VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 692 Luminor Submersible BMG-Tech Blue Watch Review

Replica Panerai PAM 692

Now, the virus situation is very serious, maybe the confirmed cases will be up to one million in next month. Hope you guys stay safe and healthy. We still do not know the source of this virus, at the beginning, some experts said it came from the bat, but I do not think so, because these experts did not talk about bat any more. During this special time, every one is suggested to stay home, what I can do is to post some useful watch reviews for you to read, and if you guys need masks, I can also get for you, there are many masks here in China, KN95 Masks, Medical Surgical Masks are all in stock.

Replica Panerai PAM 692 Titanium
Replica Panerai PAM 692 Titanium Case

Today, the replica watch I am going to review is a Panerai, whose reference is PAM 692. The watch is a big Luminor Submersible, it is the latest work from Panerai, named “BMG-Tech” model. Like previous Luminor Submersible model, PAM 692 BMT-Tech also has a big case diameter that is up to 47mm, however, different from PAM 984, PAM 985 and other Submersible models that were published by Panerai in last year, PAM 692 seems to use more characteristics of traditional Luminor Submersible, that’s what I like, personally, I do not like those Submersible watches with more modern elements like sharp small seconds hand.

Replica Panerai PAM 692 Blue
Replica Panerai PAM 692 Blue

The replica is made with Titanium, which is real, not like the latest Seamaster 007 No Time to Die, although the factory claimed that it is Titanium, it is not real, that’s shame. We do not know when they will fix this issue and release the right version. The case has a thickness of 16.5mm, it is fully brushed either on case or bezel, the 0-15 minute markers on the bezel are engraved and have black fill. The luminous material filled in the bezel pearl is pure and full, which makes the pearl lume light strong and long-lasting.

Replica Panerai BMG-TECH
Replica Panerai BMG-TECH Titanium

The dial has lettering “BMG-TECH” printed in blue that just matches with the blue seconds hand in subdial at 9 o’clock. Case back is solid, there is a torpedo engraved on the center. The replica Panerai uses VS factory’s in-house Super Clone P.9000 automatic movement that features a balance wheel at correct 7 o’clock. Genuine watch is 300m waterproof, while the replica has been tested to be 30m water resistant.

Replica Panerai BMG-TECH Titanium
PAM 692 Buckle

Z Factory Rose Gold Panerai PAM 684 Luminor Submersible Watch Review

Z Factory Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 684

I have introduced several Panerai Luminor Submersible watches before, they are made of stainless steel, titanium or bronze. I still did not believe that Panerai will publish a diving model with rose gold case until I saw PAM 684. It inherits the traditional features of Luminor Submersible, strong and looks like being specially made for tough men. Yes, I have to admit only strong men with big wrist could master such type of watch. The replica here is produced by Z factory, like V6, ZF also made a lot of good quality replicas like their most famous Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve. The PAM 684 is also a superior replica that not only features noble rose gold casing, but also has a 1:1 original case profile and superior clone movement.

Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 684 Rose Gold Watch

The case is made of 316L stainless steel and has 18K rose gold plated. Case diameter is 42mm, not too big, but with Panerai’s iconic crown bridge, it looks bigger than Submariner. Bezel is uni-directional rotating. the bezel tooth and studs are all applied rose gold coating.

Replica Panerai PAM 684 Rose Gold Case

Black dial is protected by a thick sapphire crystal with colorless ar coating, which is Swiss standard. Hour markers have rose gold edge that exactly echo with rose gold case and bezel, markers and hands are applied with Swiss grade Patina Superlume, which will emit green light in the dark, while minute hand and bezel pearl emit blue light. You can check the lume effect at night, it is amazing. Small second hand is leaf-shaped and runs smoothly, no clicking all the way sweeping the whole small dial. Date window at 3 o’clock features white font in black background, which forms a high contrast and gives the wearer a good readability.

Panerai PAM 684 Crown

Movement is super copy P.9010 automatic, beating frequency is 28800 times per hour, all movement plates as well as auto rotor are finely polished and decorated to the look of genuine Panerai P.9010. Beautiful OP Logo and blue engravings are exactly the same as genuine, not able to spotted as a fake.

PAM 684 Rose Gold Case

One pair of rubber bands are in black and each has OP Logo, it is classic. Rose gold tang buckle has “PANERAI” engraving, whole buckle is fine brushed. On back side of the buckle, there is also an OP Logo engraved. You can get one extra pair of black leather band for free if purchasing the Panerai watch now.

Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Rose Gold

Replica Panerai PAM 684 Black Dial

PAM 684 Rose Gold Bezel

Panerai PAM 684 Black Rubber Band


V6 Factory Unveiled The Latest Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible 2500m PAM 285 Titanium Watch

Panerai Luminor Submersible 2500m Replica

It is a long time for me not to write a review here. These days are the most frustrating moments in my life because my company went bankrupt. I am really sad, my company deals with replica watches business, and I have been in this area for almost eight years, now I have to sell it to another people, but I will still bring more helpful reviews here for you guys. If you want to buy some watches, please contact me directly through email.

Panerai PAM 285 Case

I have not gone to watch market for nearly one month, today, when I was there, I found a lot of new models published by various factories. The one I am going to share with you is a big watch, which is a 1:1 replica of Panerai Luminor Submersible 2500m PAM 285. The replica is manufactured by V6 factory, this manufacturer is good at making high quality Panerai replica watches. The PAM 285 replica here uses real Titanium material and should belong to the most high end replica watches category.

PAM 285 Bezel

Titanium case is fully brushed. The bezel looks very strong, there are bar-shaped studs decorated on the bezel besides 15, 30 and 45 markers. The bezel click feels very real, the whole case finish is perfect and hand feeling is really good. Polygonal solid case back is engraved with “OFFICINE PANERAI”, “SUBMERSIBLE 2500” and other information that tells user the production of the watch.

PAM 285 Crown Bridge

The biggest difference between this replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 285 and other Submersible replicas lies in its watch band and buckle. Check this one, the lining of the band is rubber, while its outside is fabric. Actually I could think that V6 factory only changed a new pair of straps on previous replica PAM 285. So, if you love Panerai, the biggest fun you can get is by changing its watch band, there are a lot of watch bands in different style. The replica could also be installed a rubber band. The new PAM 285 is fitted with a great clasp, which is different from others’ Pre-V pin buckle. The clasp is engraved with word “PANERAI” and Pig Logo, look very special.

PAM 285 Case Back

Ok, about this replica, if you love diving watch, PAM 285 is a good choice, after all it has several straps options. And V6 factory really did well to meet the special needs of Panerai watch addicts.

Panerai Pig Buckle


Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 389 Titanium Watch for The Expendables Heroes

Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 389 Titanium Watch

Have you ever seen The Expendables movie series, Stallone and his brothers were all wearing a robust brand watch on their big hand. And in The Expendables 3, a new big face appeared on their wrist, that is PAM 389 from Panerai, yes, Stallone has been a Panerai watch fan for many years, he wore this big brand in many public places and in the movies, but this time in The Expendables 3, PAM 389 was not only worn by him, it also appeared on the wrist of Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Rany Couture, Jason Statham and Terry Crews, each of them is tough guy and PAM 389 is exactly built for them.

PAM 389 Full Close View

PAM 389 Black Bezel

After the movie came to the public, many people loved Panerai and started to accept this large watch. PAM 389 is domineering and exactly fulfill the temperament of tough guys, however, within a low budget, a genuine PAM 389 is too expensive, then they turned to a great alternative, so the factory in our market manufactured the replicas. It is a super replica made with an original watch as sample. These pictures and short review here only give you an overreview of it, you will be shocked by its great quality if holding one on hand by yourself. On the whole, this replica has inherited all advantages of the genuine, here I will explain the details in the following.

Titanium Case Back with Engravings

Black Rubber Strap with OP Logo

The biggest spot on the replica lies in its band, ths black rubber strap perfectly matches the whole watch very well. Black dial is simple and has easy layout design. Small second hand is running on the subdial at 9 o’clock, at 3, there is a small date window. All printings including “LUMINOR SUBMERSIBLE AMAGNETIC” at 12 and “PANERAI AUTOMATIC” at 6 are all in white color, besides, bar-shaped and dot hour markers as well as hands are applied with original SuperLuminova like genuine Panerai. Due to the SuperLuminova, the dial lume is really amaing, the green lume light is as strong and durable as genuine. I do not want to say much about the replica, the pictures here have it all. Finally, let’s see the specifications:

Clone P.9000 Movement Test

Movement: Clone P.9000 with Modified Plates and Antimagnetic Cover
Case: 47mm*18mm, Brushed Titanium, Black Ceramic Bezel
Dial: Black with Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands
Crystal: Sapphire with Colorless Anti-Reflective Coating
Band: High Quality Black Rubber Strap with Pre-V Buckle
Water Resistant: 50 Meters


Photo Review of Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Bronzo Watch PAM 382 with Green Dial

Panerai PAM 382 Bronzo watch was very popular because it was worn by Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables. So the watch became hot and was pursed by many watch fans. It was the first time for Panerai to use bronze material on case, few brands in watch industry used such bronze material. The use of bronzo makes this big guy that features unique crown bridge more special among various types of brand watches.

PAM 382 Dial

Here comes the replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 382. The watch was manufactured by a big factory in our market, with superior quality more than you expect. The case and bezel are all bronze made and brushed, this could resist scratches. Brushed bronze case is also easier to maintain, if you found the watch darker after using for a long time, you can easily put it in the tomato sauce and wipe on the case around, then wash the whole watch, it will look like a brand-new watch. Many wearers of PAM 382 had done this experiment. The case of the replica is measured to be 47mm, unidirectional rotating bezel is the diving style I like, all bezel studs have the same height like genuine, the bezel pearl also features correct lume color.

Panerai Bronzo Replica

You will find the replica watch in an uniform style when seeing its green dial and brown leather strap. Actually green really matches the bronzo very well. The dial is simple and easy to read, small second hand is positioned at 9 o’clock. Hour markers having golden edge are applied with green superlumed material, the whole dial will emit strong green light in the dark.

PAM 382 Leather Strap

PAM 382 Movement

I like the brown leather strap, which is made of high quality calf leather and looks to be perfectly fit the bronze case. With all details such as brownish hand stitching on the band, green dial and brown leather strap, the replica watch is just a virtu featuring the most advanced watch-making materials and technology.

Panerai Bronzo Movement Test

Specifications of Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible Bronzo PAM 382

Movement: Clone P.9000, Modified on Basis of ST2555
Case: Brushed Copper and 47mm*18mm Size
Dial: Green with Superlumed Hour Markers and Hands
Crystal: Sapphire with 8mm Colorless AR Coating
Band: Brown Leather Strap with Pre-V Buckle
Water Resistant: 30M


Replica Panerai PAM 607 Luminor Submersible V6 Review

Every time you face a replica watch, what things will be in your mind? A fake you look down upon or just an alternative of your genuine watch? I treat the replica watch as my best friend, just like this big guy below, it will appear on my wrist every day after I bought it two months ago, the watch is a replica of Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 607, a whole black watch, every thing of the replica Panerai looks good, except the leather strap, which does not fit the big case head very well I think. So I am considering to buy another wide ASSO straps to replace it.

Replica Panerai PAM 607

The watch is the latest release from HBB V6 factory, which is a big manufacturer in Chinese fake watch industry. Certainly there are other factories that also make good replicas like PAMs, but the HBB V6(KW) is the one that produces the best Panerai replicas. I do not know too much about this manufacturer, but the pictures tell you how high quality this replica is. Even I do not like its leather strap, it is a good replica in whole quality. PAM 607 is left handed, which means the watch is to be worn on the right hand, so is the replica, the pictures below show the dial and crown bridge, the simple dial layout and printing make PAM 607 to be easily replicated, and the result is very close to genuine, I have worn it to Panerai boutique and the salesperson even could not tell it is a fake. When getting a closer look, you many find some difference between the genuine, like the thickness of font, the studs on the bezel and markers. I almost forgot to describe the most important of this replica, it is the case, which is real ceramic and has the same structure as genuine, so is the bezel, the ceramic watch brings you somewhat a little cool feeling in hot summer.

Replica Panerai Dial

PAM 607 Dial

Panerai Crown Bridge

The lume effect of PAM 607 is so strong that is easy to read time clear even in a dark place. The hands and markers are all applied SuperLumed material, like the genuine, the lume lasts a long time.

PAM 607 Lume

The case back has correct information engraved, open it you will find the beautiful movement, with blue words and Panerai logo engraved on auto rotor and P.9000 engraved on plate, there are beautiful rose red rubies, blue screws and big steel screws fix the movement plates. The steel rim in the case that fixes the whole movement has Geneva Stripes. A perfect imitation of the original P.9000 movement.

Replica Panerai Case Back

P.9000 Movement

Specifications of Replica PAM 607:

Case: Ceramic
Bezel: Ceramic, uni-directional rotating
Crystal: Sapphire crystal, with colorless anti-reflective coating
Dial: Superlumed dial and hands
Movement: Clone P.9000, based on Asian 7750 movement, 28800vph, platinum plated plates and rotor
Band: Black leather strap with tang buckle
Water Resistant: Yes, less than 30 meters


Replica Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508 Ceramic Watch Review

The watch I am going to review is the replica version of Panerai Luminor Submersible PAM 508. There are several editions in the market, but this one is the best and closest to gen, there are ZF and KW factories manufacturing this replica Panerai PAM 508, there are also DLC version, but this replica is made by KW factory, and they use real ceramic in case and bezel material, this is the real 1:1 full ceramic replica PAM 508 watch. The ultimate version so far, in fact, KW is the factory that makes the best Panerai replicas, so is this one, so you do not need to worry about its quality. Besides the ceramic case, the bezel is also ceramic and you will get a real feeling when rotating it, just like rotate the genuine watch bezel. PAM 508 is not the first full ceramic replica Panerai watch KW replicated, before, the factory made PAM 441 and PAM 438, they are all quality replicas.

Replica PAM 508

The case is 1:1 replicated from the genuine, besides its ceramic material, it has the same structure as genuine, so is the crown bridge, case back is titanium made, featuring DLC coating like the original. Other low end PAM replicas use poor quality luminous material on dial markers and hands, but this replica uses genuine Super-LumiNova, so the dial lume is authentic, it is bright in the dark. About the movement you guys are mostly concerned, the replica watch is equipped with a clone P.9000 calibre, actually it is modified from an Asian 7750 automatic movement at 28800vph, however, the basic movement is decorated to P.9000 on movement plate and rotor using platinum coating like the genuine. See the testing result of the movement, every data tells it is a stable and reliable movement, so the replica Panerai is worth your money. If you wanna know more about it, such as the price, please leave me comment.

Panerai Crown Bridge

PAM 508 Caseback

Panerai Buckle

Replica Panerai Test