RXW Factory Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ with Real Swiss Movement

I found a strange thing, some watch factories often published new models in recent days but can not give our clients the watches they have ordered in time. For example, VS has published a lot of Datejust replica watches and they are still unveiling new Datejust models, however, people have a big need for their Datejust, but they can not offer in time, many people placed Datejust orders with VS factory and need to wait for a long time to get. I do not know why they are doing business like this? Continue to unveil new models all the time but never prepare enough stocks for their existing watches. Is this a sales strategy? It did not work. And no clients want to wait for a long time after paying a lot of money.

Today, I want to introduce a new replica watch, which is from RXW factory, RXW is seldom mentioned on my blog, actually it produces good quality replicas, the Cellini moon phase watch they made before is very popular. And this Glashutte replica watch is also a super clone watch, it attracts my attention deeply. By the way, RXW is not a small factory, they made replica watches that cover a lot of brands, which include AP quartz, Omega De Ville, Hublot Classic Fusion, etc.

For this replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ, RXF published three models, the black, blue and green, each is equipped with a real Swiss automatic movement, which is SW200, that’s the biggest selling point of this replica watch, with this movement, the replica has a high price, much higher than the price of Submariner, and even higher than the best GMT-Master II sold in our market. This replica watch is exactly made for people who really love German-originated mechanical watches, I am not sure how many people are willing to pay a large amount of money on a Glashutte replica watch, after all there are many super clones of other Swiss brands that are more popular.

The case is 39.5mm in diameter and measured to be 12mm in thickness. The entire case is fully brushed and has an obvious arc design when you see from the side. The rotating bezel features a black ceramic insert, there is smooth clicking when you rotate the bezel. The solid case back is screwed down with a big trident sculpture. To prevent being scratched, there is a plastic cover on the case back, and there is a paper tape on the back of each lug, you need to keep these things on the watch if you want to return the watch and get a full refund. The big crown on the right, I love it, it has wide flutes and easy to rotate to adjust time and date.

The replica has a black dial, all things on the dial are big, for example, big hour markers and wide hour hand and minute hand, and the SuperLuMinova applied on hour markers and hands, these are all necessary details to make it a diving-style watch. The dial will have a strong blue lume light in dark conditions, the lume color is the same as that of the triangle mark on the bezel.

Besides the Swiss SW200 movement, the replica has another big selling point, which is its sapphire crystal glass that has a convex face. Now almost all replica watches use sapphire crystal except some vintage models, the convex sapphire on this replica has a very high hardness and scratch resistance, by the way, the case must be precisely cut so that the crystal can fit into perfectly, to guarantee a good water resistance of the replica.

The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet, a black rubber band or a vintage diving-style nylon band will also fit this watch very well, however, it is a pity that RXW factory sells this replica watch at a very high price but does not offer extra band for it.

Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Green
Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Blue
Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Black
Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Black Ceramic
Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Watch
Replica Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Black Dial
Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Crystal
Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Crown
Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Bracelet
Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Case Back
Glashutte Spezialist SeaQ Replica

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