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What can we expect in 2021?

Now it is nearly the end of 2020, new year is coming, hope you are lucky in the coming 2021. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 is still very bad, especially in the United States and UK, hope you guys can stay safe and healthy. In 2020, we witnessed the prosperity of this watch industry, it brought us a lot of surprises, a lot of watch factories made breakthrough steps in manufacturing replica watches, we can see the great progress they have made in this field, in a word, for both of us, 2020 is really an exciting year, so, you guys will have a higher requirement in the coming new year, what will these factories bring us, really expect.

First, the competition between various watch factories will become more and more fierce, especially in replica Rolex watches field, in 2020, some factories that did not provide Rolex replicas also started to make replica Rolex watches, I think more factories will participate in in 2021. So, in Rolex field, clients will have more options when deciding from which factory to choose, this sounds nice but also a trouble, because some people do not know which factory makes the best one, so, I suggest you guys seek advice from forums or from me, I will give my honest opinion then.

Second, will Noob factory make continuous improvement in their Submariner? My answer is Yes and I think they will publish V12 edition soon. Now, many clients turned to buy Submariner replicas from VS factory because their products are really good, movement is too stable, I think Noob has felt this competition from VS factory, I guess the V12 edition of Submariner will come out soon, but I can not figure out what improvement can be made, perhaps they can lower down the price.

Third, will VS factory dominate the market of replica Rolex in 2021? My answer is No. In recent two months, Submariner replicas from VS factory are really sold very well, better than that of Noob, but only Submariner, now Noob’s Daytona is still the best seller in replica Rolex market, and in manufacturing Daytona, Noob has no competitors. About two weeks ago, VS factory published some 41mm Datejust II watches with clone 3235 movement, but they can not provide them in bulk quantity, clients need to place pre-orders and wait for some time, and about the sales of Datejust replicas, now GM and EW factory are two big sellers. I do not even talk about GMT-Master, so, in a short period, VS factory can not surpass Noob, the latter still has a large amount of fans. However, according to the sales of Submariner, VS factory has obvious advantages now.

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Hello Karren – great information, thank you. I am looking to find out which factory is making the Panerai “Pole 2 Pole” replica. Can you help me please? I would like to order one of AAA grade for my own quality testing and putting in my own collection. Many thanks.

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