Replica Rolex Black Submariner 116610 LN Fuck EM Supreme Edition

I have introduced the black Submariner 116610 LN before, it is a great work from Noob factory, the replica is the latest V6s version in our market and regarded as the best Submariner replica currently. Here I will give an introduction of the same watch, but there will be some strange things you can find on the watch, have you noticed? Yes, it is the dial and case back.

The replica here is also manufactured by Noob factory, with every detail made to be perfect, black dial and black ceramic bezel are main features of Submariner 116610 LN, super clone bezel has correct markers engraved in suitable depth and thickness, bezel engravings seem to be thinner than that of other Submariner replicas published before, but you can not deny this one is the best and closest to genuine.

The dial is black and has a little difference with the formal 116610 LN, you can see red words “FUCK EM” printed on, the dial lume is as strong as the previous Submariner. Do not be obsessed with the thickness of these dial fonts, many people can not find such flaws even some watch experts, if you are too concerned about these small details, I suggest you buy a genuine Rolex Submariner, because a replica will never be made 100% same as genuine, its dial is the biggest tale. About the red words “FUCK EM“, I do not know its meaning, you could google it and tell us by leaving a comment under this post, thank you.

Case back is smoothly polished, it is screwed down, so there is no gap between the case back and the main case holder, this design gives the replica super water resistant performance. On the center of the case back, it is curved with word “Supreme”. Other Submariners do not have engravings on case back. From the case back, you can see the pins that connect the case and bracelet, they are crafted to be better so that could firmly connect case head, every piece of the bracelet link is made of solid 316L stainless steel, holding the replica is like wearing a genuine Rolex.

In a word, the replica inherits all advantages of Noob 116610 LN Submariner but has its own unique features.

Replica Rolex Submariner 116610 LN Fuck EM

116610 LN Black Dial

Submariner Crystal

Rolex Submariner Crown

Anti-Fake Laser Label

Buckle with Rolex Crown Logo

Sand-finished Clasp

Supreme Case Back

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The “FUCK EM” is a custom Rolex release for ‘Supreme’ skate shop in NYC. Rolex did a limited 20 piece run for the company. Due to the rarity, this watch currently sells for over $50k, if you can even find one.
NOOB nails everything they do. This, like all their others, is a very high quality rep.
Hope this helps.

If still available, I’d like to order up to 3 of these. Please contact me if so. Thank you very much!

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