BLS Factory Replica Breitling Premier Review

The first replica watch I involved with was a Breitling Navitimer, which was one of the best sellers ten years ago when I just entered in this industry. I know there was a factory named “H”, this factory was widely talked in all forums ten years ago because the Avenger Breitling replica watches they made were high quality, H also updated the versions usually, so, I think this is the first generation of super clones we saw in this industry. With the rapid development of replica watch industry, more top quality replica watches you can see, however, I think the most prosperous period has just passed, with the clousre of Noob factory, you can not find such a high quality Daytona that represents the highest watch-making level. About Breitling, which was a very brilliant brand once in our market, now only has one or two models that are still popular, maybe only one, the Avenger BlackBird V4 from GF.

Nowadays, in purchasing replica watches, there is a trend, people who are seeking for the best replica watches do not care about the prices, they want the highest quality ones that are closest to genuine watches in every detail. However, for some watches, even the factory has made their best efforts, their replica still can not be the best, in most details, it still does not look like original. For example, the Breitling Navitimer is such a watch, its bezel and dial details are hard to be exactly cloned, I think this is the main reason why it does not sell well.

About the Breitling Premier, it is not a new model, BLS published it in 2020, there are four models, each one is different in dial color, there are black, white, blue and green. The watch has a round case that is measured to be 42mm in diameter, case thickness is 12.5mm, for a chronograph automatic watch, it is very thin. The case is mirror-polished, with both sides being brushed. On solid case back, the engravings “BREITLING”, “1884” and Breitling Logo are polished, with sanded finish around them, which forms a high contrast.

The replica watch has a fully working chronograph function, check this black dial version, there are three subdials, each has a genuine feature and with silver grey dial color that is slightly contrast with the main black background. Minute-chronograph counter and hour-chronograph counter are positioned at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock separately, when you push the buttons, the seconds-chronograph hand on the center with a red tip will start the chronograph. The watch has a stainless steel bracelet, while BLS factory also offers leather strap option for each model.

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