Something About Boxes

Last weekend, I went to our watch market to get some watches from the factories. They are watches which my clients ordered in November. I found a lot of things interesting there, because I also needed some original brand boxes, so I went to some stores and ask them to show their boxes. These stores are located in the street and sold boxes and watch parts to buyers. They shown me the original boxes of many brands, including Rolex, Panerai, IWC, Omega, etc. These boxes are mainly divided into two types because of different material usage, wooden and leather boxes. Actually each brand has designed several kinds of original boxes, you could find them all in our market at different price. The following pictures show two redwood boxes of IWC and Omega, both are the highest quality original boxes in our watch market. The box has a delicated design and each comes with a card and instruction book. One main reason I choose these two boxes for my clients is that their retro design. Several days ago, I posted an Ads on my blog, saying that people who bought a Rolex before the Christmas could get a free Rolex box with his order, now, you guys also could get the following one box with your Omega or IWC watch order.

IWC Box Front

IWC Box Buckle

IWC Box Opening

IWC Card

Omega Red Wooden Box

Omega Box Front

Omega Box Opening

Omega Card

Omega International Warranty

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