Replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic Watch Review

Hublot becomes more and more popular, and so is their replicas. The unique shape and special material combination makes Hublot a very sporty brand watch. This one is the replica of Big Bang Evolution Black Magic, made of black ceramic, the replica watch is in great quality, with an Asian 7750 movement, every function goes well. The replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic is measured to be 44mm in case diameter, and 18mm thick, there are several big selling points I must describe, first, the ceramic bezel, it is not like other poor quality ceramic that looks a little greyish, the real ceramic is in pure black, and if the replica Hublot watch is made of solid ceramic, it will feel heavy on hand, and when wearing it, the place that contacts the skin will feel a little cool.

Replica Hublot Big Bang Evolution Black Magic

Replica Hublot Big Bang Watch

Hublot Case

The dial adds the second selling point to this replica Hublot Big Bang Black Magic watch, it is black carbon fibre dial, the best quality carbon fibre I have ever seen. On the dial, all hands and hour markers are in steel, but they are coated superlume material, which is Swiss standard, so that the replica dial can look as strong as genuine in lume light. On the dial, the small second hand is at 9, all three subdials are in black background with white markers. When it comes to crystal, the replica Hublot watch uses the sapphire crystal that is closest to genuine, AR coating on two sides, colorless like the original, there is one layer of AR coating inside the crystal to prevent scratch. Any way, you can find that every subtle detail on the watch is 100% exact imitation of the original, certainly except the movement, but the Hublot Big Bang Black Magic replica is equipped with the best quality 7750 movement, which is modified on the basis of Shanghai 7750, this Asian 7750 movement features decorated insignia perforated rotor. By the way, the replica comes from H factory, one of the famous Chinese watch factory that makes high end replica watches.

Hublot Dial

Hublot Strap and Clasp

Hublot 7750 Movement

Hublot Watch Test


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