Replica Panerai Radiomir Black Seal PAM 292J Pig from V6 Factory

This replica watch was launched in July by V6 factory. It is an all black watch that features full ceramic on case. Black case, black leather strap and black dial, which features white lume material, highly readable at night. The Panerai Radiomir Black Seal PAM 292 replica watch is truly 1:1 imitated, Superlumed dial uses genuine C1+C3 lume materials, it emits strong green light in the dark place. There is a small Human Torpedo, Maiale or Pig logo at 6 o’clock on the dial, just like the gen. The best PAM replica I have ever seen just like the PAM 111 and PAM 105 published before.

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal PAM 292 Replica

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Dial

The case has the same construction as genuine, it is 1:1 imitatted and matt black finished, never spot as a fake because the case has the same color tone as the original PAM. The front glass is sapphire crystal, featuring colourless AR coating as per the genuine, solid case back is engraved with details, including Serial Numbers, OFFICINE PANERAI words, etc. Open the caseback, you can see beautiful fish scales inside, there is an Asian ETA 6497 movement lying inside, the movement is beautiful, it has obvious edges and corners, blue and pink jewels decoration, actually, the Asian 6497 is one of the best cloned movements used among replica watches.

Panerai Radiomir Black Seal Case

Panerai Lume

Perhaps you do worry about the quality of this replica watch when is going to order it the first time, but people who usually buy replica watches will definitely choose this Radiomir replica watch, they know it is in top quality, besides, the past PAM 111 and PAM 105, which had been sold very well and in hot discussion before, were also equipped with Asian ETA 6497 movement. In one word, among all manual winding movement used in replica watches, Asian 6497 is the best, most accurate and stable.

Panerai PAM 292 Caseback

Panerai Asian 6497 Movement

Panerai Buckle

23 replies on “Replica Panerai Radiomir Black Seal PAM 292J Pig from V6 Factory”

do you have a list of places that made these/where to buy them? many look very nice and i would be interested in buying some. Never knew i like some of the Panerai designs until i came across all these models. nice pictures!

was asking if you/they know of a place to buy these from, i didnt think you sold them. just wanted to know where i can possibly get one from the maker you have here.

lol. its more or less i want to see if i can live with a particular style before dropping that kind of money. a quality rep would fill the gap, and if i like it enough, then buy the gen. paying that much for something i may not like in the long run isnt wise. however $200-$500 is acceptable.

I agree, some people bought the replica just to ensure that they like the one before purchasing the gen. Now a replica around $200 could be a 1:1 one.

By the way, these replicas reviewed on my blog(not including quartz watches) are all manufactured by big factory in the market, I borrowed them and took photos.

it is what i try to do unless i already know i will enjoy it, so that would be ideal to actually find one.

PAM 438 is good and superior replica, but I think it is a little expensive as the first rep watch of yours.

rolex datejust ii, to see if would like the size jump. ended up buying the gen. and a iwc big pilot to see if i liked the size and style.

Hi I’m interested in the Panerai 292 black seal. i’d like to buy one, you can give me a price. thank you.

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