When will Noob be back?

I am not sure. Some people said that Noob can be back to work after our May-1 holiday, but now the holiday is over, but there still no news about Noob. We all do not know when they will be back. The same situation happened to VS factory. You know, Noob and VS may be the biggest two watch factories that make the best Rolex replicas, one is good at making Daytona replicas, while VS’s Submariner and Datejust are famous all over the world, so I think there are big troubles with them now.

Except Noob and VS, most other factories accept orders, including GF, PPF, 3KF, EWF, MKS, ZF, ZZF, ARF, etc., they are normal in business, watches can be distributed from them without delay.

So, if you want the best Nautilus, can order from PPF or 3KF, if you want the best Aquanaut, ZF or 3KF can offer now. If you like Submariner, then choose from ZF, ZZF or ARF. However, if you need a Daytona, I suggest you still wait for Noob.

Some people asked me in email about the information of green Submariner 116610LV, now if you want the best one, ZZF and ZF are two reliable source, the factory inventory is sufficient.

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Hi friend, I would like you to discuss in your post about the new Daytona released which includes the new blue hairspring and it’s movement, is it as good and reliable as they say? Thanks

Hi there, I wanna know if there’s is gonna be any new Daytona models available this year from NOOB? With 4130 super clone movement, thanks

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