slightly adjust the angle. While a real invisible crown logo can only be seen under special lighting conditions, the most direct way is to use a flashlight below the 6 postion, in other cases, it is very difficult to see.

Yacht-Master Hour Hand

Yacht-Master Minute Hand

Yacht-Master Hour Hand


Refer to the making experience of mature Submariner hands, the replica features a pure red second hand, the hands are also filled with SuperLume material like the genuine Rolex watch.


Rolex Clasp Engraving

Rolex Buckle


The bracelet uses 316L stainless steel, so it looks more glossy than the genuine. The crown logo on the buckle is not as good as gen.

ETA Movement


Movement and Crown

Brand-new original ETA 25J movement, the replica Rolex Yacht-Master can be equipped with 2824 or 2836 movement, its daily inaccuracy is less than 5 seconds.

SuperLume Dial and Hands

The lume color has no difference between hour markers and hands.

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What is cost and delv date one this watch? Best way to pay ?Paypal?
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Interested in purchasing


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